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Donald Trump tries for ultimate “You’re Fired”

Who ever said that it’s only celebrity gossip hasn’t been paying attention top the prez lately. Barack Obama recently begrudgingly took time away from important issues like the economy and bombing the middle east to address the latest conspiracy theory coming from celebrity nuisance Donald “What’s wrong with your hair?” Trump. Trump is planning on making some kind of half assed run at the presidency in 2012, although the job of half assed Republican presidential runs should already have been filled by Alaska Annie! If Trump were really serious about making a run at the White House then starting as Sarah Palin’s VP running mate might’ve been a more serious way of doing it. It would allow Don to concentrate on getting publicity – which is what he’s really all about; and it would take attention away from Sister Sarah’s short comings as America would try to figure out which one of the two was the flaky one. In other words which one is playing the rear end of the horse? That kind of arrangement covers the angles.

Is the Pope Catholic? That depends.

To get back at the story at hand: the pres took time out from his super busy schedule to address some of the shit Donnie’s been talking about in public. Stuff like the President not really being an American (it’s a “is the Pope catholic?” variant). That’s in addition to the president really being a Muslim, a terrorist, a robot, and possibly an extra terrestrial – depending on which conspiracy radio shows you listen too (and I listen to all of ’em!). This puts the pres in the awkward position of having to occasionally dignify this stuff with an answer – which immediately takes away some of his credibility.

Sunday Morning Feeling

Like the time Obama had to make his statement about faith. Now people had been questioning his religious beliefs ever since he got caught napping in church back in Chi-town. That’s was in the church with the radical pastor. The preacher had some odd ideas, especially about white people. So people started asking how the pres felt about the whole race relation thing. As the pres explained, he only went to the damned place to network with Oprah; and never really paid attention to what the guy was saying since he used his pew time to catch up on some well needed rest – or Transcendental Meditation as Obama calls it. Sunday Morning sleep in can be very spiritual if you have the right state of mind!

radio free tin foil

Anyway Obama had to come out and say that yes he is a Christian, yes he does pray regularly, and that his faith has seen him through the tough spots in life. Now people should’ve have been satisfied but weren’t. For one thing 21st century secular types got disturbed about the pres speaking on faith publicly. Most thought it was great that he felt that way, but that talking about it on TV in the 21st century was neither the time or the place. Before the poor beknighted man could explain that he only brought it up in response to persistent rumors about him being some kind of cultie who was sacrificing neighborhood pets to Aqua Buddha, the fringe media was on about him being an Illuminati mole sent to infiltrate Islam. Whatever ever else tinfoil hats keep out, they work like a charm against common sense!

What made Reagan the Great Communicator? Taking the media out of the equation.

What Obama should have learned from that incident is that you shouldn’t explain cause you just can’t win. When the Donald began riding the conspiracy theory wave, Obama should’ve just taken that in stride. If you diginfy those klind of rumours with an answer then you give them crediablity at your own expense. So Obama should’ve set the agenda, like Reagan did back in the old days, by deciding what he wanted to talk about and then engaging sympathetic journalists in conversation; and not responding to what everyone else was saying. That’s how leaders create consensus when everyone disagrees with them (and in the Reagan Era it used to drive the left nuts). Instead Obama just released the long form of his birth certificate to prove that yes he is an America, yes he is legally president, and yes it did count when he voted himself in the booth.

Tabloid President

This leaves the president complaining about having to deal with carnival barkers and lunatic fringers as if they were serious people. That’s no one’s fault but his own. As President he’s like a conductor in front of the media orchestra. he can set the tone, by deciding what he wants to talk about. The media will follow that be cause he’s the pres and what ever he says is news. Meanwhile that takes the attention away from his connection with UFO’s and his involvement in cattle mutilations! Like Obama says, there’s a lot more important stuff going on, though it might not be half as intersting as his “alleged” summit with time travelers at a top secret Antarctican stargate to negotiate Earth’s entrance into The Federation! Now that’s not even considering his frequent ‘vacations’ to Atlantis! Suffice it to say that it’s not my job to tell him his job; and speaking as one of the carnival barkers, I’m happy with the extra cred. Thanks big guy, for helping me wear my tin foil ‘thinking cap’ with an unaccustomed feeling of dignity!

PS: The sad truth of that matter is that the American voter is a pretty complacent specimen. The fact is that he probably does think that Obama wasn’t born in the USA, and that he probably doesn’t care. George W Bush stole an election with the help of a gang of dimpled Chads, probably some of his Bohemian Grove buddies (I hear that thing get funky with that group!!), but that didn’t stop him from getting a second term with an unquestioned majority. So Obama wouldn’t be the first guy who wasn’t supposed to be pres that the people decided should be pres. He won’t be the last. Rules are made to be broken and that’s what makes America great, or at least No 1. Superman and Wonder Woman weren’t born in America either, but no one’s gonna kick them out of the Justice League!


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