Wrestling the Hulk – My Life against the Ropes


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Hogan no hero

According to Linda Hogan her ex husband was a Hulk in more than name only. IN her new book entitled Wrestling the Hulk Linda reveals that she was subjected to every sort of abuse. She was beaten, slapped, pinned to the bed, and once the Hulk even put his hands around her throat. The former Mrs Hulk claims that it was scary. She even told Mattt Lauer that she was afraid she would wind up as a statistic, like Nicole Brown Simpson. Linda then went on to describe some of those incidents:

‘He tore my shirt, held me down on the bed with his hands around my throat. I was always afraid he would kill me in one of his rages. But it was scary. I did not know how far he would go.’

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

So what exactly git into the Hulkster, besides his famous combo of prayer, training, & vitamins? According to Linda it was the usual plethora of drugs & steroids which help comprise day to day life for pro wrestling gladiators. According to Linda:

‘Wrestlers had a reason to do every kind of drug and narcotic around and help numb them from the pain of what they were doing.’ she said.
‘Drugs were around, there was a constant flow pain killers inflammatory and a lot of them did take steroids.’
Asked why she did not say anything about the drug use she added: ‘That was not my position to do.
‘As long as he was in the ring and they were being prescribed that was up to him. But it did change him.’

Hulk Smash!

So what made her keep quiet about years of drug fuel abuse and various other mayhem, like serial cheating? Cynics would say that having a new book to promote might have soemthing top do with it. After all, now that her reality TV career has come to an end, she’s kind of hard pressed for opportunities to make ends meet. 25 year old pool boys don’t usually hang with 52 year old pro wrestling molls because they prefer maturity and experience to Victoria Secret swimsuit models. However Linda has another explanation. According to her if she’d said anything about the abuse, then the Hulk’s career would be over! In her own words to Matt Lauer, ‘I was quiet and afraid to say anything,’ she said. ‘Had I said something the carpet would have been pulled from under his career.’ The abuse didn’t stop he from appearing in their reality TV series Hogan Knows Best either. Now that she’s got some independent projects going, she no doubt feels freer about blowing the whistle on the big lug’s brutish ways.

BTW Megan Fox is getting back in the news ever since word broke that Hitler got her fired by way of Steven Spielberg. Michael bay hung int here for her, but you just can’t save some people from themselves. That’s even more true if they’re over sexed young actresses with over active mouths! So the result is that we won’t be getting to see Meggers in the new 3D sequel! To emphasize that point her former co star Shia LaBouef (He’s the sensitive young actor who’s not currently being sued over illicit poker winnings) was on Today to talk about how he was the emotional glue (I used to sniff that stuff back in high school), and how Transformers is even better than the other Transformers, even without Mrs. Foxy!


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Notice how he says that not only is the story better, but that Meggers ‘was’ a friend of his, in the past tense. Man that’s one tough business! Hang in there Meggers, cause I’m sure that there’s work for you. Wonder what people would like to see you in.


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