Is Lady Gaga a soul stealer?

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Lady Gaga
has been accused of some weird shit, like being a hermaphrodite, being a bad influence, being a druggie, corrupting the youth of America, ripping off Madonna’s routine, and being a member of the Illuminati (according to Tila Tequila). Now she’s been accused of soul stealing. If she hasn’t exactly stolen some one’s sol then she is being accused of stealing their work and style.

Gaga used to work with a young Russian woman named Lina Morgana. Now Lina’s mother Yana has come out and claimed that Gaga ripped off Lina’s act – so that get’s Gaga off the hook with Madonna at least. According to Yana, her daughter Lina – who committed suicide – pioneered the act. Then Gaga turned around and ripped it off. She imitated everything from Lina dress style to her music.

Even worse Yana claims that gaga misappropriated Lina’s life. Gaga alsways claims to have had a dark and depressed upbringing. Ms Morgana points out that Gaga was raised pretty well off. Gaga even went to an elite Catholic girls school, where she was a class mate of Nicky Hilton. According to Morgana, Gaga had everything she wanted out of the world. It was her own daughter who was dark and depressed.

So the basis of Morgana’s complaint is that Gaga is using her daughter as the material for her own act. Worse still Gaga is doing this without crediting Lina. With that in mind Yana Morgana wants the rights to release some Gaga-Morgana material. That’s about 12 songs that the gals worked on together. Now with the right to release them comes also the right to cash in on them.

Soul stealing is a harsh term. Unless Gaga has been taking voodoo lessons from Angelina Jolie, this seems more like a case of some one ripping off borrowing from a former partner. In entertainment they do it all the time. It’s usually called inspiration, unless they get caught at it. Then it’s called a tribute. If this is an uncredited tribute then Gaga has done pretty good by it. SO why then shouldn’t Yana Morgana get a piece of the action. Her name is just as catchy as Gaga’s (another crucial link in the chain of evidence!), and her daughter is in the 12 videos! Family is family, but it’s funny how money usually has something to do with it.

don’t leave home without it – but know when to keep it in your pants!

In other news Divine Browne is getting married. Now if you don’t know who that is then just think Hugh Grant. Browne was the chick he got arrested with back when he got caught by LA’s finest getting a 40$ blow job in the back seat of a car. Grant tried explaining that one away by claiming that Browne was an old friend. that may be true – but the police suspected that he was seeing her in her professional capacity. So off to jail he went; and long enough for a nifty mug shot!

Well Hugh’s life and career went into a tailspin after that. His significant other Liz Hurley, walked out on him. This in spite of the fact that she’d been screwing Tom Sizemore (they met on the set of Passenger 51) long before Browne was ever heard of. Sizemore regarded seducing Hurley as a triumph, since he hated Grant. Tom says that during his wild animalistic sex with Hurley (that’s right, according to Sizemore, Hurley was a tiger in the sack!), he kept picturing Grant’s “smug handsome” face. That set most folk to wondering why Sizemore was thinking about a guy while he was doing a girl.

Since Hurley and Grant were a package deal sold to the American public as “high class sex” their split up was a career set back for Grant. His solicitation arrest didn’t do much for his shy Englishman image either. Anyway he was soon recast from Mickey Blue Eyes type roles, to ones where he played creepy cad types. He also starting flipping out at paparazzi on a regular basis. The was photoed trying to nail one annoying shutter bug with a can of baked beans (only in England!) – that story is in the Wondertrash archives. He then went on to kick another guy in the groin.

Hugh was a troubled man during that period. Then just when it looked like things had blown over, Divine Browne comes back out of the wood work. The former hooker has announced that she’s becoming an honest woman, and getting herself hitched up. Naturally she wants to invite Hugh. Understandable since Grant has done so much for her. More than the $40!

Since Browne’s brush with fame she’s pocketed almost 2 million in media deals. So she’s marrying as a rich woman. Since Grant made this possible it only seems right and good that a place be set for him amongst the wedding guests. Whether he’ll show or not is another matter. My advice – be a good sport, show up, and drink as much champagne as they’ll let you. After all, Hugh earned it!

Now for celebrity trivia purposes Hugh’s arrest number – s shown in the above mugshot – is BK4454813. The Illuminati will know exactly what that means (adds up to 32), and why Hugh is so unhappy about it. As for the rest of us, it makes a nifty computer password (not mine!). It also serves as a reminder that anyone can get into a little trouble with the law. Even the best of good guys.

Wonder Woman (1987) 220 - Batman - City - Police Car - Handcuffs - Pistol - J Jones

The above instance it might have had something to do with repeated cases of indecent exposure!

We can only hope that Wonder Woman has learned her lesson. However I fear that like Lindsay Lohan, Wonder Woman is incorrigible!

Wonder Woman is incorrigible!


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