Sarah Palin Hits Philly

For those wondering whether or not Sarah Palin is poised to pounch at the White House in 2021, well she is out and about. Whether or not she is on an ‘organized tour’ or not, her unofficial presidential tour has reached Philly, and Sarah is out and about hobnobbing with the locals. Sarah is featuring her dressed down casual style, to emphasize that she’s a one of the people hockey mom, whether or not she’s still a pit bull in lipstick (I think she was upgraded to maverick before she went rogue or something).

Palin is traveling in a private tour bus, and has pulled such stunts as driving a Harley through the streets, so this is a definite presidential run up; unless she’s pitching a new book or reality TV series. We can only hope that Ricky talks Lucy out of this hare brained scheme before it goes too far!

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