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Zuckerberg meets Eisenberg: Awkward much?

Celebrity Death List 2011

We’ve just started off a brand new year and that has many wondering which of their favorite celebrities won’t make it through. Charlie Sheen is the name on everyone’s lips, but that’s unlikely. It would just be too simple and straightforward. Other favorite death listers are the perennials, like Liz Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor. I suspect that those ladies will live to make next year’s celebrity death list.

Remember when predicting celebs deaths, as in predicting anything; it’s the one you least suspected but should’ve seen coming all along. The ones you expect to go seldom do (people have been waiting for Keith Richards to kick off since the 70’s, but he outlived John Denver), as a watched pot never boils.

Since no one’s called Oprah I’m gonna pick her – with years of obesity, yo yo dieting, and esteem issues; she’s overdue for something (like a date with that big cheeseburger in the sky). Since addictions seldom occur in isolation – if your addicted to something you’ll probably have other addictions, Oprah may have some discreet substance use issues that have been kept under wraps (pills probably). If half of what she’s said about herself is true then it would be surprising if she didn’t.

Also she’s pushing herself extra hard lately too, getting OWN up and running. Also Kirstie Alley, or anyone else on the National Enquirer’s tabloid death list.

Strangely, though Oprah is morbidly obese, no one is staging an intervention to get her into ‘food rehab’. That might be due to the fact that Oprah knows how to (bullshit) handle people: get celebs to perform on demand for them, give them free cars, and tell them that they have super powers in the form of ‘untapped potential’. Think of her as Santa Claus in drag. America has been waiting for her for a very long time. What will they do without her?

call it “They’ll miss me when I’m gone”

Remember also that celeb deaths do come in threes. This is partially due to the fact that when one goes others have to follow, since a celeb can’t bear anyone else to get that kind of attention, even if it means being the stiff at their own funeral.

That kind of attention” means “talked about to the exclusion of everything else”. It’s every celebs secret wet dream – and it makes them feel insignificant when some one else gets it – so Angelina Jolie is probably not only on the launch pad, but her count down may have started. You can only pull that adoption stunt so many times. If she kicks off she’ll go down bigger than Marylin Munroe! Especially if she can pull it off in a mysterious and controversial way! Let’s put it this way – if she books a flight to Egypt and throws herself under a tank in the name of whatever, then she’ll have it made in the shade.

If Angie goes, a couple of others will be obliged to follow, like Madonna or any one else who adopted on the heels of Jolie. Madge has been withering away ever since Lady Gaga beat her at her own game, so she could use an excuse. Death is practically the only major career move she has left, like Michael Jackson; since even fucking a guy named “Jesus” isn’t enough to keep her relevant these days. Plus she has that history of abusing her body by pushing herself to extremes. So she probably has developed a few health issues by now.

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Murphy’s Law: What ever happened to Jim Corr

goosing loose ends

Back in the early 90’s the Irish pop group the Corrs picked up a whole lot of international attention with their smooth light pop stylistics. The group had some real success and then went their separate ways. The sisters went on to marry and quarrel amongst themselves. That left brother Jim at loose ends. Now it is sort of an unwritten law of the universe that when some one is at loose ends something is gonna come along to fill that void. In Jim’s case it’s an avid and active interest in conspiracy theories.

It’s life Jim, but not as we know it

What sort of theories is Jim interested in? Well you know the usual stuff – the Royal Family are shape shifting reptilians, air port security is a plot to render the American male impotent, the financial crash was engineered by the Rothschilds, and oh yeah – 911 was an inside job. Here’s a little video that just recently surfaced on the Irish Central website. It features Jim defending his beliefs against some glibly dismissive assholes.

Now I know that looks bad but wait – it gets worse (getting worse is an inviolable law of the universe. Cynics call it “Murphy’s Law” but physicists know it better as the 2nd law of thermodynamics. IN practical terms it means that things fall apart because it’s thte tendency of things to do so.). Jim had this to say about the usual suspects and the usual subjects.


Saying that Jim finally found a way to take the attention away from his beautiful sisters would be cheap shot – so naturally most people are gonna do that. I feel that Jim isn’t really to blame for whatever ideas have found their way into his head. I think that the blame goes directly to George W Bush. I mean his two term presidency was an unmitigated disaster; that saw the tide run out on the USA, and inflamed the market for conspiracies theories to the point that Alex Jones reputedly has a small shrine dedicated to W in his home and makes daily thanks offering to it.

