Celebrity Busts!

Celebrities are having more run ins with the law. Particularly Michael Todd, who plays for the group Coheed and Camdria got busted shortly before he was supposed to open for Soundgarden. Appartnelty he’d run low on goof balls and so hit a Walgreens to fill up. When he got arrested he had 6 bottles on him.

This went down in Boston, and happened mere hours before Todd was due to go on stage @ the Comcast Center. However by 1 PM Todd had a riun in at wlagreen’s when he dropped by and demanded oxycontin or else the pharmacist was gonna get it by way of a fake bomb. That was bad enough but hen he got caught getting into a cab and tailed making his getaway straight to the Comcast Center. Since it was a case that even Cheif Wiggum could crack, Todd got busted and held on 10 000 bail! Here’s the mugshot:

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Victoria Beckham and Kate Hudson Have Their Babies

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

Minnelli’s "dream Comes True"

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

British Elite Slam Murdoch in Hacking Scandal

Team Illuminati

Before we get onto anything else let’s get to first things first with the latest transmission of the View From space with Gary Bell. Gary had to take a little break last week, while the royals were in town, because he really is that dangerous.

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“who are they?”

Many people ask me “What do you mean by Illuminati?” Here’s what I tell them:

The Illuminati is like the mafia for rich people. “Membership has it’s privilege’s” is kind of their motto. This group is not only privileged, but exclusive. It’s exclusive because not everyone can get in. You have to be rich, but not just any million dollar bozo can walk up and sell their soul. They can try, and the Illuminati will be happy to take their soul, but the million dollar bozo won’t get anything back on the deal. So if you‘ve just won the lottery and want to buy into the conspiracy forget about it. You’ve got a better chance of joining the Sopranos.

To qualify for Illuminati membership you’ve got to be born rich. As a matter of fact the more of your ancestors who were born rich the better. That’s called a pedigree, or being in on the ground floor. The better your pedigree the more of a stake in the game you have. The game is the matrix of money and power; and how money and power get exchanged. If you don’t have a stake in the game then you’re a sucker. Like in most games suckers are there to get taken, if they try to play.

Over the past several thousand years the Illuminati have managed to corner the market on money and power. That leads to another favourite questions – usually right after “who are they?” – and that’s “If they’re in complete control then why are there wars and conflicts? Why so much stage managing?” That’s because the Illuminati fight amongst themselves. Once again the Mafia is a good comparison. In the Mafia there might be a half dozen or so major organized crime families. They divide up territory amongst themselves and then go on to exploit their piece of the action. They shake down legitimate businessmen, buy local authorities, corrupt the local political systems, and ruthlessly crush anyone who gets in their way; while stealing as much as they can grab.

Every so often, and that’s more often than not, Mafia families will start fighting among themselves. Someone will start eating into some one else’s territory – basically sticking their finger into some one else’s pie. When that happens there’ll be a power struggle. So they’ll fight it out until things go too far. Then a Mafia council will get called and the law will get laid down. A treaty will get decided for who gets what. Everyone agrees and signs in blood. Then they go out and start to cheat on the deal straight away. It’s about power and competition – so business as usual is the way that the game gets played.

With the Illuminati this happens on a global scale. Instead of fighting over crime action in a few New York city blocks they fight over the world – entire nations. Each major Illuminati family gets the concession for a major territory: North America (the Rockefellers), Europe (the Rothschilds), the Mid East (the Saudi bin Ladens – who’ve supported the recent Bush concession in the USA), &c. They’re the generals and field marshals. Then it breaks down to their seconds, or “captains”. A secondary family with get a territorial division, like Canada (the Thompsons – whenever a Canadian business family gets a Brit peerage you know that they’re big), The United States (run directly by the Rockefellers), the UK (the “Firm” – who use constitutional monarchy as a cloaking device for power), etc.

