Not everyone has forgiven Chris Brown

Rihanna has forgiven Chris Brown.It seems like public opinion is softening up on him too. There’s one person who’s not ready to forgive and forget, & this guy is one powerful enemy to have. That person is none other than the guy you always see with BeyonceJayZ.  If you wanna get some idea of what JZ really thinks about Brown then just take a look at the following picture!

Now what are we to make of that? I dunno. It might be a mistake to read too much into it. For one thing this has been a very hectic few months for JZ what with Presidential Inaugurals and Superbowls. I hear that Pope Benedict 16 has even gotten in contact with him, and asked him to use his considerable organizational skills to help plan that big upcoming conclave. I hear he’s recruited Katie Perry to perform with Beyonce as ‘naughty nuns‘ for that one. Lady Gaga would’ve killed for that but Pokerface was a few years ago. So the upshot is that perhaps the poor man is tired out from all that hi profile planning and arranging, and so didn’t have the energy to stand up and cheer. Yes I’m sure that might be possible.

I’m with Picard on this one.

In other news you’ve heard about the big Superman Wonder Woman pair up in DC Comics. Wonder Woman was previously rumored to be seeing Batman, but that was never officially confirmed. Anyway looks  like Bruce and Diana went their separate ways – they’re far too committed to the battle against injustice to let personal feelings interfere, and that’s left the way open for Superman.

DC is very excited about their new star couple since nothing makes PR like a celebrity romance. Clark and Diana are kind of into it too. In fact I hear that the super power couple are even planning a secret surprise elopement, possibly at the Batcave, but more likely at the Fortress of Solitude if Brucie still ain’t cool with it. 

Bruce ain’t the only one pissed off since Lois is still floating around out there somewhere. It makes yous top and think about how tricky that guest list is gonna be. For one thing Diana will have no idea who to invite. Donna Troy was sure to get lead maid of honour, but most of her regular supporting cast were lost in the DC 52 reboot. She’ll also have some trouble inviting family – her Amazon family have been turned into snakes, and her new Olympian family are kind of on the outs with her. Meanwhile Superman has that secret identity issue, so no one who knows him as Clark can show up for Superman – except for the witless Jimmy Olson who’s too unsuspecting to catch on anyway.

The point is that Supes and Wondy are set to go and in fact planning a secret surprise wedding to beat Brad and Angelina to the alter.So look for the Amazon Warrior to make her transition from Wonder Woman to Wonder Wife sometime soon!