David Icke and Reptillians

Now for your Sunday evening entertainment here’s a short video on David Icke and reptilians. If you’ll recall David was a former soccer player and popular BBC sportscaster until he glimpsed through the matrix into the unbelievable reality beyond. That reality was too much for some people, who found it easy and tempting to paint Icke as a nut. However Icke has spent the past 20 years proving that he has too much humour, common sense, and presence of mind to be anything like crazy.

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There’s no business like showbusiness – that goes double for poltics

JFK – more conspiracy than you think

With the American Presidential elections coming up on us hard and fast it might be time to look at that other form of show business called democracy! So let’s take a look at how the electoral process discovered that there was more to political success than bags full of unmarked bills and stuffing ballots. There was also make up, bright lights, and television cameras!

when eyes lies is seeing is deceiving?

Conspiracy has become a dirty word these days and synonymous with tin foil hats and “off his meds”. Yet conspiracies are an everyday occurrence. When an eager job applicant shows up at an interview spit shined & smiling, he’s trying to present his best image to his prospective employer. He might even add a padded out resume. Should he get some references to back him up, then he’s arranged a minor conspiracy. Image counts and a basic part of a conspiracy is presenting an image to hide the truth.

Sweating the sweet talk

When the stakes are higher than getting hired for some 9 to 5 job, then a lot more effort goes into building a cover. Like in politics. American democracy is like a turbo charged popularity contest where issues get blurred out by personalities. When a candidate can get enough people to like and trust him, he can translate that into support at the polls. So a lot of effort goes in to coming off looking good. These days they use neurolinguistic programming tech to befuddle voters with double talk (It’s the art of getting some one to focus on what they think they’re hearing instead of what you’re trying not to say). Even as far back as the Clinton era – remember the good times? – PR was hi tech. The Clinton staff used to run every speech through a focus group before it was put out for public consumption. Listener response to each word was charted, and if the response was negative, the word got yanked. By the time Slick Willie got up in front of the cameras his speech was streamlined and fine tuned to make the best possible impression.

Slack Jack gets a make over

Slick Willie wasn’t the first American Pres to sweet talk Joe Blow into co operation. One of the most notable examples of image management was the late John F Kennedy. His father bragged that he was gonna sell young John to the public like soap suds. So in addition to ballot stuffing and pay offs there was a lot of emphasis on JFK’s image. By the time he got to the debates he was all polished bronze. In comparison Tricky Dicky came of pasty and weaselly. There was no question who was gonna win class president, and it wasn’t the head of the chess club.

Candidate may be smaller than he appears in ads

Now Handsome Jack didn’t start life as James Bond. JFK had many health issues. For one thing one leg was shorter than the other (& that’s and example of NLP right there. Short is a loaded term. Describing one leg as shorter – instead of the other leg as longer, makes him sound jumped up. He’s either taller or shorter than he seems, depending on which leg you put the weight on!). That’s what caused his back trouble. He had to play football at Harvard and all that tearing around the field with uneven legs eventually wrecked his lower back.

When there’s no warranty you’d better check under the hood

He also had Addison’s Disease. Addison’s is a malfunction of the adrenal glands that can cause much grief. Like immune disorders. So Jack was always a sickly and skinny youth. In fact he spend much of his boyhood on the sick bed. At that time it wasn’t an issue since his older brother Joe Jr was being groomed for world domination. When Joe died tragically in World War 2, either on a heroic suicide mission that would look great on his future political resume, or trying to scale the electrified fence of a German POW camp – depending on which story you listen to, Jack inherited his family’s great expectations. So vibrant good health became an issue. Especially when he got to the presidential campaign.

The glandular president

In the run up to the 1960 election the family decided something needed to be done about JFK’s persistent poor health. So they tried a new treatment. It involved injected JFK with cortisone to make up for his deficient adrenals. Cortisone is what’s called an androgen. In plain language it’s a male sex hormone or a steroid. It worked like a charm. That lad who’d always been scrawny and spend much of his life in a sick bad suddenly filled out and got athletic. With the extra dose of macho and consequent added weight he became virile looking and handsome. Even the Addison’s came in handy. One of the symptom of the disease is that when you have it you’re very sensitive to sunlight. Any exposure and you turn as orange as Lindsay Lohan. So it didn’t take much to turn Jack all bronzy. By the time he showed up for the debate with Nixon he looked as hale and hearty as if he’d some from a month on the Riviera with a stop off at the gym on the way.

as seen on TV

The debate is considered a crucial moment in the election. Up to that point JFK was seen as a light weight rich kid with no experience. Nixon had tons of experience under his belt – what with dealing with the Soviets as Eisenhower’s strong right arm. People who heard the debate on radio came away thinking that Nixon had won, and that JFK didn’t show much substance. People who saw it on TV thought JFK won, because he looked so much more capable and manly. Let’s face it, Jack was the kind of guy you wanted to hang out and have drinks with.

