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Nadya Suleman is even more of a bitch than yesterday

Octomom – it’s bad but not tin foil hat bad, yet!

Remember when Nadya Suleman said that her life was such a shit pile that she had to spend all day int he washroom, just in case she was tempted to flush? Of course you do cause that was only yesterday, and reported right here on this very blog. Now Nadya has way too many kids, 14 at last count, but the number is always in danger of increasing depending on what kooky schemes she gets into her head. Also many of these kids have “problems”, or are a pack of little tards as Nads might put it. While Nads didn’t put it quite that way she came close enough with her comments about them being animals that she wished she’d never had, who couldn’t stop biting and scratching, who were uncontrollable, useless eaters contributing to world overpopulation and impeding the Illuminati Global Agenda. Well I made up the last part about the Illuminati Global Agenda. Octo didn’t say that. She hasn’t gone Charlie Sheen yet, though she has gone pretty far. It was probably a rough day – to give her benefit of the doubt. One of her kids was chewing the drywall during the interview (whether due to a behavior problem or just because he hadn’t been fed for awhile was not stated).

Mad Nads is more clamorous than glamorous

The point of all that moaning and weeping was that Mads wants the world to now that dropping more kids than a hamster ain’t as glamorous as you might think. In fact it’s a wold of trouble that she regrets ever getting herself into. What’s worse with umpteen kids to feed and no time to herself except to hang out for hours alone in the washroom eating off the floor (I assume she’s eating off the floor since things seem to have gone to hell in a hand basket for her) she’s had some trouble earning money. Her porno projects didn’t work out, her house is in foreclosure, and her bank account is overdrawn by $300. She’s overdrawn at the Bank of Karma and in sore need of a stimulus package!

Bikini Bitch

Well that’s the way she tells it. Other people have different versions of the story. Like the good people @ TMZ. According to them Nads ain’t as hard pressed as all her self absorbed crying would have the unwary believe. In fact last month was a pretty good one for Ole Octopussy. In fact her dance card was fully booked. She did that Celebridate thing posted about yesterday. Plus she had a whole slew of other engagements like MMA fights, a celebrity boxing match, and an alarming bikini photo shoot.

Hey kids – I brought home dinner from work, Mommie’s meat bikini!

To be clear, no bikini’s were actually shot during the session. I clarify that just in case PETA people are reading and get a bright idea for a “save the endangered bikini” consciousness cum fund raiser. The bikinis in question were merely worn by Octomom. Now that might be cruelty enough for any bikini but since they were already dead at the time they were past caring. So unless the bikini’s were made of meat, it’s outside PETA’s meddling jurisdiction! Whether Octomom requested a meat bikini, perhaps as something to take home to the starving horde, is unknown at this time.

“Anything is possible!” – the miracle of Octomom

As a result Octo earned about $28 000 in the month of June. That’s a rather whopping sum for a woman’s who’s gripping about being $300 overdrawn in an interview she probably charged for. That might make cynics say that Octo is more full of shit than her clothes hamper on laundry day. However it’s easy to be suspicious. Why not give her credit for turning around a terrible financial situation totally in the course of 30 days? Why it might be some sort of a miracle! It’s the sort of inspirational achievement that shows us what’s possible with determination even in the worst situations. She could go on a motivational speaking tour and tell the rest of us how it’s done. Maybe she could even become Sarah Palin’s VP candidate! America needs that sort of can do get it done-ism, and now more than ever since the public schools stopped teaching proper grammar! Then again maybe she’s just a selfish, deceitful little monster, and her stories just don’t add up. That wouldn’t be the first time.

BTW Happy Wondertrash Canada Day!

Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume

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