Anarchy in the UK

Is this an angry mob, or just another bunch of soccer fans coming from a game?

a sorry story

Prince Charles
and Camilla Parker Bowles have gotten into the news again. Camilla first came to public attention when she married Prince Charles after the death of his 1st wife Diana Spencer. That was far from the beginning of their relations. Charles had seen Camilla way back in his bachelor days. He continued to see her on the sly even after his marriage. Rumors had it that Camilla was the one who picked Diana out for Charles thinking that Diana was a sweet but thick girl, and that they could carry on as usual right under her nose. That takes the pressure off of going behind her back. If Camilla was counting on Diana to be a pasty then she must’ve been sorely surprised.

post modern princess

Somewhere along the line, perhaps after Harry’s birth (Prince, not Potter) the fog started to lift. Diana caught on to what was going on. Instead of taking it lying down, Diana decided to make a spectacle of herself. She also dabbled in self empowerment, fashion, and public relations. She also started complaining to everyone who would listen – including giving that infamous Panorama interview.

post modern fairy tale

It seems that life at the palace wasn’t so fairy story after all. Charles cheating, criticism, and emotional coldness left Diana a basket case. Her in laws didn’t care for her either. That lead to plenty of melodramatics, according to such sources as Andrew Morton. According to some accounts Diana hurled herself down a flight of stairs while pregnant. Another time, during an argument with her husband she slashed her chest; either with her finger nails or with broken glass – I’m not certain. The melodramatics turned Charles off, rather than drawing him back. Perhaps Diana was becoming a handful (& no one likes a handful). Either way a picture was developing of Prince Charming as an ogre, and the beautiful princess practically being held in the dungeon.

We have something in common that no one can ever take away – irreconcilable difference! Now let’s make history!

Having reached the point of irreconcilable difference (marriage at an impasse) there was nothing left but for Charles and Diana to make history. This they did by becoming the first royal couple since England became Christian. The fact that the Queen consented to it to divorce shows how bad thing had become. The Royal Family has been shit terrified of divorce ever sine Edward the 8th took up with Wallace Simpson (poor Ole Eddie never realized why people though his abdication was a tragedy and not romantic). Since the Brit monarch is also head of the Church of England, the Royals regard divorce something the way Superman looks at Kryptonite. Divorce had the ability to derail a Royal.

life and death in the fast lane

Diana bounced back after the bust up, and seemed ready to take on the world. She even hooked up with a hot new guy – Dodi al Fayed. Dodi was a billionaire who’s father owned Harrods. He himself had produced Chariots of Fire, and had dated a bevy of beauties including Brooke Shields. With money and a taste for world class women Diana was his cup of tea. She seemed pretty pleased with him too. The relationship wouldn’t last, but ended when Dodi & Diana’s car hit a support beam (The 13th support beam, for conspiracy theorists – some of whom also claim that the tunnel Diana died in was once a temple in pagan Europe where human sacrifices were offer to the Moon Goddess Diana. That has left them thinking that Diana was an Illuminati blood sacrifice).

Chuck’s chicks

Now if people were pissed off at Chuck before they were lived now. They started referring to Diana as the Queen of Hearts. They began dredging up Charles alleged mistreatment of Diana. They had begun to see the Royals as a bunch of cold blooded reptilian, devoid of emotion, and who’s emotionless had almost stamped out everything human in Diana. They also blamed Camilla for ruining the fairy story – although that trumped up marriage was done before it got started (BTW I hear Angelina Jolie is requesting to play Camilla in an upcoming movie, but only if she can get Jennifer Aniston to play Princess DI!). Parker Bowles was seen as a home wrecker; and that cast her as the wicked witch in the fairy story. They would be even less pleased when Charles married Camilla and she was created the Duchess of Cornwall.

good luck, Chuck
Now the Royals knew that they had to tread lightly. The people ere mighty pissed at them and England is democratic enough to ditch the Monarchy if they so choose – in theory anyway. Diana’s ghost was hanging over the place like a Sword of Damocles. Still, by keeping their mouths shut and not addressing things directly, the issue start to blow over. Plus Helen Mirren’s movie as the Queen helped the public to get things in perspective. Helen got an Oscar, and Camilla was able to show her face in public again, eventually.

let them eat cake & more food for thought

Chuck & Camilla’s notions of London being a safe place for Royals was to get shattered again. Last night Charles and Camilla were out and about the City of London in their 1977 Rolls Royce, attending some kind of charity event of film premier. They picked a bad time because university students had hit the streets protesting a tuition hike. The new rates could double or triple what students currently pay, so many are afraid that they will have to drop out if the rate hikes go through.

here we go again!

That put them in a Toronto G7 Summit state of mind. They’d gone on a violence spree (the leaders of tomorrow!) and were wrecking everything in sight. When the Rolls pulled up they turned on that, two. Charles and Camilla were trapped inside while protesters rocked the car. Photographs showed the Royal couple looking like the were in the middle of the French Revolution and were on the way to the guillotine!

Diana casts a long shadow

We can only guess what was going through Charles and Camilla’s minds at that awful moment. I’m sure that Diana worked her way into their thoughts briefly. Her memory must make them uneasy every time the public gets restless. That only adds to the general burden of Royalty. Kings are always afraid of their people, since they depend on them to reign. Once people figure out that they can live without kings, but kings can’t be kings without them, then the jig is up!

Now here’s a young lady who’s been in a number of tight binds, though never in the royal dungeon. She’s Jessica Alba and this is a video homage to her attempts to make bondage more mainstream! The clip is about 6 minutes, so that ought a give you enough time to do what you need to do – just remember to wipe up when you’re done!

Speaking of the jig being up here’s Gary Bell and the View From Space. Listen for him to mention the Charles & Camilla incident.


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