The True 13 Papal Bloodlines of the Illuminati

Stories that suck you in – Movies and the Parallax View

In a previous Area 51 post I spoke of Charlie Sheen’s Monarch programing. Phrases like “Adonis DNA’ were a give away on that since Illuminati believe that they are descended from nephelim. They believe that makes them a demonic aristocracy distinguished from the rest of us by their blood – they’re not like us so don’t try and process that with your normal brain. You just can’t.

Anyway I then went into the brain washing process. Now brainwashing or programming doesn’t mean kidnapped, taken off bound and gagged to some secret facility where you are then strapped down Clockwork Orange style – with electrodes attached to your greased up nipples, a tennis ball in your mouth, and your eyelids pried open – though it could mean that. It might be some thing as simple as therapy.

The therapy session is where emotional vulnerable and psychological confused people are ‘redirected’ with such techniques as role playing, visualization, hypnotherapy, etc. Though these are relatively mild forms, compared to what they’ll do to you when they really want to get into your head, they have their effect. If you’ve ever seen anyone repeating their affirmation in times of stress, or lighting their Illuminati aroma therapy candles, then you get what I mean. That’s why therapy – self help is simultaneously presented as bullshit while being heavily promoted in the media, It’s also court mandated now, often in lieu of community service. The powers that be want to funnel as many potential thralls into it as possible, and not leave them another option.

Programming can be even simpler than that. You should’ve guessed that Star Trek was part of the agenda when impressionable types began developing an unhealthy obsession with it. Their involvement even reached the point of fan conventions. So this was a very successful form of mass programming-indoctrination (even Charlie made references to PARSECS in one of his infamous rants). It works by drawing viewers into it’s parallel universe – like a visit to the holodeck. Then, during their visit to the Alpha Quadrant, their ideas are readjusted to a NWO type Federation. When the come back to reality, 48 minutes and some commercial breaks later, there’s bound to be some real life hangover.

One of the main forms of mass mind programming are movies. That’s why movie stars are treated like gods – even though they are basically Illuminati sex slaves (web search Sophie Alderton for her story of Illuminati sex slavery and the high end of the modeling industry). It’s also why so much money gets invested in it. The fact that some major Hollywood power houses like James Cameron are also high degree Freemason ain’t accidental either!

The routine is similar to Star Trek – or on the big screen Star Wars. Draw viewers into an unreal world after getting them to a suspension of disbelief state. Then pump their heads ful of a bunch of new ideas about Jedi knights or Hogwarts boy wizards. (90 minutes later they come back to Earth, but with the seeds planted in their heads and waiting to grow. That only takes some appropriate reinforcement in the form of TV references and parodies, on line message boards, fan communities, and the catch phrases that won’t go away (notice how when Charlie first broke down he spoke almost entirely in catch phrases? Catch Phrases work like advertising slogans or self help affirmations – yes the self help movement is another active arm of the Illuminati mind control agenda!). Every time the subject is exposed, the embedded ideas get reinforced – or ‘watered’.

One of the most successful recent examples of film based mind programming was the Matrix trilogy (Highlander ebing another one that exceeded expectations. They “Princes of the Universe” who fell to Earth from a star and had to fight each other to the death because they were immortal are obviously nephelim and right out of Old Testament psuedopigraphia!). Its an Alice in Wonderland ‘through the looking glass’ template based on the illusion or reality concept. That makes it a little more difficult to dismiss completely once the film is over, since some part of the mind keeps asking “Was it only a movie, or are we in the Matrix?” That’s the splinter in the mind! So your sense of reality has been ever so slightly shifted. Real life experiences that don’t make sense can then be interpreted as “We’re in the Matrix” or “We’re having a Matrix moment”.

The Matrix was an example of programming that worked too well. For one thing it triggered a slew of high school shootings in the ten years after the flick was released. Confused teens began to think that they were in a Matrix and could shoot their way out – just like Neo. You’ll recall that after Neo’s awakening he tries to free people from the Matrix by killing as many bystanders as possible since enslaved minds don’t count. The violence may merely have been a way to involve viewers in the story through action – but it went way out of hand. The fact that so many of these shooters showed up wearing black trench coats – Neo & Trinity style – and left notes about the world being a video game, should tell you what you need to know about that. The fact that the waves of shootings have stopped since the films’ distribution has been restricted should confirm the conclusion.

This confirms what I previously said: The Illuminati aren’t infallible. Far from it. Their one big talent is covering up their mistakes. So keep you wits about you. Play it low key. Disconnect. Don’t get sucked in!

BTW remember to catch the View From Space with Gary Bell tonight on 640 AM Toronto. It’s listed to start @ 11 PM EST, right after the Leaf’s game. If you’re outside their broadcast range then you can listen live over the Internet from their website!

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A little while ago on Area 51 it was mentioned that the Royal Family has a court sorcerer, a modern day successor to Merlin and in the same tradition.It was also mentioned that with a little research you could figure out who it was. Well let’s come right out and tell. It’s Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. As Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales, he’s the UK’s head warlock (Although I’d like to take credit for deciphering this myself, it was a yoga instructor – Shakti mhi, Prana Yoga Vancouver – who put me wise to this. She revealed it in one of her weekend seminars during some argument about traditional European values vs new age/the occult “Do you think the Royal Family are Christian? Let em tell you something about them…” An Israeli Jew, she was very knowledgeable about Illuminati matters, & may have even been bloodline connected! We heard a lot more about what goes on, but now is not the time to reveal that.).