The Rock Stays Hungry!

The Rock’s a big galoot who sure likes to eat, if pictures are any indication!

 Now how’d you like to be the one responsible for keeping him fed? Your paws would never maintain his jaws cause he’d eat you outta house and home!

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Oscars 2013 (playlist)

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

Anne Hathaway Gets Married To Adam Shulman! ENTV

Kate Gosselin Tell All Pulled

So what kind of a person is Kate Gosselin, besides the pushy reality TV mom we’ve seen too much of in the tabs & once upon a time on her Kate +8 series? We may never really know but the world came very close. That’s because a recent tell all purporting to reveal the damning truth on Kate was recently pulled from the shelves. The author, a friend of Kate’s ex Jon, swears every word is true cause he got it off a hard drive she threw away. Kate’s people claim that the book is libelous. So they had Amazon pull it.

The author is Robert Hoffman. The books is Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World. The libelous claim is that Kate is sick in the head. He also says that she’s in desperate need of mental health intervention. He also presents himself as some on in a position to know. he was a friend of Jon’s. As such he was privy to all kinds of anti Kate kind of inside info. For instance he says that he’s in possession of 5,000 family photos, personal documents, tax & business records. Now that’s what you call a really involved friend! Of course he was more to them than a friend. He was also a freelance reporter covering the Kate drama for Us Weekly!

Friendship doesn’t stop at collecting the relics of a failing relationship. Hoffman took his friendship to the extreme of diving into the Gosselins‘; trash to retrieve Kate’s discarded computer. Not to return it or anything, bu8t to search the hard drive for juicy tidbits. Tidbits he did find, according to him, in the form of many e mails between Kate & the Discovery channel. Those alone must be good for a laugh! Then there were the contracts and personal documents. Many of these were reproduced in their entirety.

I’ll be sued by one or more parties before this is over,” Hoffman wrote, & he was right. Quick as a wink the lawyers got in on the act. LA’s celebrity law firm Lavely & Singer made their presence felt. As did Washington firm Williams & Connolly.  W&C are the Discovery Channel’s reps. So this is way more than a Gloria Allred nuisance suit.

The big boys issued some notices of infringement along with cease and desist orders. What that means in plain English is that even though Hoffman found that stuff lying around in some one else’s garbage, that ain’t exactly getting it fair & square. Besides some of that shit is still confidential, at least according to Discovery! So Amazon had to shelve the E Book almost as soon as it hit the market!

That leaves Hoffman in the middle of a legal mess. He’s also accepting on line donations. Seems there are some Gosselin enthusiasts out there who think that any swipe at Kate is well worth supporting! It also leaves Hoffman issuing some press statements, like ‘I’m overwhelmed and at a loss for words.’ ‘Loss for words’ would be very droll, if he meant it! Meanwhile he’ll have to join the ranks of other free speech martyrs like rebels without a cause Pussy Riot!

Pussy Riot: A cunning stunt or stunned cunts?

Wondertrash is the blog that supports free speech, but only if it’s frivolous, cause otherwise it’s only a waste of breath!

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Bieber Puke Gif

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

Lindsay Lohan Attacked In Her Hotel Room

Woman gets year in jail for fake boob job

Everything I know I learned from Octomom

Celebrities like being trend setters. They also like getting plenty of cosmetic surgery. What happens when these two things come together? It might be reality TV in the making, but in this case it’s a scandalous news story about a woman who faked cancer in order to get a boob job paid for.

In this case the woman is Jamie Lynn Toler. She organized a fundraiser to get a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery. At least that’s what she told everyone to get the money out of them. The truth is that she only used the money to get implants. She fessed up to her former boss, grandparents, and mother about the real deal, but that’s not where things went horribly wrong. When a compassionate doctor offered to treat her condition for free she was cornered! Upshot is that Jamie got sentenced to a year and three months in the can.


I dunno whether the woman ever did get her fake boobs, but she did get a little famous, & even got a jail sentence. That’s the Hollywood ending! There’s probably even a “to be continued”. Although it is alittle bit sick.

A little bit sick is Hollywood too. Most times that’s meant figuratively, as in “sick in the head”. However it as often as not means literally as starts get photographed throwing up in bushes and gutters, or staggering around while turning every shade of green. Sometimes it gets even more extreme – like when Justin Bieber & youtube are involved.

The Biebs was down in Arizona, where he treated 18 000 screaming fans to dinner and a show. The dinner was recycled. In the middle of performing “Out of Town Girl” the Biebs had a sudden attack of nausea – like so many will when listening to his music. So there in front of fans the Bieb doubled over and lost his lunch. When it’s you or me we can quietly crawl off to some rest room to be alone with our misery. When your Justin Beiber comapny loves misery, so your misfortune gets vodeoed and uploaded to youtube. So now you can see what Beiber looks like when he vomits!

Now that’s already become a tumblr gif and not doubt soon an Internet meme.Well the show m ust go on and you have to give Beiber full credit for giving the fans a show when he wasn’t 100%, and for not spraying all over them! After all, they came for pop music and not a Gallagher performance! The Beibs even apologized to his fans: “It’s hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people. Will you love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?” Don’t worry JB, that puke may already be up for bidding on EBay!

It’s been a hectic gossip week what with Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s startling revelations, some of which have helped put Brigitte Nielsen at the top of google search. Short story on that is yes he did her and possibly while he was dating Maria Schriver, but before they were married. He was even the one who intro’d her to Sly Stallone, possibly because she was getting too obsessed and Sly would make a good diversion. That Arnie always covers the angles.

Then there was the shocking story of Sons of Anarchy star Johhny Lewis who murdered his landlady, 81 year old Catherine Davis, outside the Los Feliz residence where he rented a room from her, before jumping to his death.  Ms. Davis was kind of a beacon to the local arts community, who’d rented to many famous people over the years. She’d helped many get their start in LA. Johnny on the other hand had a long string of run ins with the law, was described as suffering from “psychopathy”, and an alleged user of synthetic drugs like “smiles”. He’d also dated Katy Perry and there has been some suggestion that “The One That Got Away” was partly inspired by him.

So while you digest that, Wondertrash will be working on more fresh dirt to be delivered soon.

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