Republican Primaries – the fix is in already

lick Rick – like Paul

Here briefly is the Republican Primary agenda: Mitt Romney is definitely gonna get it. Ron Paul was put in as a spoiler. Romney rivals like Rick Perry were supposed to trip over him. Liberal media commentators like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart gave him creditability by pointing out that the main stream media were ignoring him, and further more saying they respected him. The main stream media’s omissions were to obvious not to be intentional. Had they really wanted to discredit Paul they’d have been more subtle.

Stop Gingrich – directing traffic with a loose cannon

Now that the wing nuts like Perry and Bachman are out it’s on to phase 2. That’s where Gingrich comes in. He entered the race fashionably late but made a big splash down in Carolina. He beat Romney by a double digit lead. After that he had to be taken seriously. So all the Republican pundits like Michelle Malkin came out against him. What’s being set up is “vote for Romney so Gingrich doesn’t win” scenario. Of course right on cue Paul has dropped down to 4rth in the polls. Paul has served his purpose and now Gingrich is supposed to consolidate support behind Romney be encouraging voters to ‘vote strategically’. This scenario is not so much drama as stage managed. Here’s a clue – no one is gonna call Gingrich a ‘maverick’ this time around (unless this gets out). This is too important to toss around loaded phrases unless you have to.

Phase 3

Mitt will become the Re3publican candidate but will never become president. He has a built in Achilles Heel – he’s a Mormon. This target is like the broad side of a barn – anyone can hit it. Once he gets the nom the usual suspects, like Stewart, Maher, and too a lesser extent Colbert (he’s more understated to protect his credibility) will start cracking wise about “magic Mormon underwear”. Should some church related scandals come out, and they will, Romney’s goose is cooked. Then Barack Obama can continue playing the part he was born to play. The best part is – you asked for it. In fact this is the whole reason why Romney is being positioned as the Republican contender – because he comes with a built in self destruct button stitched right into his magic underwear. That way the powers that be can make damned sure Obama gets it.

Pick a card, any card. It doesn’t matter cause the deck is stacked.

If you really want to throw a monkey wrench into it then vote counter strategically. Just vote for whoever is near the bottom. Just the way they threw American Idol off with the “vote for the worst” movement.

If voting made any difference then it would be illegal. Marijuana is more of a threat to the system.

Elisabetta Canalis & Steve-O Dating?

George Clooney ex shameful out of control down ward spiral continues!

Can it be true that Elisabetta Canalis is dating that Jackass guy? If the name Elisabetta Canalis sounds vaguely familiar it’s because she previously dated Gorgeous George Clooney. Then she got caught up in a drugs and prostitution scandal in which George Clooney almost had to testify – there were some hi profile types in on that. So Lizzie had to go.

She went to Dancing With the Stars. Now she’s moved on! Of course this may not really be trading up. No shame Lizzie, cause Georgie’s a notoriously hard man to pin down. better women than you have tried and failed – I’m talking cocktail waitresses and Vegas showgirls!

another mag’s Angie is a one man Armie

In other news Angie Harmon is covering Vogue – no wait it’s Armie Hammer; not that those two are easily mistaken for one another. It’s just that there are so many celebrities today that they start to bleed together.

Aguilera is juicy – & messed up worse than a shit house rat

So it might be a rough day for Angie and Lizzie but there are those worse off, like Christina Aguilera. She’s still over weight, and in the following pic something seems to be trickling down her right leg – at least according to Tyler Durden. Whatever the mystery fluid is it’s the wrong colour for urine.

Some people think that fame if glamorous – but it’s not all rehab and eating disorders. Basically it’s like wearing your underwear on the outside. Wearing your underwear on the outside is a stunt best left to professionals and superheroes! That might be okay on any other day, but on the wrong day it’s bad news!

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