Are Justin & Selena moving on?

Downunder Wonders

What better way to start you day than with Miranda Kerr? Miranda was back home recently, in Australia, for a David Jones fashion show.  That used to be Megan Gale’s gig before she was cast in as Wonder Woman in that Justice League movie that never got made. It’s not Gale’s fault. She signed the contract. The ink was dry. They even had their Wonder Woman gagged, so she was contractually forbidden to talk about her involvement in the project. Megan was a good girl about it and refused to say anything publicly beyond nods, winks, and other hint dropping. Looked like it was in the bag.

big corporations vs super heroines part 2

There were only a couple of hitches. The contract had some sort of none renewal clause. So if the project didn’t get made past a certain point the company wasn’t contractually obligated. They said it was for the good of the actors, so they could move on and do other things in case of delays. then there were some disagreements with the government of Australia. The film company wanted some tax breaks that Oz wouldn’t give ’em. So the deal fell through, & Megan never got to play Wonder Woman. So another super heroine gets taken down by corporatism – just like Erin Esurance (but at least Gale isn’t being held prisoner in a comic book museum – thought hat might make a great Wonder Woman story idea!). The costume for the flick is still out there though, and tailored to Ms. Gale’s measurements. It’s a shame that they didn’t at least give her the costume because comic fans should’ve gotten something out of the debacle. Now back to Miranda.

walk the run

Miranda was down under to walk the runway (It’s usually called a cat walk but “walk the cat walk” sounds awkward. I could’ve used “run the cat walk” except clothes horse don’t run, the slink or sidle.I’m not the first to point out that fashion doesn’t always make sense.) for David Jones’ Fall & Winter collection. Now if that sounds a little out of fashion, because the industry like to push it’s product 2 seasons ahead, then remember that this is in Australia, were they’re 2 seasons out of step with the northern hemisphere. The water in their toilets flows down the wrong way too. So the place is like England only trippier!

pretty as a picture

As I was saying Miranda was down in Sidney to display some of the latest David Jones gear. So you’ll probably want to see her decked out, strutting around, and looking her usual pretty self. So and without any further adieu, here’s some Miranda from the David Jones Fall & Winter show in Sidney Australia!

Ain’t she sweet? She’s a real treat in basic black too. Now there are many more pictures of Ms. Ker in Sidney – because and for some reason people like photographing her. To see them just link to Celebrity-gossip, or Hollywood Gossip. At HG you can read about Miranda’s stay fit tips like “I’ve been doing yoga for more than ten years, but the way I really stay in shape is by spending so much time dancing and running with my son. You have to give your body the nutrients it needs and, always within limits, you should never deprive yourself of anything. Life is for living!” She’s sounds like a typical active Aries, unless Aries becomes Libra down in Australia. Not sure how that would work but it probably has something to do with the Earth’s magnetic field. No doubt the same phenomenon that also stripped Megan Gale of her Wonder Woman powers!

Rihanna is in the picture

What’s new with Justin Bieber? He hasn’t been nominated for any Grammy’s or anything. He’s still on the outs with former girlfriend Selena Gomez. There were talks about them getting back together but that’s unlike to happen because now Rihanna is in the picture. A “shocking”  report in Life & Style claims that Gomes dumped Bieber after she discovered that he’d been seeing Rihanna.

According to the report Gomez believes that Bieber started “hooking up” with Rihanna back in Feb 2011, when Gomez had just started dating Justin. She also believes that the hook ups continued. Suspicious Selena thinks that Justin may have been seeing Rihanna at parties she’s held at her LA home, and at the Four Seasons. She also thinks that something may or may not have happened at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in NYC. “During breaks they’d sneak away to the Hotel Giraffe,” a source says. “They were alone, their security made sure of it. Hotel staff blocked off the entire floor for them.

Speaking of Victoria’s Secret.

Now that’ll sell the panties!

didn’t so it, so it never even happened

As for Bieber, he denies the whole thing. Well he hasn’t actually denied it but his reps have done it for him with the following statement on the young singer’s behalf –  “He would never tell anyone he messed around with Rihanna because it would make him look like a dirty dog.” It’s also denied that anything physical ever happened.

Selena learns to deal with adversity

So where does that leave Selena? I hear that she’s taking a special adversity training self help course. After gearing her up with a special meal of red onions and Tabasco sauce, washed down with genrous amounts of Red Bull and Starbuck’s coffee, trainers sit her in front of a computer. When she tries to use it the pull the plug a out and scream at her “Now make it work! Find a way!‘ Then the force her to use some of the less user friendly versions of the Windows operating system. Oh yeah and the computer only runs Internet Explorer. So she’s usually a nervous wreck by the end of the session. I hear that they used a similar method to break down terrorist suspects in Guantanamo Bay, before it was banned as inhumane and they moved on to water boarding. It’s a shame that so many brainwashing techniques have found their way into the self help improvement movement. What forges the sword cracks the pot (Take it from a crack pot!).

She’s also seeing Luke Bracey. CelebrityDirtyLaundery reports that the pair were friendly at the recent Golden Globe Awards on January 13th. A source revealed, “Selena’s like a cat who ate the canary. Luke is older, hotter and so much more fun than Justin. Her friends, like Miley Cyrus, have told her that she’s onto a good thing, having an Aussie boyfriend. They’re turning into the must-have accessory for Hollywood’s girls.

This comes despite  Justin’s Mom Pattie Mallette, who’s urging Bieber to get back with Gomez. Mallette apparently thinks the world of Gomez, and feels she’s a good influence on her son. Selena is rumored to have even spent the night, recently, at Bieber’s house. However now the word is that Gomez has ‘unofficially‘ moved on. Mom’s seal of approval has been the death of many relationships. Sounds like tough luck but at least she’s getting this cleared up and out of the way before Valentine’s Day.