Justin Bieber Held For Rash Driving! – Hollywood Scandals

Speedy Bieber

It’s rough being Justin Bieber. Not only is he America’s most popular irritating teen, but his Selena Gomez relationship is hitting yet another rough patch. Now the bibs is in trouble with the law. Bieber got pulled over by the fuzz after driving like a maniac. Bieber says that he was flying the intrusive paparazzi, who tail the young pop singer everywhere. The police felt that fame is no excuse for reckless driving, at least not unless he bags a Grammy or something, so they hauled him in. You have to give JB some credit for managing to divert public attention from Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes with something as mundane as speeding.

Hot Wax

In other news Australian model Miranda Kerr has been immortalized in wax by Madame Tussaud. I’m not sure who Madame Tussaud is or why she feels the need to capture celebrities in wax. I assume she’s some kind of creepy Vincent Price in a dress, the kind of sinister spinster who practices poisoning for  a hobby after the family took away her knitting needles when she kept repeatedly stabbing the budgie bird. Anyway whatever her celebrity hangup is we can only be grateful that she keeps them off the streets and trapped under thick layers of wax where they can be safely observers without harmful effects to the spectators! Way to go Madame T you crazy old biddy you – now here’s the final results with Wax Miranda!

Miranda looks just as lovely as an inanimate object as she does as an animated one! That leads to our inspirational Wondertrash Thought of the Day! Just divert your peepers from the fetching Ms Kerr and clap them on the  pix below to get your Daily Dose of positive thinking!

So keep looking for the wonder!

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