Octomom is no Britol Palin!

planned parenthood

Having 14 kids by invitro as an angle to get reality TV series might seem like a kooky idea. Unless you’re Nadya Suleman and then it seems pretty smart. Nadya got the bright idea several years back that if she could only get plugged full of anonymous sperm it might not only get her into the Guinness Records, but onto TV in the form of some lucrative peep show type deal. With that end in mind she approached a California fertility specialist and got him to hit her with his best shot. That lead to about 8 kids, in addition to the 6 she already had. Oh yeah and she also had some plastic surgery to make her look more like Angelina Jolie. That move didn’t do anything for Hot Lips Voight’s career! It didn’t do much for the doctor either, who got his license revoked after the Octomom story hit the headlines.

It didn’t seem to do much for Suleman either. Though she was on every tabloid cover and cable news channel on earth for awhile, it didn’t pan out into the TV career that she’d hoped for. For one thing word leaked that this was some scheme to get rich quick. Friends from as far back as high school reported that Nads had said she wanted to have plenty of kids one day, so that she could make a million by writing a book about it. People didn’t approve of using human fertility like that. So she couldn’t drum up support.

That left Nadya with 14 kids to raise, many of whom had some developmental and behavioral problems. It also left her with no steady income source. her mother and father pitched in as best the could. Some other support got drummed up. So she moved into a fairly swanky little condo. However not having the same success at single motherhood as Bristol Palin, Nads had some trouble keeping up the payments. That’s about the time she stared entertaining offers for porno films!

Thankfully the porno flick never got made. Bob Guccione’s Nailin Palin side tracked any possible interest in Suleman’s Octopussy project. Look for a sequel to Nailin Palin in the run up to the next pres election! I hear Bob’s already auditioning Donald Trump impersonators for a very special scene; but had to throw the real Donald out of auditions several times when the reality TV blow hard kept showing up under assumed names! I think that the hair was a giveaway. As for Suleman, she kept busy with a Gwenyth Paltrow type ferocity. She got herself in shape. She went to the gym for 4 hours or more a day. She told everyone that anyone could do it, if they had her determination! Meanwhile everyone was wondering who was minding the kids while Octo was off doing her 400 plus crunches.

Ferocity and determination only go so far. Even if you’re Octomom. In Touch is reporting that the notorious mass breeder is cracking under the strain. I guess they got tired of running stories about that other notorious breeder Angelina Jolie. According to an In Touch story Octomom has started speaking her mind and is letting fly with some pretty pointed comments. For instance she was quoted as saying “I hate [my] babies, they disgust me… wish I never had them.

Now that’s pretty pointed, but it gets worse. Nads goes on to say that:

‘I hate the babies, they disgust me,’ she told InTouch magazine. ‘My older six are animals, getting more and more out of control, because I have no time to properly discipline them.’

‘The only way I can cope is to lock myself in the bathroom and cry. Sometimes I sit there for hours and even eat my lunch sitting on the toilet floor. Anything to get peace and quiet,’ she said.

‘Obviously I love them – but I absolutely wish I had not had them,’

The story also features a picture of one of her kids gnawing on drywall!

Nads also goes on to complain about her quality of life. Her bank account is overdrawn by 300. That’s bad because her La Hambra house is in foreclosure. When you’re on public assistance that adds up to a desperate situation. Which is partly why Nads spends long hours holed up in the washroom curled up on the floor. Is so much quieter in there, Nads reveals. She’ll do anything to get some peace and quiet away from the kids too, whom she refers to on the interview as “animals”. Nads goes on to reveal that she sometimes even eats her lunch in there, while squatting on the floor or sitting on the can. In fact the whole situation has pushed Nads to the brink of suicide. ‘Some days I have thought about killing myself. I cannot cope,’ she said. Her only recent time away from the kids and the washroom was an appearance on reality TV match maker show Celebridate! Look for that to appear on the HDNet cable network.

Hang in there Nads! Things can turn around – Lindsay Lohan has recently gotten out of her house arrest.

For more of Nadya’s colourful comments, like ‘Ever since I was little, I was aware that men wanted me and the hardest thing was keeping them away,’ and her confession that she’s been celibate for the past 12 years, go to the Daily Mail

If any of you out there are getting any big ideas about misusing your reproductive powers, then stop and remember that you don’t need to give birth to a small army of kids to be a Wonder Woman! IN fact you’re more likely to wind up another Vickie Pollard!


