Species 4 – Carrie Prejean reproduces

Angelina Jolie ain’t the only hi profile celeb type celebrating a birthday today. Controversial beauty pageant contestant Carrie Prejean has just had a baby girl, presumably from an opposite sex Republican ordained Tea Party approved union! If you’ll recall Carrie got herself into tons of trouble, and nearly got a news show on FOX, by saying that gays didn’t have the right to live or something. maybe she just said they shouldn’t show their faces in public unless they have some really really half decent plastic surgery and a set of big plastic boobs. When beauty queens speak it can be hard to make sense of them!

Now if only Carrie had said something more like suck as that then she could’ve avoided some real trouble. Incomprehensible gibberish is how George W Bush got through 8 years of mayhem!

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Sarah Palin Hits Philly

For those wondering whether or not Sarah Palin is poised to pounch at the White House in 2021, well she is out and about. Whether or not she is on an ‘organized tour’ or not, her unofficial presidential tour has reached Philly, and Sarah is out and about hobnobbing with the locals. Sarah is featuring her dressed down casual style, to emphasize that she’s a one of the people hockey mom, whether or not she’s still a pit bull in lipstick (I think she was upgraded to maverick before she went rogue or something).

Palin is traveling in a private tour bus, and has pulled such stunts as driving a Harley through the streets, so this is a definite presidential run up; unless she’s pitching a new book or reality TV series. We can only hope that Ricky talks Lucy out of this hare brained scheme before it goes too far!

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Coco can can

Some times one good can deserves another, so here it is with Coco demonstrating her balancing act buy way of her Twitter account.

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Thunderbolts of Truth

Put on your thinking crap – fertilizer for your mind’s garden?

If you think that the Bible is predicated on a conspiracy then you wouldn’t be the first. The Bible as a conspiracy theory is so hard to avoid that you can’t talk conspiracy theory without bringing religion into it! Naturally all those contradictions and hidden meanings cause smart people to start asking the obvious questions like “should we just take some one’s word for this or use our own minds?” The problem is that religious skepticism branches out and infects other thought patterns such as politics, history, etc., like a virus. Pretty soon you’re asking the obvious questions about that stuff too, like “can we believe this just because some one wrote it down in a book?” – they say history is the winners’ version, and “can we take something seriously just because some scientists says it’s so?” – you know how often science changes it’s mind about how reality works.

Just because it’s science or history doesn’t mean it’s gospel

On the science score scientists have been known to do some pretty shoddy research, fudging the results all the way, just to validate their theory and become famous; or to push some political agenda. The result is that even when they agree, the scientific consensus is usually wrong. They thought that global warming was a done deal on which all wise men agree, until a lot of wise men came out of the woodwork insisting that no one really asked them about it. That’s like how the theory of continental drift got started. The scientist who dreamed it up was told by his contemporaries that he was nuts. He was discredited and laughed out of his profession. Scientific consensus said he was wrong. 50 years after he was dead continental drift became accepted as scientific fact. As for the pseudo science of economics, put 10 economists in the same room and you get 11 different opinions. So you know that science is a reliable voice of authority to tell you what to think about God, the Universe, and the nature of existence.

what’s more powerful than a violent torpedo of truth? A thunder bolt!

So the result is that if you question anything then you have to question everything. That’s only being honest and consistent. The following video features a fellow who has done just that: he’s questioned everything from science, religion, the Bible, gravity, and even which way is up! He’s come to some pretty interesting conclusions too. Now some of these conclusions might make you mad, or frighten the shit out of you. So if you are receiving psych treatment, are weak minded, or epileptic, then skip the following 5 hours of video. However if you’re the kind of freaked out weirdo who enjoys a head trip so wild it leaves your brains spinning inside your skull like a jet’s gyroscope; then strap on your tinfoil cap, settle into your favorite chair, and get ready for five freaked out hours with a warlock who could give Charlie Sheen lessons!!

Wonder Woman Love

Snooki in Custody

One of America’s most dangerous celebrities – Snooki from Jersey Shore, is in police custody. Now this is long over due but stems from a recent incident. Snooki was carrening around in Florence Italy when she pulled a major boner even by her own standards. She crashed into a police car! Snooki managed to plow into the parked copmobile and then wedge her own car between the damaged squad cart and a highway protection barer. Jwwoww was along for the ride and no alcohol was involved,only the usual stupidity. These chick gotta stop watching Dukes of Hazard reruns! For more on the moron story, head over to TMZ. They’ve got tons of pictures!

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Sarah Palin is a leather Heather

Jesse James is gonna be havin’ wet dreams over this for months!

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Catching up with a View From Space & more on Monarchs

For Gary Bell’s many many fans here are his last two broadcasts!

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Now here’s the kicker – Hollywood is under the spell of Venus – the female satan, and CS Lewis was an Illuminati front! CS Lewis was friends with Tolkien and into SM sex, so that should tell you everything you need to know right there!

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Hollywood’s occult agenda shouldn’t come as any surprise to you. James Cameron, Jessica Alba’s monarch slave handler, is a 33 degree mason. So he’s into the esoteric agenda. He’s the one the Illuminati redirected from particle physics and into professional image manipulation.

For those not familiar with Fritz Springmeier’s excellent work on trauma based mind control – the monarch slaves are the illuminati’s mind controlled thralls. Dreadful rituals are used to splinter their minds, in a kind of mental holographic paradigm. The fractured mini holographs are then drawn out & written over like a partitioned computer memory base. Different fragments contain different personalities which may or may not be aware of the existence of the others. So programmed monarchs can go through day to day life with a respectable front. Then, with the use of a trigger phrase, something like say “red rover red rover it’s time to roll over” an ‘alter ego’ personality can be drawn out for a specific purpose, such as participation in an occult ceremony, or some criminal activity of service to the ‘bloodlines’ (“All for one and one for all” used to be a popular alter trigger, as well as “now is the time for all good many to come to the aid of the party” – though they were used to pull alters into a concerted action, rather than pulling out an independent).

