Baby Sitter Charged After Kids Eat Crack

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Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

Brazilian Virginity Auction Girl in Playboy?

This post is worth it because the title alone hits so many search terms! Yahoo! Now let’s take a  google and have an ogle shall we?

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

What did Bruce Willis do with 12 000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies??

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

KATE WINSLET Gets Married and LEO DICAPRIO Gives Her Away!

Latest Gossip = Slap Egotists

TOM CRUISE New Girlfriend?

Harrison Ford feeds the Homeless at LA Mission’s Christmas Eve Dinner 2012

Mirando Update

‘I don’t know where this has come from but, my gosh, they are very happy.’

Mirando: They’ll be home for Christmas

In yesterday’s post I said that the rumours about the Kerr Bloom bust up were official and that was right. Since it got written up in InTouch there are officially rumours. The relationship is another matter! That’s cause Orlando Bloom’s mom (Sonia Copeland-Bloom) is adamantly and vociferously denying that there is any kind of a split. The only separation between the Brit actor and the Aussie model is purely physical and merely geographical – & that’s because they’re busy working hard on different hemispheres. In spirit they are as close as they ever were. During the the upcoming Christmas holidays they’ll be together again in person too. That’s cause Mother Bloom says Miranda & Orlando – henceforth referred to jointly as Mirando for convenience – is coming to stay with her & the family. That ought a be some yuletide. The only thing that could make it even more festive is if Leo DeC were added to the guest list, which I doubt that he will be; even though he’s a close personal type friend of Bloom’s!

Still keeping up with the Kardashians

There’s more to life than Miranda Kerr’s big toothy grin however, like Kim Kardashian. Kardashian catapulted to international fame as a kinder gentler Paris Hilton on the back of her sex tape. After that it was a heady celebrity fast lane life of reality TV and feuds with PETA. She also mercilessly unleashed the rest of her family unto an unsuspecting public. Then she got married, sold out the rights for 20 million (allegedly), and promptly divorced her “reality” husband on Halloween after only 72 days of marriage. Now there’s got to be some occult significance in that but everyone besides conspiracy theorists were thinking “what kind of a con game is this lady pulling?” The public began to turn on her leaving Kim to complain that it’s what she gets for following her heart.

So Kim had jumped the shark. After that she entered the next stage of heady celebrity lifestyle consisting of law suits and unflattering tabloid coverage. She might have continued past irrelevance and disappeared into obscurity if she hadn’t latched onto Kanye West – her saved her ass. The bad press continued though, like this latest bit of news. Seems that a family over in Merry Ole England claim that the Kardashians have landed on their little mom and pop operation like some kind of international conglomerate. Here’s the story:

Kim Kardashian: It’s not like she has a copyright on the letter K, yet!

Jay Wiley is a hard working Brit mom and entrepreneur from  Harrogate, North Yorks. Several years ago she developed and bgean to market her own upscale cosmetic line called Kroma. Now knowing what big freaks the Kardashians are for anything with the letter K in it, Jay sent them some samples of her cosmetics hoping that they might want to promote it.

So imagine Jay’s surprise when the Kardashins come out with their own unique brand also and coincidentally called Kroma. I say coincidence because the Kardashinas also use the same font on their product as Ms Wiley does on hers. Now that has to be coincidence, unless there’s something more to it.

Whether there’s any more to it is what Ms. Wiley wants to find out. So she’s contacted some lawyers and a lot of newspapers, like DailyMail and The Mirror. She’s making some press statements too like such as:

‘We’ve been working so hard on this and now it looks like they’re taking our brand name.
‘They even appear to have used the same font as ours on their packaging.’
She continued: ‘Do they think that we will just go away?
‘I know the Kardashians themselves will be sat on a beach somewhere having their pictures taken…it’s the machine behind them that we’re taking on.’

So far Wiley hasn’t got satisfaction out of the Kardashians. She claims that though Kim & Co might make as much as 45 million from the line, she’s only received an insulting financial offer. That leaves Wiley feeling that the Kardashians are setting a bad example as role models for young women by trying to bully her out of business. If she thinks the Kardashians worry too much about setting a bad example then she might want to take a look at that sex tape.

the buzz on Chalize lately

Remember Charlize Theron? She played a super heroine in Aeon Flux (Celebrity suerheroism is a kind of theme around here). She was also in that movie with Kristen StewartSnow White and the Huntsman. Anyhow Charley is best remembered as having these gorgeous blonde locks. So where is Charley lately? Well Charley has resurfaced, but where her hair went is yet to be told. Just take a look at these pics!

Hey Butch, what’s the buzz?

Call me crazy (& you won’t be the first) but that look does work on her, especially with the jacket. Of course Chalize is so pretty she could get away with anything. Slap a pink wig on her and she’s be Erin Esurance!  Now here she is as perhaps you best remember her, in her souped up super heroine form.

Occupy Esurance

Speaking of Erin Esurance she’s the kind of celeb story that I hate to write about here @Wondertrash. You may or may not recall that the previously unknown animated super heroine had a meteoric rise to fame as the Esuarance pitch woman. She appeared in a series of popular advertisements as a secret agent fighting high insurance premiums, and red tape. She was also featured in oodles of doodles by way of amateur internet porno.

As quick as she’d risen to TV advertisement super stardom it was over. maybe it was the porno, or maybe it was Esurance’s merger with Allstate. Anyway as I heard it Ms. Erin got “imprisoned” in a special TV advertising museum set up by Esurance especially to contain their exuberant femme fatale. This way Esurance could keep their option on the character and her Wildbrain Animation creators couldn’t put her to other uses. So corporate fat cats accomplished what creepy super villains never could – they slowed down a super heroine!

Unnamed sources say that captivity was hard on Agent Erin. She began showing up as a cyber sprite over on Second Life, and getting into all kinds of kinky shit. Plus she was hitting the digital vodka martini’s pretty hard. Friends were worried about a down ward out of control spiral. At the rate she was going she was bound to pick up a computer virus! Then she’d need a dose of virtual Valtrex! Rehab admission seemed to be around the corner. That’s why I’m happy to report that things may be finally turning around for her.

It seems that Ms. Erin is not only ready to turn her life around, but has even embarked on a whole new career. She’s not a high powered super agent anymore. In fact she’s currently working as a stressed out motorcycle courier in an unnamed city. Erin asked that the location remain, in her own words, “top secret”, because she still gets hassled by fan boys – but between you & me it’s Cincinnati, Ohio – the city where even turkeys can fly!

Erin reports that she’s feeling very optimistic about getting back in the game. “Adventure can be lurking anywhere,” the former super spy says, “even in the most unlikely places. Why one of these parcels could open the doorway to mystery and be my ticket back into the world of international espionage!” The only thing I can say in response is “slow down there – and learn to take it easy!” However if this recent picture of Erin on the job is any indication then she’s full of beans again. Why she might be hot on the trail of some hot lead that could bring her back to the international fast lane. Either that or she’s chasing some one off of a parking space. Hang in there Erin!

Erin Esurance rides again!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Opera

Erin’s right when she says that motorcycling courier work can lead to better things. Long before he was The Phantom of the Opera and an international superstar Michael Crawford briefly woirked as a bike courier. It didn’t work out too well and the job only lasted about 30 mins. Fortunately the highlights were recorded for posterity!

Some Mothers Do Ave Em: S3 E5 – King of The Road

So you see Erin, there is hope. So baby if you ever wondered, wondered what ever became of Erin E – she hasn’t been around much lately, she’s down and out in Cincinnati. Just baby think of her once in awhile.