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Government by Conspiracy

Now whenever you start talking about conspiracies people look at you funny. You can guess what they’re thinking, and it’s usually something “Have you been taking your meds lately”. This goes double if you talk about government conspiracies. It’s as if the whole idea of conspiracies was bizarre and outlandish. Yet conspiracies, like shit, happen. Even high level government conspiracies.

The next time you bring up the conspiracy subject, & some one acts like you’ve lost your marbles, there are some notable examples to remind them of. Not the alleged JFK assignation, because that’s theory. If you want to really defend your case you’ve got to stick with well known and established historical facts. The kind of stuff no one can deny. Like Watergate! You’ll recall that the whole Watergate affair began when some very high level officials started running around and breaking laws on behalf of the president. When that stuffs tarts going on then there’s got to be a big push on to deny it. So the Conspiracy leads to a cover up. The whole thing might never have seen the light of day except some one in the know began blowing the whistle to the Washington Post.

Then there were the numerous conspiracies of the Kennedy administration. Not the alleged conspiracy to kill him, but the frat boy schemes to get floozies in and out of the White House with out Jackie, or the American Public, finding out. The Secret Service was conscripted into this by the Kennedy boys, and often hustle Marylin Munroe, and assorted other hi end pro cock suckers, in and out of the premises. While that might be benign, it is technically a government conspiracy.

If people still need persuading then just ask them to recall about 25or 30 yaers back. That was the Cold War Era. Back then it was taken as give that the whole Soviet Union was organized on the conspiracy model. Tricky stuff went on every day, and was business as usual. Bosses informer on workers who were informing on bosses cause the offices were bugged and if you didn’t inform then the KGB was gonna be by to cart you off for failing in your duty. It was like a game that every one was forced to play but no one – except the guys at the top – were every sure of the rules, which might change mid game anyway.

A crazy regime like that inspired some interesting writing like Kafka. It also inspired a lot of defections. Apart from the desire to get the fuck out of a nut house, there was the practical motivation of flying the coop after your ambitious career manoeuvrings ran afoul of some unwritten rule and you became personae non grata. That means some folk in the know had to make a run for it, from time to time. Many found their way t the West. Some even had tales to tell. So here now is a little bit on government by conspiracy, just to show that it does happen, and it doesn’t always involve flying saucers (but it could).

Conspiracies are intelligence agencies stock & trade – so denying their existence is unrealistic. We just assume that those conspiracies are working in our national interest, and not that agencies are pursuing their own agendas. Of course that’s not how life works. It’s not even business as usual.

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