Anne Hathaway got married

Looks like Adam Shulman finally made an honest woman out of Catwoman. That’s because about 1 year after getting engaged to actress Anne Hathaway, Adam and Anne made it officially oficial. The pair were married at about 5 PM yesterday, at sunset, in Big Sur California. Anne wore a Valentino gown as the pair exchanged vows in a  private ceremony.

If you didn’t see this one coming it’s because Anne played it rewal close to the chest. She kept the location a secret from everyone including the 180 guests, who were shuttled in by mini buses. Read more and see more pix @ Daily Mail.

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Lightning hits the SUV

Being a celebrity is a little like getting struck by lightening, and getting struck by lightening can make you a little bit of a celebrity. Take the case of the Russian driver of this SUV. They were driving along minding their own business when suddenly KA POW! The driver following happened to catch the unlikely event on their dash cam. So now youtube has another viral video. Hope that the unlucky SUV driver is okay.

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Erin Moran Booted Out of Trailer Park

What’s worse than being a former TV star who winds up living in a trailer park? Getting kicked out of the trailer park!

Life hasn’t been all Happy Days for Erin “Joanie Cunningham” Moran since she left TV Sitcomville. Work was hard to find. She did find a man – Steve Fleischmann. After they got hitched she moved into the trailer park with him. However there was a bump in the road – namely her new mother in law. Mom didn’t like Joanie’s hard partin’ ways, so push finally came to shove and Joanie got the boot. I guess your standard mobile home just isn’t big enough for a woman, her son, and a former Tv sit com star! Here’s the scoop on the poop!

Happy Days Are Over: Erin Moran Is ‘Homeless’

For more on the story check out Views From An Old Broad!

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Dinas Lohan’s 1st Post Phil Interview -VIDEO

Celebrimom Dina Loham does her 1st post Phil interview and she’s coherent. What’s more she not only can strong a sentence together, but she swears she wasn’t stoned on the Dr Phil show. In audition to pushing believability she also has some words of motherly advice for Amanda Bynes, and hypes her upcoming reality TV show!

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Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor – PHOTO

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Brooke Shields Smoking Pot?

You’ve heard the rumors about that Brooke Shields pot smoking picture and now her it is – Brookie with HR from Bad Brains.

Naturally Brookie denies is but Bad Brains manage swears up and down that it was her.

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