Bottoms Up Natalie Portman

When she’s not having a snit about the current state of fashion (granted John Galliano’s comments were pretty extreme), she’s sticking her tuchus straight up in the air. From the good people @ Egostastic!

Kinda makes you nostalgic for the good ole days before PerezHilton went soft (he decided he liked having friends more than he liked having readers, trouble was that the only reason his friends were friendly was cuz he did have readers). He’d have drawn a bull’s eye on there!

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Aerial Coverage Of Reese Witherspoon’s Home Before Wedding.mp4

It’s official – Reese Witherspoon has married Jim Toth.

The couple seem to be keeping things tightly under wraps – but the constant video surveillance did turn up some images of Bigfoot chasing ET around the grounds! Too bad tabloids tried to go more crediable. The old WeeklyWorldNews would’ve had a field day with the footage!

Wonder Woman Love

Scientific Study of Alien Implants – Full Length

Remember that The View From Space with Gary Bell is on in about 2 hours. He’s the guy who referred to Elizabeth Taylor has Hollywood’s top witch and he meant that in a purely occult sense. So he’s probably gonna make something out of her dying so close to the “super moon” and near march 17 – St pat’s Day coincides with an important witch’s equinox sabat – so bad shit can happen around that time; like murders, missing persons, etc, but really ‘blood sacrifices’ to the demons that give the Illuminati their power. Knowledge is power and power must be paid for.

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Katie Couric Out as CBS Evening News Anchor by JUNE…….? – VIEWS FROM A BROAD

So is CBS finally getting rid of perky evening news elf Katie Couric (and for the 1 000 000th time she di not ever compete for America as an Olympic Gymnast – you’re probably thinking of one of the many perky elflike personalities in American media)? Well that’s what some old broad is saying!

Katie Couric Out as CBS Evening News Anchor by JUNE…….? – VIEWS FROM A BROAD: “


BTW for Ester G’s growing fan base I have some alarming news – she may not be old, or even a broad! I hope you’re sitting down for this, but I’ve heard that it’s some kind of Dame Edna thing! Well who saw that one coming?