Chris Brown Performing "Beautiful People" (falls on stage) – The F.A.M.E…

Dr. Norman Doidge ,"The Brain That Changes Itself" full show

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Leave it to Bieber – SELENA GOMEZ IS PREGNANT!!!!

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Patti Stanger shots off her big yap!

Guess who wants to be Ann Coutler or something.

The Revelation Of The Pyramids

So what’s the score with pyramids? They didn’t do much for the Toronto Maple Leafs back in the mid seventies when they tried to play on the then fad of pyramid power & jump start their forever lackluster performance. Then again that’s not a fair criticism of pyramid power because the Leafs have been a lost cause for over 40 years. They are truly the Jimmy Carter team of the NHL and “malaise forever” might as well be their slogan. The main thing is that there are pyramids all over the world. Ancient people had a mania for building big pointy buildings aimed at the skies. No one knows why. No one is even sure how they built the things. There are some interesting theories. That’s what the following video is about. Hope you’ve got a spare hour and 40 minutes!


Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds getting married

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Will Smith Celebrates Jada’s 40th Birthday With Hourlong Tribute Video

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