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Unhappy Halloweenies

Wondertrash Public Service Announcement:

Parents are asked to be on the look out for a powerful new form of marijuana going by the street name MK Ultra. It comes from a special genetically engineered strain of cannabis designed to effect people like crack or crystal meth. In fact it is so hallucinogenic that you can flip out after only one use. For instance one teenage girl who tried MK Ultra was discovered by her parents after locking her self in the wash room and trying to flush her cell phone down the toilet, because she thought it was controlling her mind. When they confronted her she merely stared at them and started making gibberish noise “brrrrrr, brrrr, brrrr!” In another case a single mom was reported to police after she began wandering around her back yard naked. When police arrived she kept telling them her name was Anne Heche, though neighbors said she was called Celestia. Police booked her in as Suzie Cheesecake!

The point is that anyone can have a bad day. It’s when those bad days start ganging up on you that you’ve got some serious problems. Speaking of which here’s todays celebrity gossip!

Squeaky clean singer with squeaky clean voice goes Celebrity Jihad!

Kim Kardashian Divorces – what took them so long?

Here’s a link to her divorce papers

Demi Moore goes berserk!

Bernie Madoff is sick of people treating him like he’s Saddam Hussein!

So even the beautiful people can have some rough moments. The point is that at least they’re better off than Mumar Qaddafi! The only positive thing that’s happened to him lately is that he has finally made computer spell check – fame at last! He’s also better off than hard pressed reporter Chandler Smythe who falls asleep with a hangover and wakes up with vigor mortis! Chandler features in our special Wondertrash Halloween presentation of Good vs Evil episode 1 – Orange Volvo!!

Good vs Evil – Orange Volvo,t=1,mt=video
Deleted User | Myspace Video

By the way Jessica Simpson is gonna be a mummy, but not for Halloween or anything. Now go have a trashtacular Halloween!


A View from Space – October 29, 2011
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Judge goes medival on Michael Lohan’s ass!

Looks like the Lohan Family are having bad luck litigation wise these days. First Lindz gets her ticket pulled for violating probation. She got hauled off in cuffs for that, without bail. Now her dad Michael is in a spot of bother over his ex Kate Major. Michael was supposed to stay away from major due to some kind of pesky restraining orders – those things are the most formidable barrier to true love and psychotic stalkerish obsession! Now Mike claims that Kate was calling him the whole night and that he only returned the call. The judge said that wasn’t the point – the point was that there was an officer at Major’s listen on speaker phone when he called back. Plus there was that incident where he broke down her door or something and then had to escape by jumping off of her balcony. Upshot is that Mieky’s gonna miss a lot of important appointments like his daughter’s court date and Dr Drew’s Celebrity Rehab! It couldn’t have happened a t a worse time because Reality TV needs Michael Lohan now more than ever before!

Now the judge might have come off as a little bit harsh, what with not giving a damn about Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, but you can’t balme her for playing to the cameras. There’s an important Michael Jackson Conrad Murray trial going on so you have to fight for every viewer!

BTW Halloween is coming up fast. Now there’s more to Fright Night then arson and ritual blood sacrifice; there’s also eye catching costumes. There’s one costume that always makes an impression, and even some people you know of have tried her on for size!

Sometimes it’s wonderful to be trashy!


MKULTRA Documentary: CIA Mind Control Research – Human Experiments

Defense Expert Refutes Testimony in Jackson Case

Wonder Woman Love

Gary Mckinnon lecture Las Vegas by Matthew Williams

Remember Gary McKinnon? He’s the Scottish Systems Administrator who got caught hacking into the US Miltary’s computer system looking for UFO info. Even thought the system was rotten with hackers from every where (passwords were often posted within the system, according to McKinnon, so hacking was ridiculously easy), GmcK was the only one to get arrested. That’s because he say he saw shot on “non terrestrial fleets”, anti gravity propulsion, and Roswell – which wasn’t the first or last incident the USAF covered up!