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Gwenyth Paltrow & Wonder Woman???

Get a load of the chick at the bottom left!

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That must’ve been back in her pre GOOP days.

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Mark Halperin Suspended After Calling President Obama a "Dick" on Live Television


I love the way his friends tell him to go for it because they’re there to catch him, then tell him they were kidding, shocked and that he went to far. Now he’s out of work, so he can go all the way to the unemployment office. Or FOX News.

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Dreamboat Annie is a knock out!

actress reverts to feral state!

Annie Hathaway’s most recent role is as Catwoman in the up coming Batman. She’s taking the role very seriously too. In fact it might be bringing out the young lady’s feral steak. Anne was sparring with one of the stunt men a got so involved in her erotica villainess role play that she shoved the but of a gun right into the poor man’s eye. Naturally that gave him a headache and a hell of a shiner! Anne seemed rattled by her sudden surge of enthusiasm and of course tried to make nice. Being gracious to the hired help is part of what makes her the class act that she is. The guy reassured her that it was okay, too. however Annie felt the need to go the extra mile. She bought the injured fall guy a silver pen complete with an engraved inscription -“remember no one packs a punch like Anne Hathaway“. It’s a little keepsake to remember her by, after the swelling goes down!

feral cats & repeat offenders!

Trouble is that this isn’t Anne first incident. back when she was doing Bride Wars with Kate Hudson (member her?), there was an altercation on the set. The pair were filming a fight seen and Anne got a little carried away. Apparently she smacked Hudson a little harder than the script called for. Now the gossip rags wrote this up as an amusing incident that was only a part of the scripted scene. Ting is that Kate had been riding Anne pretty hard about her ‘loser boyfriend’ at the time Raffaello Follieri (a name Anne probably hopes that she’ll never hear again, and probably won’t as long as the poor sod is rotting away in his 8 x 12!)! “Loser boyfriend” were Kate’s words.

Catwoman’s life of crime

By way of back story, though everyone still remembers, Raf was a high flying Italian entrepreneur who was making a mint off of naive American business men by telling them that he was selling Church real estate on the sly for the Vatican. One of the folks he cheated was Ron Buckle, a billionaire who runs some kind of dept store chain. in addition to that he was also a good buddy of Bull Clinton, and sank a ton into both Bull’s campaign and that of his wife Hilary. In fact when Bull hang’s out in LA he’s stays at the Buckle estate, when he’s not crashing with David Geffen! The Buckle connection got Raf and Annie invited to many White House to do’s before everything went horribly wrong!

a brief history of catfights

Anyhow Kate was teasing Anne about this, as girls are wont to do. Next thing you know there was smack across the kisser with plenty of snots and tears following! Though everyone said that it was a stunt gone wrong, when you have estrogen and boy talk and then punch comes to shove, who can say? You’ve all been through high school so you know how it is. Many people figured that Anne might have deliberately hauled off and nailed her. Since Kate was the hot young actress of the day, and getting so carried away with that she was strutting around like her shit didn’t stink, most people were willing to give Anne a pass on it. Believe me that the blind eye came with a friendly wink and a smile!

violent femmes – “It was my PMS, I swear!

The thing is that the most recent occurrence makes this Anne’s second, that we know off. Fact is that we don’t know how many people she may have clobbered that we’ve never heard about! As far as we know pretty Annie might be prowling around hoped up on Starbucks, Red Bull, and who knows what, until she’s like Britney Spears channeling Mike Tyson. Before you know it she’s crazier than Bjork at the airport check in line!Meanwhile the whole thing gets covered up – as usual – to protect a major Hollywood asset, and MK Ultra monarch slave (Anne is currently being programmed with kitten scripting – see Fritz Springmeier!). Though that keeps the carpet from getting pulled out from under her career, as Linda Hogan would put it; it prevents her from getting the help she needs. That’s just what happened to Megan Fox with her Tourette’s Syndrome, and both Mischa Barton and Heather Locklear with their secret drinking. Now you might say that I’ve got my tin foil hat on too tight, but you’ve got to admit that it looks like Annie has some impulse control issues. Let’s put it this way – don’t piss her off or Annie will knock you the fuck out!


Robert pttison gets pie eyed

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