Gaga Says

Lady Gaga is friendly to gay issues; to gay people not so much!

Looks like the gay community continues to get stuck with all those outmoded hand me down institutions that the straight community no longer wants any part of – like marriage and military service. What’s more Lady Gaga is leading the charge! If this trend continues soon the gay community will be the only ones going to church, voting, and paying income tax!

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remember when military service was something sensible people tried to weasel out of?

Sarah Palin
isn’t the only person out there politically motivating the masses. Lady Gaga recently provided some food for thought with some meaty analogies on gay service in the military. For one thing Gaga says That gays have the same right to die on the battle field as anoy other poor son of a bitch. In fact they have more right to get themselves killed than a homophobe. Now I’m not sure whether this means Gaga is pro gay or pro war. We can’t even be sure that she’s pro meat since the prime rib isn’t faring any better than the gays in her world view. If equality is the prime rib of America, then common sense must be the meat & potatoes.

suspiciously like taking an Aspirin to get a headache

I suppose that having the same right to get your guts blown out as anyone else is an important symbolic victory. Just like having the right to get crucified in the divorce court if things don’t work out (and they usually don’t). The problem with symbolic victories is that on a personal level they don’t get you anywhere. Think about it for a minute. Gaga’s statement is that if your gay, go get killed; but if you’re anti gay then go home to safety. So apart from getting the gay folk killed, it keeps the anti gays safe and resentful. Now I’m not sure which side Gaga is on, or whether her tongue might be in her cheek; but I do know that if I were on trial I wouldn’t want her defending me. I might wind up drawn and quartered!

is she for it or against it? For it in theory, in practice watch out!

This is the problem with politics in general and ‘symbolism’ in particular. Symbolism is a form of madness because it encourages you not to see what is by seeing what isn’t. We saw this when gay marriage started to become legal. This was a great step forward, but what was the next step? After gay marriage comes bitter, expensive gay divorce. Now most sensible types have spent years trying to avoid marriage and it’s complications. However some people seem to insist on it. Fools rush in.

So the best way to support the gay community is by being pro war (So is being anti war now anti gay? The principles are colliding so fast that soon hip with it types won’t know what side of the issues they’re supposed to jump on). So send them off into the combat zones. By that line of reasoning it might be even more supportive to line them up against a wall and shoot them, but we have to keep progress within reasonable limits. Rome was burned in a day.

This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me

To be clear my problem isn’t with homosexuality. If anyone feels the need to be gay then go be gay. You shouldn’t need anyone’s permission or validation to be yourself. Besides, many of us aren’t even interested in our own sex lives, let alone anyone else’s. My problem is with politics (of every orientation) because of the confusion it creates. Politics short circuits a sensible concern with personal interests for the sake of the ‘principle’. Like abortion. Every thinking person knew they had to be ‘pro choice’. What about when abortion is used to target female fetuses, as it is in most developing parts of the world? A real step forward for women. What about if in the no too distant future abortion is used to target gay fetuses? Most people who are politically supportive of the gay agenda still might not want one in their family (that was supposedly Ted Kennedy’s personal view). Then they might never get their chance at symbolic victory!

Col Klinger why have you forsaken us?

Now Lady Gaga probably knows better. She’s probably using a political short cut to success by ‘bandstanding’ or hitching a ride on a popular agenda. “One hand washes the other”. By boosting the cause she can expect the cause to boost her. However if some one’s idea of supporting you results in you getting killed, harmed, imperiled, or generally being worse off; then you’ve got to ask what good it’s actually doing you. We’ve gone from trying to get the troops out of the Middle East to trying to get more gays in there. Meanwhile everyone who wants an out has it under the Gaga Principle – “I was gonna make a pass at my superior officer, but now I’ll just tell him that he’s of the devil!” So where does that kind of symbolic victory get you in the long run? Just be glad that Gaga ain’t supporting you!

BTW Speaking of outrageous be sure to keep your peepers peeled for Russell Brand’s latest magnum opus – My Other Little Booky Wook. Buy it or he’ll beat the shit out of ya!

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