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Dina Lohan out of it with Dr Phil – VIDEO

The biggest disappointment since Kate Gosselin‘s bid for world domination!

Seen this travesty yet? It Mom of the Year Dina Lohan with Dr Phil McGraw. Dina dropped by to try and explain exactly what her problem is. Her problem soon became apartment as she incoherently slurred through the interview. Released clips already have people asking “What the fuck was she on?”, and commenting “At least she isn’t Amanda Bynes designated driver. Now let’s have a look at some of the highlights of a low point.

So what was wrong with Dina? opinions vary from booze, pills, to booze & pills.You have to give her the benefit of the doubt though, because for one thing you might get libeled. This sort of thing is right up Gloria Allred’s alley. So in this cause benefit of the doubt might mean putting “allegedly” before “drunk” or “pilled up”. Or if you’re a really trusting soul then you might decide that the poor woman was having a brain aneurysm or something. One thing we can agree on is that there are few pop culture phenomenons as sad as a super heroine’s epic downfall!


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Dina Lohan out of it on Dr. Phil

From our good friends at DListed (actually they don’t know anything about Mocksure – so I’ll say “allegedly” good friends). It’s a video of Dr Phil and Mamma Lohan. Now apart from the fact that it shows Dina’s gettin’ more air time these days than her troubled daughter Lindsay, the other significant thing about this video is Dina’s behavior. DListed describes as “high as three shades of hell”. Since no urine test was performed, that we know of, let’s just say that she was ‘allegedly’ acting a little peculiar.

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