Here’s some vid time with Gary now so fasten your seat belt as we move into warp speed!

Makes you strop and think – there’s tons of stuff by Hoagland and the whole band of Coast to Coast usuals, yet so little youtube video on McKinnon! You just know he found shit out!

Jordan Maxwell (The Naked Truth) Debunked by Benjamin Stanhope (Complete)


Micheal Lohan arrested again

When it rains it pours in the Lohan Family. Lindsay is busted and naked – that is here probation got revoked so now she’s posing nude in Playboy. She’s going full on frontal for 1 million, and was offered another million for her vagina, but turned it down since her younger sister was gonna be sitting in on the shoots and Lindz wanted to keep everything within family values parameters – Lohan standards anyway.

Now her felonious father Michael has got himself busted again! Now if you’ll recall Mikey tends to get in trouble with the law from time to time. It has something to do with his volatile Irish tempers, and the assortment of sluts he hangs around with. The last case was with tabloid vixen Kate Major. She worked with the Star until she fell in love with Jon Gosselin and then dumped him for Lohan. Well sooner or later push came to shove. Push ‘n’ shove in that case meant – according to Kate, that Mikey came home tanked up and pushed her out of a chair and unto the floor. He frightened her so bad that she had top call the cops and have him charged with domestic battery assault, or some such charge. Now this was serious cause Kate don’t frighten easy. She’s seen Jon Gosselin naked for one thing!

That’s old news since the chair flipping incident occurred several months/couple of years back, while they were still together and just as one of Mikey’s many probation sentences was running out. There’s been a lot of water under the bridge since then, but some things never change. Like Michael. With his daughter’s misfortunes still fresh in the tabloid headlines Mikey has once more gotten himself into hot water and once again it was over trashy cutie Kate Major (“the crowd is for you juicy waitress!”). Seems that Lohan was trying to confront his estranged ex when things got out of hand. Then they got stuck in a tree. Sounds like the sort of trouble only a Lohan can get into! Just take a look at the following short video for the dirty details!

After reading such stories you might find yourself asking “what the fuck is wrong with these people?” Well the answer is, to paraphrases the words of Charlie Sheen – the Warlock, they’re special. That’s why you can’t process them with a normal brain. In fact they are so special that some believe celebs are actually reptoids, or reptilians. If you follow the conspiracy beat then you know that reptoids are a separate species that disguise themselves using holograms so that they can walk unseen amongst us, sabotage our economy, poison our minds with reality TV, and spike our children’s milk with vaccine serums. They are the descendents of the dinosaurs who went under ground after the asteroid hit 65 million years ago, and have been trying to regain the planet from the primates ever since. It’s kind of what HG Wells was hinting at with the Morlocks and the Elohim in The Time Machine. AS a card carrying member of the Illuminati Wells was privy to these secrets, which are generally with held from the rest of us.

If you don’t follow the conspiracy beat and want to find out more about these creatures then take a look at the following short but informative video!


Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura S02E03 Wall Street

What with poor old Bernie Madoff – the greatest Ponzie schemer of all time – on suicide watch, now might be a good time to take a good look at what’s wrong with Wall Street. For one thing the only difference between Madoff and the rest of the scum is that Madoff wasn’t too big to fail, only big enough to hurt plenty when his little scheme got blown. So while Madoff went off to prison the rest of the sharks went back to their private jets. Now many months later many people are asking what exactly happened. One of those people is former Minnesota Gov Jesse Venture. So let JV be your guide to the crooked world of fractional lending, derivatives, and other dirty deals on this episode of Conspiracy Theory.

BTW some of you have heard about the Esalen Institute. It’s kind of like Hogwart’s for baby boomers and was said to be the inspiration for the Mutant School in the X Men comic series. Well here’s a link to a very interesting blog post on the EI – LUNACIE’S. By the way, and this might be only internet bulls hit, but I hear that Esalen is where Oprah Winfrey learned witchcraft and neuro linguistic programming when she went to met with Deepak Chopra!

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