Richard Corliss helps Time Mag pick 2012 Oscar Winners

It’s awards season and the big enchilada of awards galas are The Academy Awards, or the Oscars if you wanna risk being familiar to the point of possible disrespect. These award shows are taken very seriously by people in the entertainment industry and dependent media. The Oscars are so big that they make other awards seem like mere ‘rose bowls‘ compared to the Academy Award Superbowl. Let’s put it this way, if the AA’s were a super heroine then they’d be Wonder Woman in a really great designer dress and some slightly daring shoes!  So there’s lots of interest in who’s gonna be hosting – Seth MacFarlane, and who’s gonna be presenting – current list already posted on this site, and perhaps most importantly who’s gonna win.

With that in mind TIME Magazine has produced the following short video in which critic Richard Corliss picks his 2013 winners.

I’m sure that Corliss is a fine film critic, however I want to hear what that German octopus predicts. You remember that it’s the one that correctly picks the World Cup winners. Then again Wondretrash has always been more gossip than glam.


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