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Beyonce gets fierce

Beyonce is a glamorous woman. So usually getting her picture taken is no problem. However when buzzfeed posted the “33 Fiercest Moments” from her show there was trouble. Maybe that’s because the photos were like this:


Now that’s beyond fierce and bordering on possessed. If you’re a woman and concerned about your image you can see how those pix might be a problem. So Beyonce has swung into damage control mode. You can read about the whole brouhaha, with witty commentary, over @ DListed.


Amanda Bynes — Provoked by D-Bag Photog, Calls Him ‘An Ugly Black Man’

Amanda Bynes continues to have issues. She threw a bong at some one, got arrested, and then claimed that the arresting cops sexually harassed her or something.

In other news Orlando Bloom’s Zulu closes out the 66th Cannes Film Festival. That’s the movie he was working on while the rumors about a split with Miranda Kerr were circulating. He was in Africa on set while she was out with Leo DiCaprio, or something.


Fame & Chronic Brain Fart

Jose Conseco is a person of interest!

former Oakland A's star is accusedin Vegas sex asault, calls out accuser on Twitter
former Oakland A’s star accused in Vegas sex assault

It’s been a long way down for former Springfield Isotope Jose Conseco. He’s had his ups and downs since his days as one of Mr. Burns’ all stars, and the latest incident is a definite downer. Conseco has been named as a person of interest in a Vegas sex assault! On Wednesday the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department  issued a statement saying that they were investigating a sexual assault and that Conseco was a  ‘suspect’ in the case. Neither victim name or details are released as per police policy, except that – & there’s always an except, no charges have been filed and Conseco has agreed to speak with Vegas cops. Conseco has already addressed the issue on Twitter calling out his accuser by name and offering to take a polygraph.

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is interesting too

Speaking of persons of interest Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford has found international fame.  Now Rob is the guy who took over the city after promising to clean up city hall. He declared war on all those municipal wastocrats. Since the city bureaucracy was wasting tons on whimsical projects the voters were sick of it, and voting in Ford. He then proceeded to take a hatchet to the city’s delicate administrative machinery.

the $64 000 question will cost you $200 000

Now Ford may have meant well but he made many enemies along the way who have been waiting of him to mess up. Now it looks like they might’ve finally gotten their wish. There are rumours that there is a video out there of the Toronto mayor smoking crack. Supposedly the asking price on that is $200 000. The Gawker is trying to raise funds to buy it and are currently over half way to the mark.

He ain’t heavy he’s my brother

Meanwhile the Ford camp is acting like a deer in the headlights. After the news broke Ford disappeared for a few days. Plus there was no official word from Ford or his people about the drug use accusations. When the Mayor finally resurfaced it was at a coucil meeting this morning, where his casino project was defeated. The day got worse. The mayor’s brother Doug Ford finally released a statement saying that he didn’t believe the accusations. Those qualified defenses always sound half-hearted. So what do you expect from a guy’s brother. At least he didn’t say anything like “in my heart he always be the same guy, no matter what”. By the time the Catholic School board kicked Ford out of his volunteer high school foot ball coaching job it looked like there was blood int he water. By the end of the day not even right of center talk radio stations like 640 AM (home of Coast to Coast AM in To, & Canada’s own conspiracy radio show The View From Space with Gary The Spaceman Bell!). All that came after a rough nite where Ford was the but of jokes on late nite talk shows.

Brad Pitt’s Brain

Brad Pitt recently revealed that he doesn’t go out much these days. That’s cause he has few friends. Or as he said in the interview “I have a handful of close friends, I have my family, I make things. Life is good”. It turns out that there is a good reason why Brad doesn’t go out and it’s not what you think. It’s not about Angelina Jolie being so demanding and overbearing partner that she has to monopolize each and every moment of Pitt’s day. It’s actually that Brad is a bit touched in the head!

acting mildly retarded only gets you so far in Hollywood

Touched is a strong word, so let’s say “cognizant deficient”. That term can cover a wide range of conditions from Jerry Lewis type retardation to Rain Man type autism. Pitt’s condition is no where near as severe as Jerry Lewis’s, who’s constant donkey braying and Tourett’e Syndrome like acting out prevented him from ever being accepted into the Rat Pack. Joey Bishop filled that spot, with Don Rickles occasionally substituting. Lewis would’ve seemed a natural for the clown spot on the Rat Pack, with his Dean Martin connection. However no one wanted to be seen publicly with some one constantly barking, shouting, and sucking on their teeth? It frightens the babes away for one thing.For another what Lewis could do in a restaurant while trying to eat a bowl of soup on a bad day should’ve been punishable by law!

