Cook Cracks Joke About Colorado Shooting

Looks like the Laugh Factory has claimed another victim. The last hi profile causality was Michael Kramer Richards. After his long and lucrative stint on Seinfeld (the show was so popular that it has made spell check!) he decided to try real comedy – that is stuff he though of himself, instead of just repeating stuff others had written. That didn’t go over too good since some of the costumers started expression their opinions on his act. That got Richards all hot and bothered, and that made him freak out on stage. There would’ve been no harm done since this happens to celebrities from time to time. Their very high strung, like race horse, so every once in a while they go off their pretty little heads. Since they’re celebs people cut them some slack. This time it was out there in public and in no uncertain terms. So Kramer had to go away.

This time it was the career of Dane Cook. Kramer, I mean Cook, was at the Laugh Factory doing some of that observational comedy that has put stand up out of business when he got onto the Dark Knight & Colorado. Now that’s a hot potato that even a politician with his fly down in public would have sense enough to know to avoid. So Cook, maybe thinking that he’s cool & hip enough to handle it, grabs the wheel and steers the Titanic right at the ice berg (Perhaps because “it’s there” in the immortal words of Sir Edmond Hilary. Hillie at least gets credit for getting out of the position he was foolish enough to get himself into with that kind of positive thinking.).

In comedy timing is everything and Cook worked himself up to that faux pas with about 6 seconds of foreplay. He started with some critique on the Dark Knight – “it was a piece of crap, Spoiler alert!”. Now starting out with something every one can agree on is a good idea! However Cookie didn’t stop there but went right on to the topic of the shooting. Now lest you doubt that some one can be that crazy in public just take a look at the following youtube video!

Kristen Stewart is the new LeAnn Rimes! 

In other news Kristen Stewart is still a two timing little cheat, but she knows what she’s done. Now it should be said that Twilight fans don’t hate Kris. They’re just very very disappointed with her. This isn’t just because she has left poor RPatz profoundly depressed, but it’s also the sleazy LeAnn Rimesy way she sidled up to a married man! In this case Stewie was more Bogus Mom than Bonus Mom as she made nice nice with the married director’s kids! According to Celeb-itchy (they’re on Spell Check!) in an article titled “When Lip Biting Gets Real“,  the affair may have started way back, and an ice cream incident might have been a sign that more was going on – “Come and have ice cream with daddy’s mistress!”

Anyway the upshit is that Stewie has kinda figured this needs some kind of public mea culpa so she’s saying all the right things and almost in the right way to! Like such as Stewie is very disappointed in herself and she doesn’t blame anyone but herself and she feels very bad right now. IN fact she’s talking a lot about herself and how her behavior affects her. So who knows, maybe she’s unwittingly put her finger on the problem.


Kristen Stewart cheats on vamp boyfriend

Looks like Kristen and RPatz are dunzo. Kristy got caught getting it on with a married man, which of course put a strain on their relationship. At least this terrible thing happened before the lucrative Twilight franchise ran it’s slow tiresome course.


Hating on Chris

Should we hate Chris Brown? He’s an easy guy to dislike: he’s young, good looking, talented, and rich. He’s in his early twenties and drives around in a million dollar Bugati. So he’s asking for it by going around making a target of himself! What people really held against him was that he beat ex girl friend Rihanna. They were an attractive and popular pair who were scheduled to perform at the Oscars when Chris flipped out and beat the shit out of her. So he became public enemy No 1, or at least a villain only slightly less sinister than Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden bombed the World Trade Center and killed 3000 people – allegedly depending on what conspiracy theories you subscribe to – many of whom were coincidentally women. So Osama is ahead. However Chris specifically beat a woman so that made him a very close second on the hate list.

Chris went away for a little while. Then he came back again without the usual obligatory displays of fake remorse. Maybe he felt some real remorse but he didn’t go around with his heart on his sleeve – “believe me, if I had a heart this is were it would be”. So he got docked points for not being polite enough to be a phony.

Anyway Chris started making a come back. Even Rihanna forgave him, did a track with him – because she said he’s one of the best in the business. She also mentioned that people should get the fuck over it and particularly get off her back about working with him. By that time Rihanna had got a bit obnoxious and many secretly wanted to smack her, so they weren’t gonna cut Chris any slack cause she said so. So the point is that Chris still has one foot in the dog house, but people are still talking about him. In fact here’s the Young Turks to tell you some stuff that you’ve already heard before. So listen and decide whether or not you should continue in the pleasure of morally justified hatred or not. It’s reassuring to feel that there’s some one out there worse than ourselves.

PS Wondertrash is not trying to justify violence against women, or for them for that matter. Nor even trying to condemn hatred, moral justified or otherwise. People are only human and they need their little indulgences. It just seems like people are making a meal out of this whole Chris Brown thing. Still, if you feel the need fr a little well intention hatred, it’s a free country! Whether or not hatred is helpful or even useful, it sure is emotionally satisfying, and emotions are an essential part of our basic humanity. Besides becoming the object of hatred is an occupational hazard with celebrities, and that doesn’t deter them from seeking the lime light.

Wonder Woman Love


Justin Bieber Held For Rash Driving! – Hollywood Scandals

Speedy Bieber

It’s rough being Justin Bieber. Not only is he America’s most popular irritating teen, but his Selena Gomez relationship is hitting yet another rough patch. Now the bibs is in trouble with the law. Bieber got pulled over by the fuzz after driving like a maniac. Bieber says that he was flying the intrusive paparazzi, who tail the young pop singer everywhere. The police felt that fame is no excuse for reckless driving, at least not unless he bags a Grammy or something, so they hauled him in. You have to give JB some credit for managing to divert public attention from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with something as mundane as speeding.

Hot Wax

In other news Australian model Miranda Kerr has been immortalized in wax by Madame Tussaud. I’m not sure who Madame Tussaud is or why she feels the need to capture celebrities in wax. I assume she’s some kind of creepy Vincent Price in a dress, the kind of sinister spinster who practices poisoning for  a hobby after the family took away her knitting needles when she kept repeatedly stabbing the budgie bird. Anyway whatever her celebrity hangup is we can only be grateful that she keeps them off the streets and trapped under thick layers of wax where they can be safely observers without harmful effects to the spectators! Way to go Madame T you crazy old biddy you – now here’s the final results with Wax Miranda!

Miranda looks just as lovely as an inanimate object as she does as an animated one! That leads to our inspirational Wondertrash Thought of the Day! Just divert your peepers from the fetching Ms Kerr and clap them on the  pix below to get your Daily Dose of positive thinking!

So keep looking for the wonder!

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