Bottles, jugs, & a familiar old whine

Brangeline – now you can bottle it and sell it!

Now they’re a gift to the world that you can slap a bow on!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a new money making venture. The Pitt Jolie’s have a 1000 acre estate in the wine regions of France named Miravel (& not to be confused with the international airport in Montreal called Mirabel). The estate was even once used as a winery and produced a wine called Pink Floyd – after the legendary band who recorded the Wall in the region. Now any wine called Pink Floyd sounds like something that you shouldn’t be drinking unless you’re drinking it out of a brown paper bag in a back alley way. The name suggests that it would pack a punch.

Brangelina – now bottled but never bottled up!

Anyway the Pitt Jolie’s have this big wine ready so they’ve decided to put it to use. So Angelina Jolie, in collaboration with her partner Brad Pitt and in association with Perrins is pleased to announce the release of Miravel the wine – named after the celebrity estate on which it was made. The wine will be a rosé. It boasts an elegantly shaped bottle with an eye caching label. Perrrins collaborated in the harvest with the Pitt Jolie’s and announced that though it wasn’t easy that “We talked a lot and did the first harvest together. They are very demanding in seeking excellence in the quality and character of their wine.” Well there you go. The wine is also up for review so you can look forward to those wine critic description of Brangelina – I mean Miravel. I wonder how wine critics compare to film critics.If their offering is as good as PerezHilton then it’s fresh and not from  concentrate.

Tongues wagging as cups runneth over!

Meanwhile former supermodel and still super Christie Brinkley has come to her daughter Alexa Joel’s defense by slamming rumors that the young woman may have undergone breast augmentation surgery. When Alexa stepped out in public recently there seemed to be a bit more of her there than people were accustomed to seeing. So that sparked the rumors that she had the deck stacked so to speak. Christie got on TV with Anderson Cooper on his 360 show to say that the whole boob job story is just a bunch of bull shit.

Stop judging those jugs!

Christie explained that the though Alexa has some good genes she was what’s known as a late developer. So her packages took a while to arrive. When they did though everyone knew it. Christie then goes on to say that her own famous curves are 100 per cent natural. As a world famous supermodel she’s faced the surgery question herself many times and is getting tired of it. Says Christie – ‘It bothers me as a human that our society has gotten to this level. And now, after enduring all this criticism as a child, not a public figure but a child, she’s stepping out into the world she’s doing things and now they can’t even accept, it’s like, ‘Oh she’s too beautiful, she bought it all, it’s all plastic surgery.‘   Brinkley goes on to say that ‘My daughter is the most honest, open, sensitive and beautiful person and she had a little tweak of her nose, she had a rhinoplasty which she felt she wanted to tell everybody because she wanted other people to feel comfortable if they made that decision for themselves and she did. That’s the only thing she’s every done.

I think that Christie should be grateful. She has a lovely daughter who didn’t inherit too much of her father’s looks. Now if you’re old enough to remember them getting together than you remember that people had their doubts.  Brinkley’s always been a lovely woman but Billy Joel, & with all due respect – is no Ryan O Niel. Or no Brad Pitt to put it in slightly more contemporary terms. So when they had kids people were wondering “Oh oh how’s this gonna work out?” However now that it’s about 25 years later I think that it’s safe to say you can stop worrying now. The girl looks fine – fantastic in fact. Besides there a re people worse off, & in the entertainment business too! People like Brendan Fraser.

Fraser goes courting

Brendan Fraser is an interesting story. He was  George of the Jungle. Fortunately he bounced back and his career recovered with a series of “The Mummy” movies co starring Rachel “Mrs 007” Weisz. Since those movies helped Rachel Weisz’s career to the point where she was Bondworthy, to the despair of Daniel Craig’s ex fiancee; and also helped make former pro wrestler the Rock a star, Fraser has much to answer for. Answer he’s and in court too, but not for other matters. Matters like palimony and alimony.

be a “pal’ and give “i” some “mony”

Back when Brendan was a mummy hunter in the movies he also had something going on on the side. In this case marriage. His wife at the time was Afton Smith. They had 3 sons together. Then in 2007 they split. By 2009 they’d divorced. Now in Hollywood no one gets out of a marriage cheap. In Brendan’s case he seemed good for some coin. So they agreed to about $900 000 per year in alimony.

“How do you plead?”,  “Poverty your honor”

Thing is that times have changed. Brendan’s no longer making a lot of movies. For one thing he has some health issues. They prevent him from working, plus they cost. So it’s a double whammy. With out the big Hollywood income he can no longer afford to go forkin’ out no $1 000 000 a year. So he’s gone into court to get it reduced. The case is gone to court in Conneticut – where Christie Brinkley lives without benefit of a winery, or surgical implants. Brendan himself is set to take the stand sometime real soon. So that answers the question of “how do you go broke after making it in movies?” “Get married and divorced” would have to be answer number one and tied with “Do drugs“. Still Brendan should have more luck finding a new job than Pope Benedict the 16th. . Then again and as local Toronto radio host Bill Carroll says “you know that the economy is bad when God starts laying people off“.

Wondertrash – we’re a whine of the times!

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