Matthew Fox Detained After Allegedly Assaulting a Woman

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Larry David a Homewrecker?

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George Clooney’s ex slut on Dancing With the Stars

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Tab cover of the day – Angie on Vanity Fair

Saw this one and couldn’t help thinking – “All right Mr. De Mille, I’m ready for my close-up,

“I am big, it’s the pictures that got small!”

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Daryl Hannah Arrested at White House

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Matthew Fox beaten up by a chick, Shia Labouef spits on Marylin Manson!

Former LOST star is a drunken slack jawed jerk (allegedly)!

I’m not gonna say that Matthew Fox is a drunken slack jawed jerk who likes to beat up on women ’cause that would be inflammatory as well as defamatory. So let’s just say that the former LOST star got beat up by a chick recently. “How’d that happen?” you might ask. Well Matt was drunk out of his mind and wandering around in public – usually a bad idea for a celeb, or in Cleveland Ohio in this case when he got a little confused. He was leaving a bar ans trying to do the responsible thing by getting a ride home. Unfortunately the poor man didn’t seem to know what the fuck he was doing, since he tried to crawl into bus driver Heather Borman’s vehicle uninvited. Heather had the following to say to Fox & TMZ

“He just kept staring at me with his mouth wide open and not saying anything. I told him, ‘You have to leave buddy. You are trespassing on my bus,'” she said.

The actor then reportedly leaned in and began punching Bormann in the breast and crotch area. She retaliated and punched the actor in the mouth, causing “a cut on his lip,” according to the police report.

“I took one hand to his jaw and he was spitting blood. He stumbled backwards,” Bormann told TMZ.

“This was my self-defense,” she added. “This was the only way I could protect myself … from a man beating up on a woman.”

I think that I can speak for ever one when I say that any man who punches a woman deserves what ever he gets, even if he punched her in the boobs or crotch! What Fox got – in addition to the ego damage of being bitchslapped by a broad – was cuffed by a near by officer and escorted off. He was later released without formal arrest though he does have to met with some prosecutors sometime soon – like maybe Monday. Hope this doesn’t cut into the taping of his new series I, Alex Cross“. Former LOST stars need as much career support as they can get. As for you overly assertive slack jawed drunks out there – don’t dish it out of you can’t take it.

Let us spray

If you were a chick would you rather get boob punched or spit on? The answer tot hat question determines whether you’re more of a Matt Fox or a Shia Labouef date. LAbouef was out recently with his gal pal and rocker Marylin Manson when he had some kind of a fit. They were @ the Aug. 26 (BELVEDERE) RED at The Box party, when the actor had what wirtnesses are describing as a public meltdown. Labouef tool a started taking sips of his bottled water and then spitting it on both Manson and his gal pal’s legs. According to Life & StyleThen he put more water in his mouth and started spitting it all over his tablemates, including Marilyn Manson. He seemed wasted.” The sad sorry scenario gets worse –

“People started taking their seats in front of the stage at the event, but all of a sudden Shia started shouting at his date and getting visibly angry,” the eyewitness tells Life & Style. Then he headed for the door. “He lunged through the very thick seated crowd, and the crowd pleaded with him and encouraged him to sit down. They tried to hold him back — but he kept struggling through. It was so insane — he just had a total meltdown right in front of everyone,” the eyewitness tells Life & Style. “It was completely out of control. He was so angry and physical. He was determined to get out of there.”

You know you’re fucking up if Marilyn Manson comes off classy in comparison to you. Sounds like one young man’s on the fast track to Dancing With the Stars, & I mean the hard way! Or to put it another way, who’s gonna be playing Megan Fox’s boyfriend in Transformers 4?


A View from Space – August 27, 2011
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Under psychic attack? Then remember to call upon “the hidden observer”. This is the universal consciousness with in each of us. So it knows and can bear witness to what is being done to you. Just say silently “I call upon the hidden observer.” Fritz Springmeier cautions against the hidden observer based on the fact that some monarch programmers inlay a ‘demon” with the same name. That little beast is like a built in security camera that monitors everything and reports it back to the handler. However programmers also inlay demons named Jesus – so based on that no one would ever pray to Christ.

The vacation season is almost over so it’s a little late to draw up a travel itinerary. However if you’re interested in taking a conspiracy themed vacation next you then you might want to think about Canada’s ocean playground. There are still an unsolved mystery or two on Canada’s east coast, and the Shag Harbor UFO sighting, and here’s the first part of a youtube video on that:

UFO’s aren’t the only unsolved mystery, there’s also the Oak Island Money Pit. Here’s the first part of a youtube video on that.

