Black Pastor calls for whites to rise up against Obama

Believe it or not President Barack Obama isn’t universally beloved. Despite the fact hat only 2 years have passed since America was teetering precariously over the edge of the abyss, some people think that Pres Obama is what’s wrong with the world today. Their not who you’d think either – half cocked FOX News firebrands or racist wing nuts like Rick Sanchez. Some of them are far out religious types, like Pastor James David Manning.

Pastor Manning is a man of the cloth and a self styled PhD who has a weekly webcast. His latest was a hum dinger. He spent about 5 minutes of air time in a mind blow anti Obama rant. Manning is a man as frightening as he is frightened. What frightens him? According to the internet rant he’s afraid that Obama is pushin’ the white folks too far. That means they’re eventually gonna rise up in arms against him. To that point Manning draws up apocalyptic images of pick up trucks with gun racks, NRA bumper stickers, and Oklahoma license plates invading the inner cities to run amok on a racially charged anti Obama rampage! He also points out that if Dick Cheney ain’t in on this, he certainly knows about it!

You might think that I’m exaggerating. No one could be that crazy on air in this day and age – unless they’re an established public personality looking to commit career suicide. Well you’ll find that I’m not exaggerating one bit. In fact I’m understating the pastor’s inflammatory commentary! Just have a listen for yourself, while viewing the following video.

Wow! He says things that only occur to Don Imus in his wet dreams (or while he’s not on his medications)! The pastor clearly doesn’t care what he says or who’s toes he steps on. So he certainly has a place here @ wondertrash. To keep track, what Pastor Manning says is that the President is a Muslim, homosexual, half breeded, non citizen! To listen to Manning you’d think that Obama was the kind of man who’d steal out of the church collection plate to buy drugs for school children (typical democrat!) if he weren’t to damned heathen to attend a service.

Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” as HL Mencken said. It’s a hobgoblin that Pastor Manning isn’t troubled with. He probably frightened it away with his hi decibel hollering. If you want to catch more of his act than check out his website. He has a daily program starting at 10 AM called the Manning Report, and we can only hope he’s always so lively on the air! He should just consider himself lucky that he doesn’t work for CNN! Although I’m sure that FOX News might have a place for him.


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