Developing chemistry with the voters

So image won the 1960 presidential elections, with a little help from the Chicago mafia – allegedly. Without his macho injections JFK might have come off like some pale skinny kid who couldn’t to stand up to the school bully, let alone Nikita Kruchev. With his magnetism switched on the nation fell in love. So he got to take Jackie to the Presidential prom while Nixon had to go muttering and complaining back to California to plot his revenge. People will argue about how much image had to do with that. After all he did get a lot of help winning that race. Bobby, as recounted in Seymour Hersh’s The Dark Side of Camelot, bribed every sherif in the south at $50 000 a pop, to insure support. Lyndon Johnson was an excellent choice of VP, since there never was a more colourful scoundrel in American politics; with the possible exception of Huey Long. If there was a guy to get results it was him.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Still when people look back on that it’s the debate they talk about, and the dramatic contrast between sweaty nervous Nixon and cool Handsome Jack. It made an impression. That impression was the result of a conspiracy to conceal JFK’s weak health from the voters, and to get him boosted up for the race. Arrangements had to be made to present him to the public as some one they could place confidence in, if not exactly trust. Of course the public couldn’t be let in on the deal. That would take the fun out of it, as well as ruin the whole effect. So JFK was more than the first pres to compete using performance enhancing drugs – that we know of. He also proves that conspiracies are more than just tin foil and untreated mental illness! Whenever two or more get together to project the right image, that by definition is a conspiracy.

PS. The Kennedy lesson wasn’t lost on PR managers. When Reagan ran he was made up like a corpse in a funeral parlor. His hair was always dyed jet black, even though it was doubtful that it was his natural colour, or by that age that the hair was even his. It became an open joke and Reagan never denied the dye job. He just wouldn’t own up to it. He was too savvy to insult the intelligence of a now cynical public. He simply didn’t talk about it and hoped people would go along with what they saw, even if the knew different.

It’s interesting to think that one leaked photo of a greyed out Reagan going into the White House barber shop for his dye job might have blown his cover, and America’s confidence in him. It might’ve accomplished what his liberal opponents were so eager to achieve – piercing his Teflon. Even if the photo was doctored people would stop and think it was probably what he really looked like, and the damage would have been done. Oddly, though they pride themselves on being image savvy, the left didn’t think of that one.

PSS. Mr 60 Minutes Andy Rooney has passed away at the age of 92 and after a long distinguished career as a journalist. Here now are a few more miunutes with Andy Rooney.


Chris Brown wiener pic

Remember that Chris Brown Halloween wiener pic that caused so much uproar? Well if you haven’t seen it for yourself here it is!

Now that’s a dilly of a pickle ain’t it?

Kooky Kimmy

Speaking of a pickle – the way now that the story is spreading about Kim Kardashian’s fake phony wedding for cash people are getting up in arms. To bring you up to speed the story says that Kimmo on got married so she could cash in big on the wedding. Some say she made upward from 15 mill. Now that’s a wad but nothing out of the ordinary if you’re are Kardashian. Last year she made about 65 mill.

Now that has people feeling a little mad. In fact some are reacting like Kim had sent an 8 year old boy up in a tin foil balloon for fun and profit or something. In other words the public is feeling a little manipulated right now. So there’s a lot of strong talk about Kicking Out The Kardashians. You’d think that shew as one of those crooked Wall Street Cheats or something. Anyhow that has Kimmo in damage control mode, as in the following brief videos.



People just hate getting taken for a ride. Why can’t all those jealous haters just be happy for her, in her marriage and her divorce and whatever comes next – probably some other kooky project for fun and profit but definitely not for the money! Here’s what Some Old Broad has to say about it.

Comedians react to Kardashian divorce

Rob Delaney has actually taken his disappointment over the breakup beyond twitter and is suing the Kardashians.

More tweets below.

So things are looking bad for Kimmo. She’s has canceled the last leg of her Australian tour – which might have earned her over $150 000 for about an hour’s alleged work; hot on the heels of the announcement that though she cashed in with a vengeance, she didn’t want her alleged husband to make any money!