Area 51 has been covering the whole Monarch mind programming thing lately. Here are some common programming trigger phrases as they occur in Wall Street 2 (not that I’m saying Oliver Stone is in on it or anything – although Shia Labeouf did have a bizarre public meltdown recently, read about it on Wondertrash. Maybe that little butterfly is ready for the net):

“I’ll Make You A Deal”

“How You Gonna Shine?”

“Nobody Likes a Crybaby”

“Got My Attention”

“Everybody Has a Number”

“None of Your Business”

Don’t they seem more like catchphrases than dialogue? If one or more of those phrases produces a slightly odd sensation or reaction with you it’s not surprising since they are very powerful general circulation mind programming trigger phrases.

Prince Harry makes a splash on holiday in Croatia

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Austin Powers Actor Convicted of Torture

Tiger Woods was a brainwashed sex slave!

Tiger Woods fans have been asking themselves “What the fuck happened to that guy?” It’s kind of obvious. Somewhere in a mix of floosies, sleeping pills, and paparazzi, the guy got nervous and lost his touch. Now he can’t hit the broad side of a barn with a shovel, let alone a golf ball with a club. It’s a big turn around since he used to be so good. That has some people asking whether there might be more to it.

One of the current theories going around the conspiracy community is that there’s more to it. The more to it involves MK Ultra and Project Phoenix. Conspiracists know that MK Ultra was the top secret CIA brainwashing program, started by Nazi Project Paper Clippers and designed to produce super spies through hypnosis. German mad scientist had discovered, during World War 2, that a powerful combo of drugs, torture and post hypnotic suggestions could produce super zombies who would follow any instruction. Just like Anne Hathaway in Ella Enchanted! Project Phoenix was one of MK Ultra’s off shoots, along with Bluebird and Monarch.

So the theory goes that Tiger’s father sold him out to the CIA. He’d allow Tiger to be used as a super spy if the CIA programmed him for golf. It’s a kind of I Spy scenario. The CIA would then have a great asset on their hands. Once Tiger was properly programmed he could be put into a trance through the use of some trigger phrase. Then his handler would give him a secret message. Tiger would then be snapped out of it, perhaps with the use of an electric cattle prod, and sent on his way. Once he arrives at his destination he could be put back into a trance, perhaps with a spiked drink, and once under the MK Ultra spell he’d deliver the secret coded message to his espionage contact. Since Tiger was a world class golfer he could travel anywhere and meet anyone without suspicion. Very high powered people play golf. If a member of the local American Embassy or business community met with Woods to shoot a few rounds while overseas who would suspect that they were really exchanging secrets? It was the perfect crime!

The only flaw in the plan was love. Love came to Tiger in the form of a Swedish au pair with a very well connected family named Elin Nordgren. Nordgren wasn’t just some blonde bimbo swimsuit model who’d come to America on the make! Elin’s parents are at the top of the Scandinavian food chain. Her mother is some kind of cabinet minister. Her father is a top broadcaster and a member of crypto masonic org P1.

For those not in the know P1 is the senior branch P2. P2 was the group Vatican banker Roberto Calvi was involved with. Calvi had a meteoric rise to the top of the Italian financial world – like Anne Hathaway’s ex Rafaello Follerie (another crook with Vatican contacts). Calvi was eventually found dead – hanging by the neck with pockets full of rocks, under London’s Blackfriar’s Bridge, after a scandal. The Italian govt had a ban on exporting currency at the time since the lira was plummeting. Calvi had a scam where he used his Vatican connections to convert Italian money into foreign funds through some Brazilian banks. This was highly irregular and possibly illegal, but Calvi never had to answer for it.

Since Elin has some heavy connections to the Swedish elite, in the form of cabinet minister and a free mason for parents, it only makes sense that she was some sort of Mata Hari. Her assignment was to get close to Tiger, to use sex to gain his trust (that must’ve been easy!), and then break into his programmed mind. Once Elin got into his head by way of his pants she could search through the various secret compartments that had been created in his mind, find out what kind of secrets he’d been carrying, and what kind of programming the CIA was using these days. Just like Ellen Page in Inception! After she had got her way then it was only a simple matter of mixing up his brains and leaving him fucked up.

This sounds far fetched but stop and think that Elin’s getaway mansion back in Sweden was bought about a month or so before Tiger’s now notorious love life broke in the news. So it was a month or so before she allegedly broke his head with a golf club, after finding out about this for – allegedly – the very first time. Suspicious types say this means she might have been a lot less surprised about the multiple cheating than a golf club upside the head would lead you to believe.

Lest you think that this is merely the ranting of Internet bloggers like myself, here’s someone from the mainstream media – Toronto radio host Richard Syrett, along with a very special guest to give you the low down on Tiger Wood’s secret James Bond life, complete with the MK Ultra background. Remember that they present this as a theory – or a possible explanation – and not as fact. That’s how conspiracy theorists get away with it! So if you have a half an hour or so you can sit back and be prepared to be amazed!
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