Jennifer Aniston finds new love!

Ever since Brad Pitt tossed over Jennifer Ansiton for the crazy woman (maybe Jolie isn’t that bad), America has had to put up with one of it’s most tiresome soap opera’s since Archie Betty & Veronica .Jolie’s currently optioning that script and pitching the Betty role to Aniston, via Aniston & Pitt’s production company. She’s hoping that the role playing will remind Brad which one of them is the catch. Jolie never really recovered from Pitt designing that wedding ring for Aniston. He can’t design one for her since they’re not married. She did design a spiffy diamond pendant for him recently, so you can tell the whole ring thing is weighing on her. Besides, after the Tourist Jolie is desperate for any starring role she can get. Word is that she’s run out of box office mojo.

Anyway Jenn’s been at lose ends for the past 10 years. She just hasn’t been able to get anyone to fill the void. Even Gerry Butler wasn’t good enough for her, so no wonder everyone is losing patience with her! She even started keeping company with Chelsea Handler. The problem with that is 2 single & semi alcoholic middle aged broads don’t make the best companions.

So you should be glad, or not, to hear that Jenn has finally found some one. Maybe it’ll work this tiem too, cause what ever you might say about her new companion, she ain’t middle aged. Not only is it a she, but it’s some one who needs absolutely no intro – Miss Tila Tequila! Here’s a picture of them together, taken recently, and the looks on their faces say everything their publicists need to deny – which is according to them is that the bosom buddies are merely rehearsing for another of Aniston’s patented romcoms. A likely story! Good luck you crazy kids!

BTW if the thought of Aniston and Tila gettin it on disturbs any of you, then you’re not a 20 something single male! Or even am middle aged amrreid male. However if you are among the disturbed, relax. This relationship won’t last 3 months, based on Aniston’s past track record.

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Chalrie Sheen Interview Airs on Today

No sooner has Charlie Sheen announced an interview with ABC’s 20/20 then NBC has released an in house interview. Charlie went to ABC as a way of humiliating the network that put out 2 1/2 Men, so now everyone is trying to beat ABC to the punch. Can’t let Alex Jones have all the fun. With that in mind here’s that Today Show interview, with more Charlie Sheen than you can process.

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Incidentally Charlie is now keeping company with a couple of porn actresses that he refers to as his ‘goddesses’, but you can call them “Charlie’s Angels”.

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Illuminati Controls Hollywood (watch all)

Of course you realize that the whole Charlie Sheen drama is caused by a breakdown in Charlie’s trauma based monarch slave programming (That’s where the mind is infected with fear, hate, & rage with the promise that one day this will work for you – the real promise is that some day never comes). Charlie is second generation Hollywood and this people cult up their kids to give them a head start int he business the way eager yuppies try to get their kids into the right pre school. That’s why when Charlie had his ‘hernia’, Martin was hanging around the hospital with a Bible in his hand. Martin is racked with guilt, and publicly blames himself. He can never come right out and say why he’s to blame!

star babies

The Illuminati would have you believe that they are completely infallible because they use a game plan that accounts for everything. Nothing could be further & farther from the truth. In fact we may never know how many major fuck ups they had over the course. That’s because one of the things they’re genuinely good at is covering their mistakes. Just because something doesn’t work is no good reason not to go on believing in it, ’cause that’s what denial is for! We do know that they can be ruthless with their own when some latest test case – good idea doesn’t quite work out.

Knowledge is power but requires continuing sacrifice

Remember that dubious knowledge is their stock and trade. It’s what they trade on to lure people in. Their line goes – “join in and you’ll learn forbidden knowledge that can help you in real life” However once you get your feet wet you find that the knowledge isn’t quite so useful. That’s because learning the real stuff requires more time and further investments – just like Scientology (and the real shit is restricted to people ‘of the bloodline. Satanism is aristocratic, so if you ain’t descended from nephilim, like Prince William & George Bush, then you don’t learn how to get the genie out of the bottle; only enough to convince you that there’s something to it and keep you coming back for more – the fiendish swine!). Somewhere along the line you might start to figure out hat you’re not going further along the path; you’re just getting yourself deeper into it. It’s easier to stay out than to get out – so don’t take the bait! Turn that “know” into a “no”.

The sum total of evil in the world is reduced when good people learn to sit quietly in their rooms doing nothing.
~Blaise Pascal

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Hollywood Homes by Richard Neutra – Dreamspaces – BBC

BTW last nite’s Oscars were a sort of British Invasion – more @ Mailonline.

The Oscar winners: Best supporting actor Christian Bale, best actress Portman, best supporting actress Leo and best actor Firth

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Charlie Sheen Books ABC TV Interview

The last time we heard from Charlie Sheen was on Alex Jones radio show, when Charlie called into to talk about turds and trolls with vast drug fueled torrents of rage! Charlie did say that he loves and hates violently. So you can imagine what it’s like to see this guy holding the craving knife at Christmas dinner! That jabber session lasted about 30 minutes and became the talk of the world wide media. It also got Charlie canned off of his show, & he has he fled the country with his harem for Barbados; where he plans to start a porn commune!

Well if you feared that you’d heard the last of that colorful fuck up & lovable scalawag, then fear no more. The F 18 is once again ready to deploy and destroy and this time in a classier more upscale stage. Leaving the lunatic fringe of Radio Free Tinfoil behind, Sheen is going to go mainstream with an ABC TV interview on Tuesday night! It will be one the news show 20/20 and will air 10 eastern. So there’s no excuse for the kids not being in bed. If they’re up that late, then maybe it’s something they can afford to hear!

Also in Sheen related news, a meme is born. The last time we featured a celebrity meme on mocksure it was Keanu Reeves. Reeves got photographed out on his birthday getting all brooding and sulky with a cupcake. This was an actual frosted cupcake and not a euphemism for an eager chick on the make.

People seemed to get something out of this, like claons with a tear, black velvet Elvis, and dogs playing poker. Soon variations were all over the internet & faster than you could keep up. Mocksure mposted some of the highlights.

Well now the whole sad Kenau has taken a Mad Chalrie twist, with the people over @ Medium Large posting their Cats Quote Chalrie Sheen pix. It’s like “I Can Haz Cheeseburger” except the a picture of a cat is captioned with a weirdly juxtaposed Sheen quote, instead of featuring a cats making whimsically sardonic comments about nearby cheeseburgers. So here’s a link to that site, along with some of the highlights!

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A View from Space – February 26, 2011
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Some more bad news about behind the scenes shenanigans, and by bad news I mean that everyone might owe OJ Simpson an apology. When OJ went nuts and allegedly hacked his ex wife to death everyone thought that it was way out of character. So naturally people adssumed that there was a lot more to OJ than the super smiley nice guy from the Avis commercials and the Polcie Squad flicks. So everyoe got mighty peeved aboutt he way he fooled us and decided that he had to pay.

Well it turns out that OJ didn’t fool anyone, and was infact himself the dupe. As the following little snippet reveals, OJ was the victim of CIA Illuminati mind control brainwashing techniques that went haywire. There’s a fairly convincing trail of circumatantial evidence too – and where OJ is involved circumstantial is as good as you’re gonna get! Just take a listen and you be the judge!