The Menacing Idiot: Presitard

So that had people who’s brains weren’t completely numbed with denial asking “what the fuck actually happened in the past 8 years?” It’s a fair question. During the Bill Clinton Era America ruled the roost. When the President said “jump” foreign leaders said “how high?” (nowadays they simply guide the President to the nearest ledge and say “you first“). The economy was in overdrive to the point that any Forrest Gump type numskull could make it rich if he wasn’t too honest and knew how to bend the rules. Now middle class Americans have to ask for govt stimulus packages so that they can avoid the indignity of buying smaller cars and flipping burgers to make ends meet.

Who spiked the Punch? Optimism is seeing the glass as half full; paranoia is asking what it’s full of!

So what went wrong? The inevitable conclusion seems to be, as usual with pro politicians, that Bush was either dishonest or incompetent. Jim Corr has given W the benefit of the doubt and decided he’s dishonest, rather than a fucking moron. While that may be the flaw in his conspiracy theory, you do have to empathize. The alternative is that a majority of the American public voted a moron into the Presidency – for a second term if not a first. That would be enough to undermine a sensible person’s faith in human nature ( a really sensible person has already lost that). So you can’t blame Jim for wanting to give just plain people, as well as W, the benefit of the doubt. Jim CorrI salute your crazy optimism!


Jim Corr talks conspiracies

Before you dismiss anything as ‘just a conspiracy theory’ ask yourself, “wasn’t what happened in the Catholic Church, regarding child sexual abuse, a conspiracy?” So you already know that conspiracies happen.

What’s most interesting about this segment is that the audience member who interrogates Mr Corr doesn’t seem like some one who just happened to be there. In fact he mentioned he’d spent many days on Corr’s website before showing up. He takes an antagonistic stance towards Corr. Also his arguments are disingenuous – for instance he defends the official 911 conclusions by referring to a 10 000 page report (National Institute of Standard & Technology), which he calls a master piece of scientific research, but without giving any details. “Take my word for it – the experts agree with me!”When Jim goes on to reference thermite in the crash zone, even giving specific references to experts named by name, the audience member accuses him of trying to “blind people with science“.

“against the man”

Another disingenuous argument was the anti Semitic accusation. Jim never said anything against Jews, but the Moussad. Now if you criticism the CIA are you automatically anti American? So the guy was using some pretty shifty arguments. In fact he probably knew that leveling a racism accusation would help discredit Corr, and turn the audience against him. It was ad hominem name calling.

“So who has an ax to grind?”

The audience member seemed like he was trying to put Corr on the defensive, and even push his buttons to get a reaction. Of course saying that the fellow was some kind of (witting or unwitting) disinformation agent would be paranoid. Let’s just say that he looks, acts, and quacks like a duck. He was certainly playing shitty little games with a subject Jim Corr actually took seriously.

PS Interestingly the fellow challenges JC by saying “You say we didn’t see what we thought we saw“. So it’s (unintentionally) a qualified statement. He doesn’t say “we saw what we saw” but “we thought we saw“. Hope some Freudian slip didn’t blow his routine.

Note: These guys (Disinformation agents) will always try to put you on the defensive – often using some pretty dishonest routines (you know, the old “have you stopped beating your wife? – Yes or no!” angle). One way of dealing with them is to turn the tables and put them on the defensive, example “you seem awfully well informed for an American skeptic who just coincidentally happens to be in Ireland and researching my website“. These guys crave credibility because they see it as a medium of influence/control. So they’ll often turn themselves inside out to get it or preserve it. The more you put them on the defensive the more they give away. Also remember that their approach is tactical rather than strategic; that means it’s based on a bags of tricks instead of an awareness.

One person who wouldn’t glibly dismiss Jim Corr, but in fact would heartily agree with him, is Toronto’s Gary Bell – the host of 640 AM’s The View From Space. Here’s his latest broadcast.
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The Occult History Of The Third Reich

Hitler and the Occult – History Channel – (Global Elite, Nazis, New Worl…

Wonder Woman Love

Kathy Lee Gifford is still mad

It has been recently revealed that Regis Philbin has decided to follow Larry King into retirement. This supposedly follows a decision by his producers to cut his salary if he decided to stay on. Regis took that as a slap in the face and walked. Someone who knows a thing or two about face slaps Regis’ ex partner Kathy Lee Gifford.

Regis & Kathy Lee started out as a local New York morning chat show. They quickly became the biggest deal in their market. Then the show got syndicated and went national. They rest of the nation decided they liked the pair as much as New York, and their friendly animosity routine took them to TV stardom.That’s when things started taking a bad turn for Kathy.

