Tila Tequila Crisis

It’s been a bad time for Tila Tequila. She recently suffered a brain aneurysm which caused her to take an overdose, and to try and jump from a window. She then summoned a friend by text message who found Tequila having convulsions. After that it was a trip to the hospital. Tila is still having some trouble speaking.

It gets worse – Tila is now on suicide watch or something. A riend reported – to the police and TMZ – that TT has been trying to kill herself for about a week. The police even dropped by for a welfare check and got no answer. This was because, according to TT, she was in a wheelchair at he time and unable to open the door. Tile is planning on entering rehab – which is currently the answer to everything – soon to get help with her addiction and psychological issues.

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Debbie Harry looks like a girl half her age.

It’s good news bad news for 80’s rocker Debbie Harry. The good news is that she looks like a woman half her age. The bad news is that the woman is Lindsay Lohan! Harry was leaving the Mercer Hotel Sunday morning when she attracted the paps’ attention. Thay gathered around and started snapping under the misapprehension that she was Lindsay Lohan – who’d just done Saturday Night Live. Here are the ladies together – let’s see if you can tell the difference.

To be fair to Lindz, Harry may have had almost as much botox.

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Kirk Cameron in the Thicke of it

Kirk Cameron recently got into hot water, or even sh!t, when he recently shared some of his views with the world. His views were on gay marriage, and they have caused his former TV father Alan Thicke (in addition to his former TV sister Tracey Gold) to take to Twitter to take him to task. AT’s tweets are posted below.

So the Growing Pains reunion ought’a be interesting. Thicke isn’t the only one to express disappointment in KC. MSNBC newsbabe Contessa Brewer is also unhappy with the state of affairs. Basically she feels her teenage crush was ruined and got so peeved that she dated herself!

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