Then there will be further divisions into “lieutenant families” & “associates” – like the Kennedys used to be in Boston. The Bush Family have taken over many local concerns and are currently America’s most successful Illuminati franchise – like the Kennedys used to be. Then it breaks down right to your local autocrat. He’s the guy who owns the local plant and backed the governor’s campaign. He may not know the big picture, but who knows who to take orders from, and who to fear. That’s how conspiracies work. If he wants government contracts for his business, if he wants to get his son into a good school or make a good marriage for his daughter, or get into one of those exclusive networking clubs, then he knows to kiss ass and play the power game. It’s called “1000 points of light” (a cell structure of power subdivided into multiple centers), so no one needs to see the whole playbook. Still in the big picture your local town tyrant is like the guy who rents a stall in the mall.

Naturally they have feuds and in fighting. Just like the Mafia. People driven by power become very competitive and like to push the limits hard. So they constantly try to improve their position. They’re constantly trying to steal a piece of another Illuminati family’s action. Or they’re trying to knock each other down a bit to build themselves up, relatively. On national scale this is the pay off or sex sandals you read about in the papers.

The thing going on in NYC now with the French politician and the maid is an example of this. Major players in France are jockeying for position in the run up to a crucial election. This could get ugly. Sarkozy recently got grabbed during a walk about. When a politician gets grabbed by some bystanders then they’re usually getting a message. The message is “you’re not bullet proof” or “we can get to you”. It’s an intimation technique that’s meant to rattle their cage and make them feel vulnerable.

Usually some bozo never gets close enough to a VIP to pull a stunt like that. The situation is too controlled. Security screens everything for days in advance and controls access just to make sure cranks and crack pots don’t get close enough to pull anything funny. When William and Kate recently visited Quebec – a hot bed of anti Royalism – the public appearances were highly set up. Events were screened days in advance and people in the front line of spectators were selected. Many bystanders who got to meet them even had Brit accents. This was to make sure some joker didn’t try to make some “vive Quebec libre” point by hitting the Duchess of Cambridge in the face with a pie. When some one does get that close it’s usually because the security screen has opened up and left a deliberate gap. The VIP becomes aware of how dependent on his minders he is, and feels a lot less powerful and full of himself. So the gloves are in the French Election.

Anthony Weiner is another example – believe me the Intenet has brakes in place to keep political sex tweets & porno e mails from getting loose (as well as even more sensitive info). That’s why so many politicos are stupid enough to do it. They think that they won’t get caught because most of the time they won’t. They’re covered. In Weiner’s case some one just cut the brake lines – so to speak. Tony was tapped for promotion; he was touted as the next Mayor of NYC (a very significant position – Giuliani got a Knight of the Garter honour from the Queen), and was married off to Hillary Clinton’s top assistant Huma Abedin. So he was on the fast track. Then he pissed off some one, and got deep 6’d. Fortunately Tony’s smart enough to know the score so he stepped down quietly instead of trying to fight it out. He knows when he’s done so he might get off easy. Former Illinois Gov Blago recently got 300 years. That’s 75 times more than Casey Anthony got – so you tell me these guys don’t play for keeps! Basically Blago’s been buried under Shit Mountain.

On an international scale these Illuminati power struggles lead to wars. We’ve seen that over the past ten years. Oil was the big deal there. Then there’s been a lot of talk about a New World Order. That means that the Illuminati is redrawing the borders and doing some house cleaning. Territory and resources are being redistributed among the big players. Also people who’ve outlived their usefulness, like Saddam Hussein and now Mumar Gaddafi, are put out of the way (Power has always been a blood sport – read the history of Tudor England). Meanwhile new power players, like Kharzi and Barack Obama are getting a trial run with a piece of the action.

The new arrangement is supposed to lead to some temporary stability. The last time we had a major power and wealth redistribution was World War 2. That lasted for 50 years. An arrangement is exactly what it was too. The fact that the USA was pretty good at getting rid of people they didn’t want around but never got around to Castro should tell you something. If they wanted him gone he’d have been gone. Kennedy wanted him gone and Castro out lived Kennedy. Castro also outlasted the Soviet Union, which should tell you something too. Castro’s favourite game is baseball, and if the guy knows anything it’s how to play ball. How do you think that the CIA found out about those missiles anyway? The CIA also did Fidel the great favour of getting rid of his popular rival Che Guevara after Castro’s office tipped the CIA off to Che’s whereabouts.

