Bad vs Evil

The couple that you can’t get enough of, Mel & Oksana, are at it again. Apparently there is some kind of hush-hush emergency hearing under way in which Mel’s people are accusing Oksana’s people of fabricating a case against him. They haven’t been specific on what they mean by fabricating, although some Mel’s supporters have claimed that the tapes were doctored. Not that Mel didn’t say all those awful things about wetbacks, niggers, Russian cunts, blow jobs, rose gardens, etc. It’s just that he was taken out of contest – he didn’t mean it that way. Of course that begs the question of how do you take “you should be raped to death by a pack of niggers & wetbacks, but first you will blow me!” out of context? At least it’s more plausible than Mel’s original explanation: that Oksana had faked the tapes by splicing together lines from his old movies! Then again considering some of Mel’s taglines that’s completely plausible!

As for Oksana, she may be a gold digging whore but she has her price. Word has it the Oksana was offered a 15 million dollar separation package if she would just agree to keep quiet about Mel’s racist ranting and homicidal threats. Oksana initially accepted the whopping offer bit then reneged on the deal. Now that’s only good sense – always reject the first offer! Besides perhaps Oksana decided that the world needed to know how mad Mad Max is. That would strengthen her custody claim on young Lucia. Young Lucia would strengthen Oksana’s claim on Mel’s waning fortunes. That could add up to much more than a paltry 15 million.

Oksana’s claims of abuse, both to her and her daughter might be intended to boost the custody case too. Oksana released some rough looking shots of her self with jagged broken front teeth, and claiming that Mel had broken her expensive dental veneers while in a fit of rage. She has also released some pictures of Lucia Gibson Grigorieva – her first tabloid shots and already more sensational than anything released about the Brangelina brood! – showing a small red mark on the baby’s chin. Now the mark is about the same size as a pimple, but Oksana insists that this is proof of child abuse. It supposedly occurred during the incident in which Mel broke Oksana’s teeth, and wasn’t there before the incident. Of course a claim like that can cut both ways since observers are asking why the hell she stayed with him for a year after that, if he was such a menace. Should it turn out that Oksana herself made the mark on her daughtyer’s chin, say to support her custody case, then people are gonna wanna cut her up with rusty razor blades.

To cap things off Mel is mounting a counter offensive – as if he hasn’t been offensive enough already. Apparently he’s having Grigorieva investigated for extortion. With so many illegally recorded tapes and demands for money it seems like a reasonable case. So Mel’s people met with the LA Sheriff’s Dept yesterday (they still owe him over that drunk driving arrest) to present evidence that Oksana threatened to go public with the tapes if Mel didn’t pay up to the tune of ten million. Oksana says that’s ridiculous – after all she’s already claimed to have walked away from a 15 million offer that she originally accepted. Maybe that’s why she’s mentioning it now. It never hurts to try and grab a little creditability, even by way of a likely story! BTW Mel is also being investigated over possible criminal violations.

wondertrash on the road

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