She got involved in some scandals – like her husband getting caught taking a hooker to a hotel room. Kathy carried on like she had the perfect marriage (and sort of originated the Elizabeth Hasselback routine, you know “I couldn’t decide whether to decorate my new living room in pink or dusty rose, so I let hubby decide. I think we’re gonna have an NFL theme! I should’ve asked Angie Harmon for advice instead.“). So the cheating kid of deflated the whole Stepford Wife image. Things only got worse when Kath was linked to some kind of New York sweat shop. Her name became mud. So Regis cut her loose. Those are the times when you find out who your friends are.

Kathy had good reason to remember that friendship too. As Regis broke in the newer younger Kathy Lee, in the form of soap opera actress Kelly Ripa, Lee’s career went into a downward spiral. A sitcom she’d planned fell through. Some musicals she’d written never got anywhere near Broadway. Oh yeah, and she did an album that went nowhere. Eventually she had to take work as and entertainment corespondent with Pat O Brien’s show. Now once did Regis ever lend his support to the woman who helped him make it to the top, and that had Kathy Lee telling anyone who would listen that “Regis betrayed me!

The people she was telling were notables like Martha Stewart. Kathy confided to Stewart that she would’ve loved to have been invited back to the show, perhaps on some kind of regular guest host ticket. Lee went on to tell Stewart that it would only happen “when hell freezes over“. What set that off was Regis’ New Years Eve gig with FOX back in 05. Kathy was hoping to get picked up for that, but Regis once again went with a younger woman -weather girl Jillian Barberie. That brought the bad blood, which had been simmering for awhile, to the boil.

Kathy is boiling again. It’s not that she expects any help from Regis. She’s found her way back onto daytime TV, with her Today Show gig opposite Hoda Koth. It’s Regis retirement plans that have her hot under the collar. Now that Regis has some extra time on his hands he’s decided to write his memoirs, for fun and profit. That has Kathy nervous. She and Regis had plenty of fights behind the scenes, and since Regis doesn’t share Gifford’s ideas of loyalty, she’s afraid that the old boy will spill the beans. In fact she’s terrified that he’s gonna vilify her in his new book so that he can come off looking good – or simply to settle old scores. Anyway with Gifford only recently climbing back into the mainstream media, a smear job couldn’t come at a worse time; and that has her reminding everyone off how Regis gave her the shaft.


Charlie Sheen drama continues to unfold

Charlie has checked himself into rehab and he ain’t one bit happy about it, referring to his critics as a bunch of turds. He likes porn stars much better, For one thing they’re a lot less critical. Anyway during Sheen’s most recent blowout he wrote one of the young lovelies a check for 30 000 just because he felt like it. Here’s the copy of that.

Now that little doozie found it’s way onto TMZ so I’m guessing that it got cashed, and then the canceled stub got sold for it’s ‘pop culture value’. So porno girls might not be critical, but they sure know which side their bread is buttered on!

Meanwhile Lindsay Lohan has expressed concern for Sheen, whom she describes as totally addicted and int he middle of a life and death drama. She’s also glad that he’s getting help. While some might think that Lindz has been waiting years for her chance to say something like this (with her tongue in her cheek) – the sort of thing that so many have been so eager to say about her; it’s also worth noting that Lindsay has calmed down a bit since Michael Lohan has began acting fatherly. Kudos to Michael and let’s hope he can keep it together for his daughter.

Now here’s something to look forward to.

Julia Roberts is caught up in a shocking cheating scandal with a hunky Oscar winner – and it is threatening her 9-year marriage, sources tell The ENQUIRER. In an exclusive report, we reveal the identity of the rugged, recently married Hollywood star who has stolen 43-year-old mom of three Julia’s heart, what she is saying about him, and how the relationship is causing a deep rift with her cameraman husband Danny Moder.

The ENQUIRER has uncovered bombshell secrets behind Oprah Winfrey’s recent disclosure on TV that she has a secret sister named Patricia, who her mother Vernita gave up for adoption at birth. ENQUIRER reporters have tracked down Patricia’s biological father who reveals a startling LIE about her birth and a shocking family COVER UP that will stun Oprah and her millions of fans. Court papers and police reports obtained by ENQUIRER reporters reveal domestic violence allegations, arrests and stalking claims involving Oprah’s new extended family and insiders say the talk queen will regret going public with details of her long-lost half-sister.

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