The Lighter Side of History

Gullible’s Travels


Thoughtful people know one thing about history and that is it’s more colorful than they teach in high school. For one thing it’s full of campy rises to power. Take Hitler for instance. When he started out he was a no account aspiring painter living in the slums of Vienna. Then, with apparently nothing more than some costumes and a bunch of satanic pep rallies, he rose to become the leader of a nation that he would eventually run into the ground. You’d think that it was a Monty Python sketch if it hadn’t actually happened!

Hitler wasn’t an isolated incident. Recent American history is full of similar incidents. Take George Washington for instance. It’s a little known fact that he made his first buck and even financed the revolutionary army by carving nickels from logs. The George Washington nickels had buffaloes on them, so it’s where we gets the expression “Don’t take any wooden nickels”, and also “he got buffaloed”. It also makes George W not only the first American Pres, but also the first to undermine the American economy!

George W may have been the first American Pres but he title of “Father of the Nation” goes to Abraham Lincoln. Like Washington he succeeded in life with nothing more than ambition, industry, and a little trickery; and by doing things his own way. For instance Lincoln spent his nights studying law by lamp light. That was after working 16 hour days. Eventually he developed splitting migraine headaches, and began wearing petticoats. He started insisting that friends and neighbors call him “Lucy”; though that called him “Abe the Babe” behind his back just to make fun of him. Luckily his editors caught this disturbing behavior in time, and before it got into his official biography.

Not every great American becomes a president, but not becoming president doesn’t diminish their greatness. Benjamin Franklin was just such a great American. Ben started out at the bottom, by working as an errand boy in a print shop. Ben discovered that you were more likely get ahead in life if you had a sideline. So he convinced his boss to let him sell beer to his co workers for a penny a bucket. Ben soon started pissing in the beer and charging 2 pennies per bucket. So it was clear that the lad was going places! When he started adding pyschodelic herbs to the beer, after studying shamanism with the local Indians, then the way was open for him to start practicing mind control on his unsuspecting colleagues. The rest is history!

Heroic rises from obscurity aren’t restricted to politics. Take Thomas Edison. At 12 he told his mother that school was for losers. The he told her he wanted to go west for opportunity! Since young Tom was a handful, she let him. Tom started out on the trains as an errand boy. He quickly got the idea that there were untapped possibilities in the rail road. So he bought a broken down printing press and put it in the caboose, to cook up some money making schemes with in his spare time; between washing the toilets, loading wood and coal for the engine, catering to demanding passengers, playing flunky to other rail road workers, and generally being demeaned and run ragged. Needles to say Thomas Edison was an energetic lad.

The printing press idea didn’t work out like he’d planned. For one thing it was to crude to print the pornography he’d intended. Never one to let adversity hold him back he developed a plan B and started selling Civil War news out of the stations. Since no one likes news as well as pornography the plan didn’t really pay off. So Young Tom began dressing in ladies’ clothes and selling kisses to lumber jacks at every stop. He’d charge anywhere from a nickel to a quarter, depending on what the local market would support. That means depending on how long it had been since the lumber jacks had seen a woman, to put it in plain English! His few friends became concerned, and confronted him about it; but he began muttering about how “work and now play makes a boy dull”. Besides, the kissing booth business was booming. You just can’t keep a good man down!

So now you know how the west was won. It was won with the American Success Story. That’s a new version of the fairy tale. In the fairy tale a young hero goes out to seek his fortune in the world and succeeds despite nativity, trusting a bunch of strangers, and getting cheated multiple times. He buys some magic beans or something, and then inherits a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In the Success Story and young hero goes out into the world to seek his fortune. With a combination of ambition and hard work; and by tricking everyone through cutting corners but not breaking laws, he becomes a big deal. He doesn’t find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow; he gets it out of the pockets of people who don’t deserve to have it. So that’s how you know the story is incredible! But don’t take my word for it. Just have a listen to the following 6+ hour special on John Taylor Gatto and his take on the not too distant past!

1. http://esnips.com/displayimage.php?pid=32962699

2. http://esnips.com/displayimage.php?pid=32962736

3. http://esnips.com/displayimage.php?pid=32962748

After that what can you make of history? It’s not what we think, and it might not even be what we think it isn’t! So history is complicated, but at least it’s funny. Let’s say it’s something familiar and something peculiar!

Occupy History!

There’s one other thing we can say about history – like a bad comedian it repeats it’s self!

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