Double trouble

The recent execution of the world’s No 1 terrorist Osama Bin Laden has taken people’s minds off of The President’s birth certificate. Specifically they’ve shifted from wondering whether the certificate was faked to wondering whether bin Laden’s death might’ve been faked. You can’t blame people for being suspicious. In America death might be cheated as easily as taxes. Perhaps it was a con job, like Jim Morrison, Elvis, and John Lennon. Actually Jim Morrison really was killed in a black Mass occult ritual – which is why he had a closed casket funeral; but Elvis and Lennon had to go into the witness protection program. Let’s just say that they blundered into the middle of things.

In Elvis case it was drugs, and in Lennon’s case politics. Lennon’s frequent international trips and tet et tets with foreign radical politicians set him up to be unwittingly used by the CIA. Elvis on the other hand was a narc. He allowed his personal jet to be used in a drug sting operation. Plus he personally ratted out some dangerous dudes. So he had to go into long term deep cover, so to speak. Being the fame hound he was/is he makes some personal appearances from time to time. Lennon seems only too happy with his life of anonymity.

In bin Laden’s case people believe that he to may have gone into some kind of witness protection program, after betraying Al Qaeda, and numerous Middle East leaders, to the American government. Let’s face it, the walls were closing in on him, and he was desperate to deal his way out. So once he’d outlived his usefulness as an Agency double cross agent, his death had to be faked up to make sure everyone was convinced, and so that George W Bush wouldn’t get embarrassed by too many unanswered questions.

Now this isn’t the first time some American shill got into the witness protection program via fake death. Supposedly the same thing happened to Saddam Hussein. Hussein was a CIA asset for years. So when the time came for his retirement package he was whisked away to parts unknown. Meanwhile one of his many body doubles was substituted for the trial and execution.

Now this would’ve went off without a hitch except that the authorities made the big mistake of letting Hussein’s wife into see him. They weren’t gonna but Mrs Saddam went to the Red Cross and forced the issue. After emerging from the jail cell after her visit she insisted that the man in custody wasn’t her husband. For one thing the real Saddam had pretty good teeth. The prisoner had an overbite. While the poor patsy wound up swinging from the end of a rope as a public spectacle, the real Saddam was probably hove off on some beach somewhere, sunning himself and knocking back Margaritas courtesy of the American Taxpayer (Yes I feel the need to capitalize those words!)!

The problem with this is that some poor innocent got his neck stretched (yes the really did kill the imposter. The lives of patsies don’t count when you’re trying to make things convincing. The CIA even has an unofficial ‘John Doe’ type code name for these scape goat stooges – “Joe Blameworthy”. “It’s time to close the Joe Blameworthy file!”). Another problem is that the American public, and the world at large, have had the attention diverted with some pathetic rouse. They have convinced us that a fake problem they staged was solved with a fake solution that they also staged. Meanwhile they made dupes out of us using some buck toothed imposter! The whole stunt was dreamed up like a Bugs Bunny cartoon! Do the powers that be take us for a pack of Elmer Fudds? Perhaps it’s time to start asking “What’s up doc?” Death ain’t what it used to be.