Did Jennifer Aniston & Liv Tyler Get Plastic Surgery?

Say it ain’t so – to mess with a face like Liv’s would be a crime against nature. She’s a natural wonder!

liv tyler wonder woman

William Cooper- Mystery Babylon – Ch02 – Egyptian Magic

What secrets did ancient Egypt hold? We can only imagine. However the following entertaining and informative video should provide some food for thought. Now a word of caution – don’t go trying to raise the dead or anything!


Michael Lohan Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

Michael Lohan: Fame is an octagon

It’s seems like trouble is the Lohan family business. On that score Lindsay seems to be the main bread winner with her frequent legal run ins and rehab stints. Papa Mikey is no slouch when it comes to rowdy hell raising himself. Mike has this problem which is that he occasionally likes to go ape shit on what ever woman is brain damaged enough to be dating him at the time. Like Kate Major. Kate was some kind of reporter or something with Star Magazine who got hooked up with and then dumped by Jon Gosselin. She rebounded on to Mike Lohan. I’d call that a case of sloppy seconds except that Major hasn’t qualified as ‘seconds‘ for many many helpings. She’s more like that thing festering in tinfoil at the back of the refrigerator.

Anyhow they were getting along famously and Kate was saying Lohan was the great love of her life, just the way she was saying Jon Gosselin was the great love of her life. It’s a lady’s perogative to change her mind – so Kate might as well try it too. Things were going along hunky dory until some one got drunk, we’re not sure who but it could have been both of them, and then the shit hit the fan. The story that trickled down to the public via twitter, the internet, and supermarket tabs, was that Mikey got home all liquored up and found Kate drunk and out cold in an arm chair. one thing lead to another as such situations often do and soon Kate was sprawled on the floor and the cops were on the way. This couldn’t have happened at a worse time for Mikey since he only had 2 weeks left on his probation for some previous domestic assault type incident.

Some guys never win. In Mikey’s case it’s more like some guys never learn. That’s because it appears lover boy has pulled another one of his patented shit for brains stunts. The details are so far sketchy, but it goes something like this:

“Mr. Lohan was arrested after we received a call around 9 p.m. regarding a domestic dispute. He was detained after he was spotted walking on the street near our station. He showed no signs of intoxication that I’m aware of and has been cooperative.”

At least that’s the version Lt. John Ratto gave People Magazine. Maybe Lt Latto is some kind of celebrity liaison officer. The slightly more detailed version as Lohan assaulting an unnamed victim. Lohan thens tarted complaining about an “unrelated medical condition” – I’m guessing chest pains. So he was rushed over to Cedars Sinai Hospital. He’s currently laying low there while he contemplates his next move.

That next move better involve a way to raise a hughnomous wad of cash, ’cause this time the police are holding him on 200 000 bail. It’s gonna be tough for Mikey to pull in those kind of funds since Lindsay is the oly one in the family with any kind of income. Her income is currently tied up in rehab bills and lawyers fees, stemming from her own particular brand of mayhem.

So look on the bright side – Japan may be about to go nuclear, the mid east may be dissolving in turmoil, Charlie Sheen is threatening to unleash violent torpedoes of truth on the nation in the form of a cross country stand up tour, and Donald Trump may be poised to run for office on a Sarah Palin presidential ticket; but at least Michael Lohan is off the streets and in some kind of supervised environment for an indefinite period of time. Every once in a blue moon the system works! There could even be an up side to this. Mikey might eventually earn his own living by pitching a reality TV concept where he fights other D List celebs! They could call the show Michael Lohan’s Starwhackers! It’d beat American Idol to hell!

Firecrotch Redhanded

As for the second most troubled member of the Lohan clan, Lindsay is set to pull a Mel & plead no contest to her jewelry stealing charges. Her mother Dina emphasizes that o contest is not the same as guilty – it’s completely different in the way that not guilty doesn’t mean innocent. She then goes on to call LA a fucked up town – that’s not news but saying it won’t make her any friends, and talk about some imaginary film projects she’s considering for her daughter.

Personally I’d recommend a few whacked out calls to Alex Jones (make sure to frequently mention starwhackers) followed by a Lindsay Lohan nation wide stand up tour. They could call it “Sticky Fingers“, or if the Rolling Stones get pissed over that then maybe “Firecrotch Red Handed“. Read about that over @ Zimbio!


Chris Brown Freaks Out!

a smashing performance

Guess who flipped the fuck out again! Let me give you a hint in the form of a little anecdote. Chris Brown (you’ve probably got it already!) was on Good Morning America to promote his new album FAME. This is supposed to be his comeback album, and help present the reformed, kinder & gentler Brown to the American public. At soem point during the interview the reporter – Robin Roberts – asked him about his brutal attack on his ex Rihanna.

Chris got pissy because that wasn’t supposed to come up. When the reporter persisted Chris insisted that he was passed that point in his life and trying to movve on. Then to emphasize the point he trashed the place and busted out a window. So it looks like this very talented young man also has some significant rage issues. Either that or he’s on one of those drugs that freaks you the fuck out and turns you violent at the drop of a hat. Pissy Chrissy did go on to perform his numbers. The show must go on, now matter how crazy & dangerous you are. Hope Rihanna gets that restraining order reinstated quick!

BTW Chris is considering other fall back career options, just in case his repeated violent outbursts totally sabotage his career come back. So far he’s trying to decide between hired goon, and possibly Libyan military strong man – there’s a position opening up in that area in which he’s keenly interested!

On another note Chris might want to smarten up where the ladies are concerned or one day he’s gonna pull that shit on the wrong chick! Try that one on a gal with dragon blood & Venus DNA and you’ll hit a whole new level of sorry! That would be called ‘Boom, losing, d’uh’.

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Charlie Sheen’s Surprise Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Noam Chomsky: Obama Administration and US Foreign Policy

If you’re gonna talk conspiracy then you’re gonna have to learn to do it right. For one thing don’t say “conspiracy”. People will hear that and wonder if you’re wearing tinfoil underpants. You’ve got to use scholarly and therefore credible words like “agenda”.

When it comes to scholar and credible no one beats Noam Chomsky. The MIT linguist has been called the most important intellectual of our time. He also has the distinction of being one of the least effective political agitators of our time. Bill Buckley had him banned from Firing Line for making him look bad and Phil Donahue didn’t like hosting him on his show because 80% of the time he didn’t know what the fuck Chomsky was talking about. Being obscure makes it hard to get folks angry and worked up. Give him credit though, he gets the message out there- whether anyone understands it or not is another question.

So listen carefully and take notes – then you too will learn to talk about geo global political agendas in a way that those smarty pants nay sayers won’t be able to easily dismiss!

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Ex Saturday Night Live star sickened by Glee

“Two men on a wedding cake is a comedy skit, not an alternative life style.”
~Victoria Jackson


She’s turning into a real life Church Lady and she doesn’t care whose toes she steps on, especially if they’re dainty l’il tippy toes! Glee isn’t the only bee up her bonnet either – she’s also pretty miffed about the liberal agenda and secular humanism. She’s like Sarah Palin with an IQ boost. What is happening to America? On the other hand, I can hardly wait for her new news commentary show on FOX!

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