Justin Bieber lashes out at 12 year old

Justin Bieber is back in the news. He’s been in the news pretty frequently ever since he was ‘discovered’ on youtube and turned into a Mylie Cyrus type phenomenon. After that he became a media sensation and a Donny Osmond style heart throb to teen girls across North America. The ‘phenomenon’ thing started to wear thin fast as more and more ‘odd’ Bieber stories started to come forward: Bieber fans threaten to kill Kim Kardashian, Bieber gets beaned with a water bottle during a concert, Bieber gets arrested – for breaking curfew, Bieber swears at a floor director – in Australia, Bieber introducing his new nail polish line, etc.

The following story continues on the weird trend. Seems that Bieber and a 14 person entourage of his – he’s already outgrown real friends – were patronizing a lazer tag facility in Richmond BC when things got out of hand. Bieber ran afoul of another young tagger, and some kind of altercation occurred.

Details about the altercation vary. So far the unofficial version is that some annoying little kid was following Bieber around and calling him a “faggot“. Bieber finally had enough and clobber the little brat. According to some unofficial statements Bieber felt that he was being bullied, and what with stories of homophobic taunting so much in the news lately, reacted by pounding the little arsehole. He felt bullied and wanted to put a stop to things.Trouble is that Bieber is 16, and the bully was 12. Many of you who still remember being 12 will recall how unlikely bullying anyone 4 years older than you was. That is unless you were a steroid terror.

Staff have a slightly different story. Planet Lazer employees say that the kid and his cronies were following Bieber around and shooting him with their guns while he was trying to play a game of his own. He finally got fed up and clobber the little snot boy. It’s what anyone might have done one staff member confided.

Then there’s the official version coming from Bieber’s official public relation representatives. According to Bieber’s people the event never occurred. So there’s nothing to explain. Now that is concise and convenient. It’s just not very convincing.

Part of the reason that it’s not convincing is because a police report was filed on the incident. According to the boys in blue, also known as the RCMP: “On Friday around 5:30 p.m. we got a report that a 12-year-old boy was allegedly assaulted at an entertainment facility in Richmond. The boy sustained minimal injuries and did not require medical attention. We are continuing our investigation.” No other info will be released at this time, the spokesperson added.” The fuzz won’t release any more pertinent details both both participates in the altercation are under 18, and so protected by young offenders legislation.

So young Mister Bieber cotinues to stound and amaze us with behaviour uncharacteristic of a bubble gummer. Maybe he’s already rejecting the Corey Haim like aura of creepy wholesomeness that’s been projected onto him. Maybe he’s just following the normal life cycle of over night child stardom. If that’s true then look for him to get into serious shot soon enough. Then again maybe the whole thing is what it is – something that’s been blow way out of proportion, like Bieber himself. Anyway since the lad is 16 look for a whole new level of Bieber Fever tabloid trash stories once he gets his license to drive.

Speaking of Tabloid Trash Stories, Wondertrash readers will probably be aware that some weird shit is happening lately. For instance New York had a recent UFO attack or something. Media later reported that the UFO sightings were hot air balloons released form a local elementary school. Now while that can happen – Tom Petty once believed that the Earth was under attack when he saw balloons being released from a wedding held on the estate of neighbor Adam Sandler. Petty mistook the balloons for flying saucers and hopped in his car, with his wife, to drive directly towards the invaders. Petty discovered his mistake, but not before he got into a collision with some guest of Sandler’s on their way to the event by car. Petty went on to lament that his wife no longer allowed him to drive after pulling that particular boner!

The trouble with these stories is that they leave so much unexplained. For instance if Petty really believed that the Earth was being invaded why would he drive towards the saucers, and not more sensibly, away from them? In the case of the New York UFO’s, why would America’s most hardened cynics make the same mistake as a man who left his brain, and now his driver’s license, in the 60’s?

The answer is that there’s more going on here than you and I realize. What that is has something to do with the New World Order and their nefarious plans to recondition you consciousness using current events. Like the Chilean Miners. After a couple of weeks in the bowels of the earth they’re already poised on the verge of international Susan Boyle type stardom. They’re making some heavy plans too, like forming a foundation to sell their story and divvy up the proceeds. Pretty sophisticated for rural miners. If Gary Bell and the View From Space is right it’s because they’re no longer Chilean miners but nephilim possessed Illuminati agents who were taken over by the spirits of the fallen while they were in the bowels of Mother Gaia. Just have a listen to Bell’s latest broadcast below and then decide for yourself is this isn’t an usual amount of fuss over a mining mishap considering that such things happen from time to time through out the world from the Southern States to Australia, without get the kind of reality TV attention that this has – just wait for the eventual movie!



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