Neal Schon’s ex is pissed off!

Michaele Salahi (née Michelle Ann “Missy” Holt) lives an interesting life. She was a Real Housewife of DC back when she was with Tareq Salahi. So she was on TV in one of those ‘Shrew Shows‘.  She even got to visit the White House with her husband back in 2009 during Barack Obama’s 1st term. Since they weren’t actually invited they were gate crashers at the White House. That made the incident even more interesting. Especially since people were waiting to see whether the Salahi’s might get arrested over this. Sending two reality TV stars behind bars is a small step but one in the right direction!

Things stayed interesting of the Salahis. On Sept 16 2011 Michaele phoned her husband Tareq to tell him that she was on her way to visit her mother. When she didn’t arrive Tareq became concerned and called the police. He reported it as a potential kidnapping. The police looked into it and found that Michaele had not been kidnapped. She went of her own free will with former Journey guitarist Neal Schon. She gave Tareq the cover story because she didn’t want him to know where she really was. The truth would be inconvenient and embarrassing. It also lead to an eventual divorce from Tareq.

Michaele Salahi’s ongoing relationship with Neal Schon continues to be embarrassing. Not that they haven’t made it legit. Schon announced his engagement to Salahi back in Oct 14 2012. That was onstage during a benefit concert in Baltimore, Md. He also offered her a 11.42 carat diamond that’s supposedly worth a cool 1 million dollars!. That leads to the embarrassing part. You see before Salahi came into his life he was with ex wife Amber Kozon. When they split he didn’t just leave her, he left her in debt.

According to Kozon in a US Mag article she’s so broke that she’s had to put her $500 000 home up for sale. On face book she asked her friends to pray for a quick sale. Her mom Judy is pissed about the situation too. As disgruntle folk often do she took to her blog about, to complain about it.

In what she described as a ‘Just when I thought it was safe…‘ post, and which has since removed, Judy Kozon described her ex son in law as a sperm donor with and inadequate pay check. She also described Salahi as a no talent celebrity wannabe. The strong language is probably why the post got pulled down later. Kozon says  that “since some people have been making wild assumptions, and spinning it in a way that I never intended,”. There was more to the post than name calling though. There were some specific complaints.

For instance Kozon wrote “This time he will cause his 2 little girls to lose their home. He knows this, but he just doesn’t care,” she wrote. “As I write this, his lying has put his ex in a situation where she literally has no money for food, gas for the car, bills, nothing“.

Schon and Salahi are still upbeat about the situation. Says Schon “We are both excited and in love,” Schon told Us Weekly. “We’re happy that we shared with all who were there last night — it was emotional, moving and loving. I’m glad Michaele’s mother and family were there. Once in a lifetime!”    

In other news The Academy Awards have announced their official consolation prize. The gift bag is an important part of the Oscar package for at least 2 reasons: 1. you can judge the importance of an event by the quality of the stuff they give away, and 2. not winning is anti climactic and the right pick me up can soften the funk. So you need something that will make people feel like it weas an honour just to be nominated!

This year it’s a $45 000 swag bag including ‘circus lessons‘ for celeb kids, a trip to somewhere or another, condoms, and also, I believe, premium vodka. Now $45 000 is a nice door prize but lets face it, there’s no substitute for an Oscar. Besides $45 000 wouldn’t cover the cost of the plastic surgery some of the starts are gonna have for the event. Still it’s better than the previous gist choice of ‘novelty cats‘ with glowing eyes.

Now it would’ve been just eerie to see actors leaving the festivities and sullenly waving those things at waiting paparazzi. It would be like a Hello Kitty rave.


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