paparazzi vs celebs – release the hounds

We’ve heard a lot from Mel Gibson lately; mostly drunkenly screaming vulgarities at ex Oksana Grigorieva via the series of illegal audio recordings she made. Now that everyone in the world knows Mel has a temper, it might be interesting to note that Grigrorieva has one too, especially when concerned by your friendly neighborhood paparazzi. Let’s take a look at the following little video exchange between Oxie and some members of the press:

Now what did she think was gonna happen when she unleashed the shit on Mel? Scandal is a sword that cuts both ways. At least they didn’t ask her how many times she blew Mel – which means that they’re being relatively polite, for now!

Perhaps Oxie assumed that the media would focus on Mel and leave her alone. That would be a naive assumption on the part of a woman who’s had more balls in the hoop than an NBA basket! Now that the feeding frenzy has started Oxie might do well to remember that the paparazzi will be her ever present companions for a while – until this thing eventually blows over. They’ll be following her everywhere, shooting her on the can through telephoto lens, going through her trash for leads, you name it. She’ll never be alone because she will be surrounded by free lance spies working under their own agenda!

Of course Paris Hilton might’ve have clued her in on this. Ever since that sex tape came out, ruining Hilton’s Big Fat Greek Wedding and turning her into the most infamous woman on Earth, she hasn’t had a moment’s peace or a minute to herself. On her recent vacation for instance Paris got photographed in yet another questionable situation, and has had some explaining to do. Her drawers were up this time, although it might have been better for her if they weren’t – cause she’s skating on the dangerous thin edge of celebrity racism. Let’s have a look.

Yes that’s our Paris wearing a communist type hat and giving – apparently – a Hiel Hitler style salute. Now Paris can explain her outrageous behavior. For one thing she claims she wasn’t giving a Nazi salute. She was scratching her nose while dancing. While it’s easy to believe that Hilton’s nose gets the itches – she must do a ton of blow – it’s hard to believe that she can do 2 things at once; like walk and chew gum. So many find her explanation a little dubious. BTW Hilton has gone on to point out that she herself has Jewish blood, & so can’t be really anti Semitic, only a thoughtless asshole.

Speaking of stories that take on a life of their own Angelina Jolie has courted controversy as a means to free PR for years. Back during Girl Interrupted she seemed to figure out hat insane paid of, so she started riding the crazy train with a vengeance. She couldn’t circulate enough stories about her weird ways, like her blood fetish, her heroine addiction, and her interest in hard core sadomasochism.

People have speculated about her BSMD life for years – was she on top or on bottom. Well it’s kind of a rule in the life style that the stronger you are in real life, the more submissive your are in the bedroom. It’s a ‘power transference’ thing. Jolie’s bad ass personae made it likely that she was the one wearing the ball gag in her relationships. Well now there is some proof of that.

According to Jolie’s unofficial biographer – Andrew Morton – there are some scandalous pictures out here of Ms Jolie wearing a dog collar. So that answers the question about whether her orientation os towards dominance or submission. There’s also some video of her smacked out on heroin for about 18 hours.

Now most of this stuff isn’t news. Everybody knows that Jolie likes her smack. There have been other videos of Jolie drugged out and rambling. As for the bondage stuff, well there’s a ton of photomanips out there on the Internet for anyone who has a need to see Jolie bound, gagged, and squirming for as much wiggle room as she can get.

angelina jolie gagged and bound
No one is immune either. Not even George Clooney. Now no one guards their privacy more than George. He’s even moved off continent and over to Italy just to get out of paparazzi range. Seemed like a good plan except when you’re famous you can run but can’t hide.

Scandal has found George by was of Italy – ironically – and his hot Italian girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis. Canalis is basically famous for being the latest in a series of cocktail waitress types that George likes to hang out with and occasionally get into motor cycle accidents with. However Senora Canalis’ public image is beginning to develop a life of it’s own!

Seems that a couple of years back and long before Lizzie dreamed she’d ever go steady with a A Lister she got herself in some dicey situations. This came to light recently when some Italian night clubs got busted for running a coke & whores ring. The scam involved getting VIPs in and then tanking them up on booze and cocaine. Once the better judgment centers in their brains were shut down, the gals made their sex sales pitch.

One of the chicks busted was an aspiring Paris model named Karima, and she says that Elisabetta was a good friend of hers and that they used to do blow together at the sex clubs. Karima doesn’t say that Lizzie rented out her twat space by the hour to wealthy types, but hat can easily be inferred. So now Georgie’s got to got out and find himself a less embarrassing slut. You know how fast these things can get out of hand – Mel & Oksana – and don’t think that’s not crossing Clooney’s worried mind right now!

So remember, if you have an unholy lust for attention and the perks that go with it, there’s also a major downside. You lose control of your private life and lose touch with your personal space. It’s effectively losing your soul. There’s no off switch for fame either. So before you embark on such a reckless course, make sure that your underwear is clean!


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