Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan BFF again party the night out with Nicky …

Looks like Paris Hilton is serious about a return to the lime light, and she’s chosen a short cut by way of infamy to get there. That ’cause where ever Lindsay Lohan goes attention follows. Only Charlie Sheen in overdrive is a greater media magnet than Lindz – of course when the Warlock is in overdrive nothing and no one can keep up. On ordinary days though Lindz is the last word in Celeb Gossip. Now there’s only one thing that could make the scenario complete!

Those were the days

Wonder Woman Love

Secret Mysteries of America’s Beginnings

There’s more to America than meets the eye, even though most of it is hidden in plane site. Much of it is encoded into the nation’s masonically inspired architecture. Some of it even has to do with the actual author of Shakespeare’s plays, and I don’t mean Edward Deveres the 17th Earl of Oxford – though he did write some of them, and all of the sonnets. So if you have some time to watch, in this case about 6 hours, then you might get a chance to see beyond the images to the inner meaning of things.

It’s not just history, architecture, and politics that’s Illuminati’ed up either. Event he comics have been infiltrated. Why some of the most familiar pop culture characters maybe secret Sirius Star Goddesses!


Brangelina moves into terror alert

Shesh – normal crazy chicks just get headaches!

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard shit about Angelina Jolie and the lull must be driving her nuts. Some reports say she’s starting to have bad dreams. Angie has had nightmares in the past. Particularly she claims to have had reoccurring dreams about stabbing her dad, Jon Voight, with a fork. No word on whether those occurred during the Republican National Convention – in which case she could be forgiven.

Anyhow the dreams are back, and that has her significant other Brad Pitt concerned. You see he’s the guyy with the rare previledge of sleeping with Driving Miss Crazy each and every night. So if Angie gets an attack of Cuckoo Time in the PM hours, he’s the only one within reach, should she feel the need to work off some of that insanity.

According to some unnamed sources that started tattling to the Pulitzer Prize nominated National Enquirer, Brad is pretty freaked out by these latest developments. Says source:

“I think Brad’s greatest fear must be that the nightmares will continue and Angie could wind up sleepwalking and unknowingly become violent with him,” explains one of these “insiders.”
“I’m sure he wants to nip this problem in the bud immediately,” adds the Enquirer’s source.

I’m sure he does. She might stab him if he’s lucky. No one wants to see this thing go John Bobbit.

Hilary Clinton has it all: Sec of State, success, accomplishment, & big fat ass cankles!

Now from one Powergirl to another – Sec of State Hilary Clinton!

In other news Tim Gunn is shooting from the lip again and this time his target is Sec of State Hilary Clinton. Gunn was on George Lopez’ show the other night and the pair took turns at trashy Hil. Gunn started with a salvo on Clinton’s Jersey Shore Style. Then George commented that her pronts had a No Bugs M’Lady style. Gunn then moved on to a full frontal attack. Said Gunn:

“Why must she dress that way? I think she’s confused about her gender!” He added, “No, I’m really serious, she wears pantsuits that are unflattering.” Then it went on to “cankles.”
Gunn finished, “I have great respect for her intellect and her tenacity and for what she does for our country in her governmental role. I just wish she could send a stronger message about American fashion.”

I have a theory. I don’t think that Hilary is one bit confused about her gender. She jsut keeps everyone else guessing. Just like SNL’s Pat, as played by Nora Dunn! Don’t sweat it Hilary, ’cause even an over pumped super heroine can get shit over how she dresses!


Marine invites Will Ferrell to 2011 Marine Corps Ball in November

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Denise Richards’ Botched Boob Job

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Scarlett Johansson invited to Marine Corps Ball. FUNNY!!!!!!!!

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Sex Life With Hugh Hefner: He Was A ‘Two Second’ Man

from HuffPo

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