RPatz considers carrer options, Curry gets Magic Miked

People have been worried about RPatz lately. For one thing he seems a little touchy. In one recent interview the Twilight actor revealed that he’d like to kill the person that came up with the RPatz moniker that has stuck to him through out his brief career as Kristen Stewart’s on screen off screen love interest. He’s got a name and it’s “Robert Pattinson” or “ROBERT PATTINSON” if you subscribe to the conspiracy theories involving maritime law and “Capitus Diminutia Maxima“. Of course actors loose their human rights the minute they sign over their souls to the studios.

If RPatz seems a little nervous lately then it’s understandable. For one thing his only real claim to fame is that Twilight franchise that he’s been featured in. Now that’s been a very successful & lucrative series of flicks for the Brit, but then again Star Wars was a successful franchise for Mark Hamill until they figured out how to make about 6 more films without him. The point being that when you’re a good looking young actor and currently the toast of the town you can’t go around resting on your laurels if you hope to remain relevant.

With that in mind PRatz has spread his wings with some recent new projects. her played a psychopathic journalist in Bel Ami – it’s the one about the young man who tries to sleep his way to the top-. Then there’s the David Cronenberg piece Cosmopolis –  that’s the one where RPatz plays a psychopathic tycoon who’s already at the top but sleeps around anyway! Perhaps RPatz is trying to show his range – he can play different kinds of creeps besides vampires!

Spreading his wings hasn’t paid off for RPatz ev en though he got to make sex onscreen with a bevy of beauties like such as Uma Thurman, Kristin Scott Thomas and Christina Ricci. Now that’s what you call a supporting cast! Anyway the upshot is that both new RPatz flicks flopped and that has some people writing out his career obituary – “Former teen heart throb and boy actor, etc.” like he was the Justin Bieber of motion pictures or something.

That’s the way in showiness – easy come easy go. Don’t start planning his reality Tv series wioth Daniel Radcliffe yet though cause Patz has a Plan B! According to GossipInvasion he and his alleged lover Kristen Stewart have been bitten by the baby bug.A source tells GI via OK that the couple got bit during the filming of one of the numerous Twilights – possibly Breaking Dawn 2. That’s the one where they had to play parents and contact with unhygienic child actors may have lead to them picking up the ‘baby bugs’. One of the side effects of baby bugs is that the pair started talking non stop about becoming parents themselves. Constantly means through out rehearsals.

Now this may have been just a way of cheesing off producers and exces. If Stewart gets herself knocked up then it would put the brakes on the long line of Twilight equals that are no doubt lined up and ready to go. However with RPatz forays into serious acting floundering and Kristen Stewart leading Forbes Magazine’s list of top earning actresses (they call it the Rich White Women list with KStew out earning Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, etc. Stew earned a healthy 34.5 mill, compared to No 2 Diaz 24 mill. The rest of the pack hovered around in the teens with the likes of Aniston pulling in 12 mill.) the whole parent angle might be worth a rethink. With 35 mill that makes Stew Hollywood’s prize cash cow, & with folk calling him RPatz he already has his KFed type nickname!

Career ends can be awkward, & on an unrelated note Ann Curry is leaving the Today Show. Rumour is that she’s going because everyone hates her guts. Everyone means mainly Matt Lauer but since there’s no show without him then in this case he’s everyone. There was some talk about Lauer leaving the Show and that sent everyone into a panic. So Matt got a new deal which may have given him a veto over the cohost and now everyone is describing Curry’s co hosting abilities as “atrocious” and “strained”. In this case everyone is NBC execs who also threw “hopeless” into the stew of adjectives.

Just in case there was any doubt Ann got her move along message recently – you know how people can be when they’re trying to hang onto a job, sometimes they need encouragement. ON the Wednesday episode to Today Curry was interviewing Joe Manganiello – who stars in the upcoming stripper epic Magic Mike. Magic Mike apparently got a little fresh with Curry and thrust his ‘supporting player’ in her direction. Curry was saved from further embarrassment when some thing called a ‘flash mob’ erupted on tot he set for a group pelvic gyration. Don’t worry Curry, you may be out of a job by you’ll always hove the memories!

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