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Splitting the Sky – 9/11: Follow The Money

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Belle’s Kitchen

Fans of The Food Network’s Paula Deen might be in for a bit of a surprise. That’s because a former employee of Dern’s has some startling allegations to make. In fact she’s already made them, and the gist of it is that Deen might not be the person that you think she is. The employee is Renee Mincey, and she worked for Deen in her Savannah Georgia eatery called The Lady & Sons. Back then Mincey worked in the kitchen, and that gave her a behind the scene’s view of what went on. What went on was strange shit that might make the hair on the back of your head stand up on end. It might also make your stomach do a few spins too.

For instance once Deen was having the staff mix up a mess of stuffing in a large vat. Deen decided to get her hands dirty so she rolled up her sleeves and shoved in her fist, to give the stuffing a good old-fashioned stir. Now that sort of two fisted food prep might make some of the more squeamish among you get a little green around the gills but I’ve got bad news, it gets worse. While Deen was up to her elbows in stuffing she lost an artificial nail. This is a problem because the recipe didn’t include false nails. So the staff spent about an hour and a half dredging the stuffing looking for Deen’s lost talon. It turned out to be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Meanwhile the customers are getting a bit restless. So Deen decides ‘what the hell’ and sends the stuffing out with the nail included. Think of it as a free prize, just like Crackerjacks and breakfast cereal used to include.

Anyone can have an off day. Especially if they’re doing things that they’re not supposed to be doing. However Mince claims that this was pretty much par for the course as far as The Lady & Sons were concerned. That’s partly because Deen had such bad habits. For instance she was known to take food off of customers plates. That was usual. Before something might get sent out to the table Deen wold shove a pudgy paw into the plate, pull out a choice morsel, and then shove it into her face. This was just to find out of the food was up to scratch. Problem was that Deen would do this bare handed. According to Mincey her hands were often unwashed!

Paula had even more disturbing habits. For instance she would routinely eat the scraps left behind on customers’ plates. It didn’t stop at the plates either. If Paula couldn’t intercept the goodies from the plates being brought back into the kitchen, then she’d follow the goodies all the way tot the trash. She’d eat the food right out of the garbage can! Mincey remembers a particular incident involving a chicken leg. The plate got back to the kitchen with a chicken drumstick still on board. Deen wasn’t fast enough so the drumstick got tossed into the trash. The drumstick must’ve been particularly succulent, or else Deen was having some kind of medication side effect because Deen reached right down into the trash can, pulled out the drumstick, and started gnawing away! Let’s hope Deen doesn’t use the wold “I wouldn’t serve anything I wouldn’t eat myself” promotion!

According to Mincey Deen was more than a slob. She was also a bully! Now when Mincey was first hired at The Lady & Sons she thought that Deen was the finest kind of person. That is until Mincey got herself knocked up. Then, even though pregnant, Mincey had to continue working a 70 hour work week. Since she already had a family to support, she wasn’t in any position to say no. Fortunately her doctor intervened for her, and ordered mandatory bed rest. When Mincey called Deen, from the hospital, to explain the situation, Deen didn’t want to accept it. So eventually the doctor had to intervene. He phoned Deen to explain the situation to her in no uncertain terms.

That seemed to put a strain on their relationship. Mincey says that Deen never once called during the pregnancy to find out how her employee was doing. Nor did she offer any congratulations once Mincey had given birth. Worse still, when Miney eventually did return to work she got a demotion. She was moved from the kitchen into waitressing. Deen explained this as being better for Mincey’ s family situation. Mincey says she wasn’t sure how that worked out since she had to do more hours and more work for less pay. Worse still Deen eventually got rid of Mincey by accusing her of stealing. Mincey forgot to charge a customer for a buffet and Deen decided oit was a theft. So she gave Mincey the boot! Mincey says she was devastated since she looked on her co workers as family – except for Deen who was nothing but a bully.

Naturally Paula Deen denies all of this. When contacted by the Notional Enquirer – who’s carrying the story – Deen’s publicist says that the stories are nothing more than hot air. The spin doctor claims that Mincey is an ex employee with a grudge. She got canned fair and square for poor job performance, customer complaints, and oh yeah stealing! Deen’s spin doctor wasn’t too happy about allegations of unsanitary kitchen practices either. The rep said that was ‘vulgar’ and untrue, then went on to remind the NE that Deen is a hard working woman and a generous employer. As for Mincey, she claims that “It’s time for her fans to find out what kind of a person she really is”. Now doesn’t that just take the cake?

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