Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan BFF again party the night out with Nicky …

Looks like Paris Hilton is serious about a return to the lime light, and she’s chosen a short cut by way of infamy to get there. That ’cause where ever Lindsay Lohan goes attention follows. Only Charlie Sheen in overdrive is a greater media magnet than Lindz – of course when the Warlock is in overdrive nothing and no one can keep up. On ordinary days though Lindz is the last word in Celeb Gossip. Now there’s only one thing that could make the scenario complete!

Those were the days

Wonder Woman Love

Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings

There’s more to America than meets the eye, even though most of it is hidden in plane site. Much of it is encoded into the nation’s masonically inspired architecture. Some of it even has to do with the actual author of Shakespeare’s plays, and I don’t mean Edward Deveres the 17th Earl of Oxford – though he did write some of them, and all of the sonnets. So if you have some time to watch, in this case about 6 hours, then you might get a chance to see beyond the images to the inner meaning of things.

It’s not just history, architecture, and politics that’s Illuminati’ed up either. Event he comics have been infiltrated. Why some of the most familiar pop culture characters maybe secret Sirius Star Goddesses!


Brangelina moves into terror alert

Shesh – normal crazy chicks just get headaches!

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard shit about Angelina Jolie and the lull must be driving her nuts. Some reports say she’s starting to have bad dreams. Angie has had nightmares in the past. Particularly she claims to have had reoccurring dreams about stabbing her dad, Jon Voight, with a fork. No word on whether those occurred during the Republican National Convention – in which case she could be forgiven.

Anyhow the dreams are back, and that has her significant other Brad Pitt concerned. You see he’s the guyy with the rare previledge of sleeping with Driving Miss Crazy each and every night. So if Angie gets an attack of Cuckoo Time in the PM hours, he’s the only one within reach, should she feel the need to work off some of that insanity.

According to some unnamed sources that started tattling to the Pulitzer Prize nominated National Enquirer, Brad is pretty freaked out by these latest developments. Says source:

“I think Brad’s greatest fear must be that the nightmares will continue and Angie could wind up sleepwalking and unknowingly become violent with him,” explains one of these “insiders.”
“I’m sure he wants to nip this problem in the bud immediately,” adds the Enquirer’s source.

I’m sure he does. She might stab him if he’s lucky. No one wants to see this thing go John Bobbit.

Hilary Clinton has it all: Sec of State, success, accomplishment, & big fat ass cankles!

Now from one Powergirl to another – Sec of State Hilary Clinton!

In other news Tim Gunn is shooting from the lip again and this time his target is Sec of State Hilary Clinton. Gunn was on George Lopez’ show the other night and the pair took turns at trashy Hil. Gunn started with a salvo on Clinton’s Jersey Shore Style. Then George commented that her pronts had a No Bugs M’Lady style. Gunn then moved on to a full frontal attack. Said Gunn:

“Why must she dress that way? I think she’s confused about her gender!” He added, “No, I’m really serious, she wears pantsuits that are unflattering.” Then it went on to “cankles.”
Gunn finished, “I have great respect for her intellect and her tenacity and for what she does for our country in her governmental role. I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion.”

I have a theory. I don’t think that Hilary is one bit confused about her gender. She jsut keeps everyone else guessing. Just like SNL’s Pat, as played by Nora Dunn! Don’t sweat it Hilary, ’cause even an over pumped super heroine can get shit over how she dresses!


Marine invites Will Ferrell to 2011 Marine Corps Ball in November

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Denise Richards’ Botched Boob Job

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Scarlett Johansson invited to Marine Corps Ball. FUNNY!!!!!!!!

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Sex Life With Hugh Hefner: He Was A ‘Two Second’ Man

from HuffPo

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Was Amy Winehouse killed by Starwhackers?

Was Amy Winehouse whacked by those predatory types who drove Randy Quiad and his mentally unstable crack addicted wife (allegedly crack, some say it’s meth) from Hollywood? Jam Showbiz says her sales are skyrocketing; so why be naive when you can jump to conclusions!

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Outrageous Tabloid Headline of the Day

I hope this doesn’t derail her plans to get back with PDiddy – her careers desperately needs him.

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Gossip Girl gets dirty

LEIGHTON MEESTER plays Gossip Girl on TV. Her personal life is pure Jerry Springer. For one thing she was born behind bars to mom Constance while Connie was serving a drug rap. There’s no shame in that since you can’t help the circumstances of your birth – as alleged American Barack Obama might tell you. However what Meester might deserve full credit for is keeping up her fine family traditions for years and right up tothe present.

For one thing Meester and her mom have a tense relationship. That’s lead to at least one court case. See when the Meese made it big she promised her mom that she’s look after her. That’s what mom says in a law suit against her daughter. According to mom once Meester got her fat ass on easy street she promoted reneged on all those sweet talk promises faster than you can say “hope” and “change” “you can believe in” – “and this time I really mean it!”.

Mom claims that her daughter has canceled Connie’s med insurance – $10 000 per month. That’s bad cause Connie’s got Hep C. The treatment comes to $5000 per month. She’s also got a sick son – Leighton’s younger brother Alexander, and she’s got a house in foreclosure. That has Connie calling out her daughter as “malicious“. That’s cause Leighton hasn’t lifted one selfish finger to help out. In fact the most effort she’s made is to throw her mother to thte ground and beat her repeatedly with a bottle – according to mom. That happened back in Dec according to Connie’s law suit.

Naturally Leighton has a different story. For one thing she wasn’t born in prison but in a halfway house! For another her mom is a loser and a dead beat. She was always bad news and so you can’t beleive one word that come sout of her mouth. Like the deal about her brother. Meester says she used to pitch in $7500 per month. Leighton said she had to stop helping out with that cause mom was blowing the money on plastic surgery and botox! She also helped herself to some hair extensions.

Leighton, or her attorney on her behalf, say that Leighton did this out of the goodness of her heart. She was under no obligation to do so. This is because there is absolutely no contract between mother and daughter about who would pay what. Connie maintains that she’s owed something for sacrificing her happiness and fulfillment to make Leighton the selfish ungrateful bitch she is today. Leighton maintains that mom is a dead beat who doesn’t make any attempt to support herself. She prefers to sponge off of her daughter. That’s when she’s not swiping pain meds from her son. She pulled that stunt after the lad – Lex – was recovering from brain surgery. That got mentioned in Leighton’s counter suit.

So push has come to shove in a legal battle that not even Judge Judy could resolve. Even Dr. Laura‘s capacity for shaming and moralizing might be strained to the limit by such a situation. Both combatants seem committed to tearing the other a new arse hole with a kind of ferocity we haven’t seen since Anne Nicole Smith took on her own mom Virgie on national TV. So this thing could get drawn out and involve a lot of shit slinging. That is unless both parties come to their senses, path it up, and get along like family. Or unless mom has some dirt that she can hold over her famous daughter’s head. Maybe you better brace yourself for a Leighton Meester Sex Tape!

BTW Connie has more than vague recrimination. She claims that she kept track of all the cash she spent turning her daughter into a stuck up cunt. Cash spent on shit like acting classes. There were also some private schools. So the total comes out to $230 000. If that list is itemized then Connie’s got a strong case, as daytime TV court show viewers will realize.
For some amusing commentary on this sad case head over to DListed, where the guy who coined the phrase “White Oprah” calls out Connie as a Shameless Whore Mother who wants to charge Leighton for renting out her womb. Not to jump to conclusions but he sounds like he’s on Team Leighton.

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