The arrangement eventually broke down when too many major players malfunctioned. The USSR collapsed for instance. South Africa also had a major government change at about the same time. That put too many valuable prizes up for grabs, as the game board radically changed, and led to a lot of infighting as power players competed for access to what was now lucrative common territory. So like a “Mafia sit down” where some new understandings about who has what had to be reached, a New World Order was dreamed up.

This is the answer to that second question -”Why all the conflict if the Illuminati are in charge?” It’s because they’re not fighting us; they’re fighting each other. It’s not us vs. them, but them vs. them. It’s like those medieval turf wars between feudal barons who were trying to cut themselves a bigger piece of the action. We’re onlookers, bit players, and part of the stakes in the game. The Illuminati are the ones who are really in on the game, and the real players.

Now here’s a little more on the New World Order with Ralph Epperson and America’s Secret Destiny.

Curious George & Dimpled Chad

the President is still allegedly American
conspiracy theories and the “other” Mrs. Obama

President Barack Obama has been getting some grief from conspiracy theorists since he was elected. The most notable theory but by no means the only one is that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and so is ineligible to be President based on not being native born. It’s not the only one. Other theories say that Obama is a Muslim, and atheist, a socialist, and a Vulcan from Krypton. One theory even purports that Obama is not actually black – but an attractive white woman who began impersonating a black man when she first decided to position herself for the presidency. The idea was that since Hillary Clinton had the chick vote sown up, an another angle was needed. While that is an intriguing theory, I think that it was probably dreamed up by someone who watched White Chicks too often while stoned.

A good offensive defense

The sad thing is that the President, if I may call her that, has felt the need to start addressing this issues; which by her own words are unworthy of comment. Barack Obama, with Michelle at his side, appeared on Oprah a little while ago to assure the American People that he is in fact an American, and that Donald Trump was no better than reality TV’s version of a carnival barker. Though Donald was much gratified by the mention.

I can’t tell the difference – these faked alien birth certificates are just as good as our real earth ones!

Though Oprah never once doubted him, I guess he felt that others needed reassurance. Not everyone is a graduate in The Course in Miracles, like Oprah; so their faith might need support. Just like the Apostles on the Sea of Galilee. To that end Obama also produced evidence of himself – not in the form of bread and fishes, but in the form of a Hawaiian birth certificate dated Aug 5 1961. Not that any one believed it. It was quickly picked apart on the Internet where some of the more committed among the lunatic fringe quickly analysed it for evidence of improper extra terrestrial tamper. Of course the birth Certificate came out clean. Since the aliens are years ahead of the human race technologically (they only lag behind us in bloody mindedness, which built this planet; and along with our atmosphere is our best defence against space invaders) this doesn’t prove anything. Maybe we just aren’t advanced enough to detect the signs of their technological interference in much the way that we’re still trying to decipher the hidden meaning of crop circles using the Enigma Code, with pi as a key (Steven Spielberg did suggest that they use music as a possible basis for decoding “Just like my ET!”, but the scientific community didn’t take him too seriously. The idea would’ve had more credibility coming from former physicist James Avatar Cameron).

Coming Soon

The probably with going on the defensive that way is that you never know when to stop until you’ve past the point of no return. In public figures that can be bad. Tom Cruise was off the couch and on the way home without realizing the damage he’d done to his image on Oprah (Some one should’ve got the President to watch that episode when he decided that appearing on Oprah would clear things up). First Obama’s showing his birth certificate, next he’s peeing in a cup on Livestream – like Charlie Sheen. What would come next? Perhaps some lively Sheen’s Korner type channel on youtube, featuring the President directly addressing the American People with frequent updates on his personal life. Since his personal life is no where near as colourful as Charlie’s he should skip that. The closest thing he has to a goddess is wife Michelle and she’s been camera shy ever since she got shit for touching the Queen. “Come here and say ‘hi’ Michelle.” “Barry no.” “Oh go, on we’re on youtube!” Of course if the Pres starts addressing the Vulcan Muslim atheist issue, or pulling down his pants to prove that he is in fact a man then we’ll know that he’s gone too far; though become way more interesting!

