Courtney Love goes off on Twitter again

a rock n roll wife that makes Yoko Ono look like Mother Theresa!

Courtney Love is a dangerous woman and with a Twitter account she’s like a child with a live grenade (BTW I stole that line from George Bernard Shaw, who describing TE Lawrence writing skills said “I’d no more trust you with a pen than I would a child with a torpedo!” It seemed okay since Shaw ain’t using the line anymore.)! Part of what makes her so dangerous is that she’s a ‘criminal genius’. At least that’s what her father, a former shrink, has called her in interviews. Then again according to Courts he’s the guy who gave her acid hit #1 at the tender age of 4, and #2 at the age of 6. Courts has had an alleged drug problem for years, which makes her even more dangerous (Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and say alleged because the only thing we can say factually is that she displays erratic public behavior). What really makes her dangerous is that she doesn’t care what she says, or who she aims the shit stream at. In her most recent outrage it was former Nirvana drummer David Grohl, by way of her daughter Frances Bean Cobain!

Courts latest twitter account is under the name @Cbabymichelle, and is protected. Locking down the feed is a good idea since Love has said some outrageous shit in the past. During her last hi profile twitter outburst she accused the dead of rising from the grave to vote Republican or something. Actually she claimed that she was being rooked out of Nirvana royalties by crooked ‘suits’ who’d set up bogus mortgages under her late husband’s social insurance number. So maybe she should get some credit for anticipating the whole savings & loans fiasco circa 2008.

This time Courtney is accusing Grohl of getting it on with his late friend’s daughter. She claims that she heard from someone or another that Frances Bean was getting a lift from Grohl & his driver and that Grohl was all over her in the back of the car. Now those are some strong words but here’s a copy of the Twitter feed that some how got unlocked by the good folk over @ Gawker (To be clear I’m not accusing the Gawk of hacking Love’s feed News of the World fashion. More likely one of Love’s followers was disgusted and forwarded some screen caps to interested parties. Pissing off people is an occupational hazard of shooting off your mouth in public.). A copy of the twit feed is posted below so that you can view for yourselves.

It gets better. Love started sending some twit posts Grohl’s way. However the David Grohl she posted to was some German student, and not the Foo Fighter. She also tweeted regarding Grohl – “him i am about to shoot, dead.” Some people took that as poor taste and perhaps being right up there with O.J. Simpson threatening to give a gal a tracheotomy. So that’s saying a mouthful. There have been some disliked rock star wives in the past, who got blamed for spoiling their husband’s careers – like such as Yoko Ono, but to put it in perspective John Lennon would have had to have married Charles Manson to be in Courtney Love territory!

The whole thing reminds me of a colorful little fable I heard in youth. One winter there was a small starving sparrow looking around for something to eat. Just as things looked bleak along comes a horse and drops a load right near by. The little bird is saved – she drops down and makes a hot meal out of it. Then filled with joy and predigested din dins, she flies up into the top branches of the nearest tree and sings her little heart out. Along comes a hawk attracted by the birds voice, swoops down, and eats her. The moral of the story is “When you’re full of shit keep your mouth shut!” Though that never deterred anyone from blogging, it’s a good story to keep in mind of you’re a celebrity with a Twitter account! That goes double when the side effects of your addiction issues include verbal diarrhea!

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