Soledad O Brien out at CNN

If you’re a regular reader of Wondertrash then you’ve got too much time on your hands and some lousy reading habits then you know that even though an empowered woman maybe capable of many things she’s still no match for the big corporation. Allstate did what creepy and cartoonish super creeps couldn’t when they boots spokes-toon Erin Eusance out of her TV ad spots. Even though Wonder Woman is the queen of the super fems she still hasn’t gotten so much as an animated TV cartoon, though there are reoccurring talks about movies and TV Series. So what chance does an intrepid girl reporter have?

A little while ago it was reported that Soledad OBrien was in some career jeopardy over @ CNN. That’s because there was a recent management change up at the top. Jeff Zucker is the new boss. He brought in a few of his own people like Chris Cuomo. Menahwile some familiar faces had their heads on the chopping block.

 “The deal to move Erin to the morning alongside Chris Cuomo is basically done. Soledad had been told she’d get a prime-time slot, but that hasn’t yet happened, and now she is telling friends she is likely to leave.

Soledad was on the chop list. For one thing it had been announced that Erin Burnett was getting O Brien’s morning spot. So that left Soledad at loose ends. Now she still had some time left on her contract. So that raised the question about what would happen to her. CNN had three options: they could buy her out, send her on “special assignments”, or keep her on at an equal or superior level. Now according to Soledad No 3 was a real option, & CNN had promised her a plum prime time position that didn’t materialize. So Soledad has decided to say so long.

“I’m fairly confident that I’m not going to be cooking salmon and doing fashion shows on CNN,”

Soledad’s decision to leave is understandable – at least to an unnamed source to NYPost’s Page 6. The source commented that  “Soledad is a big star, and would only stay for the right show. There’s word there will be a flurry of announcements at CNN very soon, including Erin’s move to the morning.” Soledad herself has commented in a recent interview that she didn’t see herself staying on at CNN with their new lighter format of fashion shows and early morning salmon cooking. “Fluffington Post” is not how she defines herself. Or as the source tells Page 6 –  “Soledad is talented at producing in-depth, serious pieces of journalism, and is a tough interviewer. That doesn’t seem to fit the direction the network is going.


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