The Nobel Award for outstanding motion picture achievement in sanctimonious high mindedness!

In this one thing at least Obama would’ve done well to have taken a page from the Book of Bush. If you’ll recall Bush was never supposed to be President either – but you didn’t hear him defending himself. He was never supposed to be pres because he stole the election – allegedly. It happened down in the state of Florida where George stole about 300 votes from Al Gore (the democratic Party’s Dan Quayle and way too interested in rain forest frogs to be relevant to tax payers, though the Motion Picture Academy and the Nobel Prize Committee liked him well enough – give those two esteemed bodies something in common!), and he did it with the help of some one called Dimpled Chad.

the Ballad of Dimpled Chad

Now I’m not sure who Dimpled Chad is, but I gather that he’s a kind of gay G Gordon Liddy. His secret identity as a gay adult film star made him a highly valuable CIA asset (like John Erik Hexum on Cover Up!). It may have been in his capacity as a spy, and not as a gay porn star, that he first got in touch with the Bush clan. Although there are those who say that he first ran into Bush family members at Bohemian Grove, during one of that club’s “no girls allowed” annual naked wing dings. The Bush Family quickly found him handy for dirty work of various kinds, and Dimpled Chad found himself on the way up in the world. However after the Florida Election Caper he found himself in too compromising a position. As daytime talk show hosts clamoured to get a piece of him, he disappeared into obscurity before he had fully emerged from it.

Bush whacked!

No one is quite sure what ever happened to Dimpled Chad. Some say that he had become too dangerous. George had him whisked away to CIA HQ for some Stan Smith American Dad style brainwashing/reprogramming. That didn’t work out and Chad had to be hospitalized long term after cracking up and starting to go “Andrew Cunanin”. Others say that George had him sold to Indonesia organized crime, as a horse collared gay sex slave. Others say that he was reprogrammed with top secret technology and is now a straight Mormon elder with no recollection of his previous life (except for that brief flicker he gets every time some well established Mormon says he’s seen him some where before, “on TV or something right?”). Still others say that Bush just had him whacked!

Deep dimpled cover

Now I’ve heard that the actual story is that Bush didn’t have him whacked – for old times sake. Though it would’ve been safer to whack him Bush retained a soft spot for the sexy young man who helped him rig an election and become both the most powerful & the most dangerous man on planet earth! Besides, sine Chad was instrumental in setting in motion a course of events that lead to the execution of Saddam Hussein, or at least a buck toothed imposture in the place of Hussein, the world owned Chad. So he had him spirited out of the country. No one is sure where Chad went. Some say South America, while others swear he’s on the Mediterranean. The stories do agree that he’s kept in grand style. George set him up with a Villa and a checking account courtesy of the American Taxpayer (and there by finding more worthwhile usages for the funds than saving rain forest frogs!).

A loose lipped old dumpling

Chad has been warned to keep his mouth shut about who he is and what he knows. If he talks too much then he could wind up as an anonymous gay male Marilyn Munroe! Since all he’s material needs are more than adequately met there’s really no reason for him to show his face. As long as he’s smart he can go on living like gay royalty! Yet having started life as a young up and comer Chad can’t help letting the story slip from time to time. That’s allegedly how the rumour has started coming to light. Chad knows he shouldn’t repeat this stuff but he likes the attention! Attention is harder to come by these days too, now that he’s been sequester from the rest of the world, and made so fat and complacent that he’s more Dumpy Chad than dimpled. The loose talk could be embarrassing, but even when it does get back to Big George, he refuses to do anything about it, except cut him another check. So the moral of the story is that if George W can overlook all that, then Barack Obama really shouldn’t feel any need to defend himself on the birth certificate issue, let alone the whole transvestite communist Vulcan Muslim thing! Although if he wants to it would make for some fantastic gossip!