Naturally many Hollywood types are high status slaves who have been heavily programed after their ambitious parents volunteered them for promotion in the new world order. That’s why Hollywood types are such a mess. The programming is forceful and leaves side effects, like mental instability. Once in awhile the programming breaks down, as in the case of Joaquin Phoenix, Charlie Sheen (his reference to Adonis DNA, warlocks, and movie scripts was a give away to his black magic Illuminati programming), Britney Spears, etc,. Miley Cyrus is their most successfully programed fembot to date, and has not yet slipped of the rails. She’s the Mark 5 series of monarchs and will serve as a programming example for years. One day this young lady will date a future president of the United States (she’s busy making a play for Patrick Schwarzenegger – son of Arnie, according to the National Enquirer, even as I post – so this ain’t predicted too much)!

You can sometimes recognize a monarch slave by a butterfly tattoo branded some where on their body. This signifies their ownership by the bloodline cult. Megan Fox is a clear case of monarch slavery since she not only has a butterfly tattoo, but the appropriate Shakespeare quote – we shall laugh at gilded butterflies – and indeed they do. Those of you who thought Fritz was off his head probably also think Megan is the kind of gal who casually drops Shakespeare quotes too! Incidentally Megan also has a Marylin Munroe tattoo and MM was a ‘presidential model’ monarch slave – the very first that they allowed out in front of the public (tats are a give away. When an actress has em, like Jolie, then they’ve been ‘branded’).

Needless to say Michael Bay, who Meggers affectionately calls “Hitler”, is her slave handler & master. Bay has an avid interest in ‘space theology’ and has made it the theme of many of his films, such as Transformers – a nephilim like battle of the star people, & Men In Black. Directors like Cameron and Bay tend to be handlers, and also programmers. That’s be cause their skill with image manipulation allows them to come up with the ‘scripts’ or ‘leitmotifs’ that serve as the framework for the brain washing. A Star Wars type story line can serve as a context to contain a slave’s many many many alter egos.

Some slaves have been known to contain as many as 60 000 distinct ‘alter ego’ personalities. Of course you’ve heard of the guy in the Bible called Legion, or Mob, be cause he had a thousand or more demons in him. Our Lord saved him through an intervention – which is the work Fritz carries out today. The townsfolk, when they saw the mad man restored to his right mind, instead of rejoicing, became upset, and told Jesus that He had to go. This should tell you something about the world order that functions beneath the facade of every day life, and how long it’s been in continuous operation. This stuff goes back to the days of Egypt and Babylon (once again TV series and movie Stargate, with humans possess by parasitic space aliens, is a reference and programming template).

A word on the use of the term monarch for the slaves. Standard explanation is that ability to be programed runs in families, like the hereditary knowledge of Monarch Butterflies to migrate. Knowledge, or the capacity for knowledge, is stored in the DNA. Also the butterfly is the classic symbol for the soul, so the name indicates ‘soul slavery’. As well Monarch becomes a word play not only for Monarch as God, whom, the soul is made in the likeness of, but literally Mon- Arch or Arch One – Great One. This is God and the Illuminates slavery program is nothing less but an assault on the human soul as the likeness of God. Hence the ritual sadism and degradation involved.

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Feeling like Lindsay Lohan at Happy Hour!

Currently on a bender – more posts coming in the not too distant future, hopefully.


Occult of Personality – Podcast 98 – Neil Kramer

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Amy Sedaris wants to save a life from total catastrophe every 17 minutes!

Fans of Amy Sedaris will be happy to hear the Strangers With Candy star is planning to make a return to weekly TV comedy. In a series currently being shopped around Sedaris is set to play a radio call in shrink and self help author with a bad attitude and poor judgement. The premise is that the main character is some one who has no business offering help; she’s pushy, self involved, and totally focussed on self promotion. Though she is a ‘real Dr’ her degree is honorary, and from “some school I paid off!” She frequently reminds listeners that “this is not a gimmick!”

The result is that her advice is usually reckless & irresponsible. For instance one teenager with a weight issue is asked if she knows how to make herself throw up. A wife with a cheating husband is told that “no one wants to be around some whiny loser”, & find her own some one on the side. Callers are frequently told to solve their problems “with a few drinks”. Of course once or twice a year she embarrasses herself with an outrageous on air blurt, to which she usually responds by saying “I had no idea people would be so offended. Maybe they can’t take my outspoken honesty.” That results in attempts to redeem herself by entering rehab, or enrolling in sensitivity classes. A real transgression might end up with court ordered community service.

When she not misleading the confused & vulnerable, she‘s cutting off her callers mid sentence, talking over them, or making wise cracks about them to her producers on air while she chain smokes and knocks back cocktails. Her character, tentatively called Dr Kim “Kimbo” Limbo, does manage to get the bills paid with a series of dubious sponsors lined up to take advantage of the weak & needy, and who’s adds for self hypnosis tapes, tranquillizers, diet pills, surveillance equipment, firearms, and liquor, appear throughout her radio show. Then there’s the inappropriate bumper music, seemingly picked out by coincidence to rub salt in callers’ wounds. Dr Kim will be “saving a life from total catastrophe every 17 minutes!” – the amount of time between commercials breaks on the fictional radio show – if the series is picked up!

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