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Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

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Love is a many splendored thing. unless it’s trashy trashy tabloid love! Then it’s something familiar & something peculiar. At least if you’re reigning romcom queen Jennifer Aniston. You’ll probably remember, unless you’ve stopped paying attention, that Jennypooh used to date slightly douchey singer John Mayer. They had some sort of push me pull you thing going on where Mayer acted too cool to care on the basis that he was younger than her. Then she swept him off of his feet by taking him to the Oscars. Once her realized just how big a deal she was, after she showed him that there was more to life than the music industry, he kinda feel head over heels. He was very impressed anyway. That was about the point at which Jen cut him loose.

our lady of perpetual rebound

Jen’s been busy since then: she dated Gerrard Butler and broke up with Courtney Cox. Now she’s seeing her latest co star Justin Ther­oux. Guess how long that relationship is gonna last. Mayer is hoping not long because he’s started poestering Jen and trying to get him to take her back. Now Jen isn’t having any part of it. For one thing she or sources close to her (Chelsea Handler or vodka talking?) are saying that Mayer broke Aniston’s heart (That piece of equipment must have more dents in it by now than New York Yellow Cab!) and Aniston is miffed that he’s apparently unphased about it.

sexy text me

In fact those unnamed sources are saying that Mayer has no chance with Aniston. She’s happy where she is. This hasn’t deterred Mayer any. He’s trying to win Jen back with a barraged of voice mails and text messages. Now the great disadvantage of that method, as opposed to chocolates and flowers, is that it’s so much more annoying. It does have an up side. If prying tabloid snoops are eavesdropping then Mayer could find himself back in the news after a long absence! Had he tried this tactic 6 months ago he might have even found himself in the News of the World. In love, like comedy, timing is everything. Better luck next time, Johnny.

Now here are a few scenes from that Wonder Woman series David Kelley was trying to get up and running.



Adrianne Palicki sure could kick ass! Now remember – Wonder Woman isn’t vulgar! Wondertrash can always be counted on for your daily dose of vulgarity!