Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neurolinguistic Programming – elevating cheap tricks to the level of a pseudo science!

NLP is the mind control technique of choice for Illuminati brainwashes. It’s a combo of tactics like slides, spinning, anchoring, and mirroring that is supposed to leave your head spinning without your ever being fully aware that anything has been done to you. Simple example is looking at the glass as half full or half empty. Same thing objectively but both phrases are very loaded. If you accuse some one of seeing the glass as half empty then third party listeners get the code, even if they’re not fully aware that the person is being subliminally discredited with a “one of those” maneuver. The old “have you stopped beating your wife?” is another crude example of neurolinguistics.

crypto-mind control!

I could bore you with a lot of examples and principles but instead I thought that I’d leave that to the professionals (neurolinguists & bores). In this case pro in question is Kendrick Cleveland and the topic is spinning – I the Ultimate Persuasion Strategy. Just hit this link to get to the book! When you get the book be sure to share it with everyone sine the best wayt to stop this kind of manipulative bullshit is by cluing everyone in!

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