I’ve got a place that needs your face called a memory gap

Even though Brad Pitt’s condition is much less severe than Lewis’ it also affects his social life. You see Brad believes that he has something called prosopagnosia. That’s what he told Esquire magazine in an interview anyway. The name sounds strange but you have probably heard of the condition. It’s better known as face blindness. What happens with prosopagnosia is that the suffer can not remember people’s faces. They can meet some one, have a conversation with them, and then a little later meet them and their face is completely unfamiliar. It varies in severity. Some people will have trouble with people they’ve briefly met. Others with casual acquaintances. Still other more severe cases, like following a stroke or head injury, will not even be able to recognize their own family or spouse!

when some one you don’t know starts taking it personally again

Naturally people get pissed off when you don’t remember their faces. This is even more true when you’re a big shot Hollywood celebrity with Angelina Jolie as your partner and George Clooney’s private phone number! People assume that you think you’re too damned big and important to bother remembering them. They can take that very personally. “So many people hate me because they think I’m disrespecting them,” the actor confesses to the mag.

offending people with context

Pitt has tried heading that off at the pass by taking the direct approach with people, and explaining his condition. However ‘Sorry I wouldn’t remember you so remind me who you are again.’ doesn’t smooth much over.  “People were more offended,” he says. “Every now and then, someone will give me context, and I’ll say, ‘Thank you for helping me.’ But I piss more people off. You get this thing, like, ‘You’re being egotistical. You’re being conceited.’ But it’s a mystery to me, man. I can’t grasp a face, and yet I come from such a design/aesthetic point of view.”

only you can help stop James Woods Syndrome

Warren Beatty only thinks he’s in James Woods’ league

So Pitt ain’t absolutely perfect. Maybe that flaw makes him little more human. Besides its’ relatively mild. Some other famous celebs have more severe mental conditions. Like Daryl Hannah for instances. She, like Bill Gates, is rumored to be autistic. They are both suspected to suffer from what was formerly known as Asperger’s Syndrome.  In Gates’ case the mysterious condition is believed to have prompted him to leave his mathematics courses at Harvard to become a full time computer nerd. In Hannah’s case the condition may have prompted her to leave her career as an A List movie actress to work on a board fame, and eventually live in trees. Then there’s the even more serious case of actor James Woods. He has the only known case of James Woods Syndrome. (Woods swears up and down that Warren Beatty shares the same condition but just won’t acknowledge it over a disagreement on the name. Beatty insists that it’s either Warren Beatty Syndrome or he’s fine and doesn’t have a condition!). These people have over come their handicaps and gone on to achieve significant success. So compared to the cases of celebrity personality disorder that plague the entertainment industry, Pitt’s mental problems are relatively mild. They might even be ascribed to having 6 small children to tax every atom of your attention. That has been known to drive some to wit’s end. Hang in their kid!

BTW Pitt has had ‘real conversations’ about his condition and plans to get tested for prosopagnosia sometime soon. Meanwhile if prosopagnosia comes up as a question on Jeopardy sometime soon, then remember where you heard about it. Just because it’s gossip doesn’t mean that it can’t also be informative! You can also look for that Esquire interview to come out sometime around June/July. Pitt does a lot of family talk in it.

Meanwhile keep checking in on the Trash where we keeping going long after we’ve stopped trying, because we’re just too retarded for our own good!


Hollywood Lips

Hollywood Hiccups and Great Big Lips

Kim Kardashian has gone through many changes lately. She’s gotten pregnant by Kayne West. That seems to have thrown Kim’s metabolism completely out of whack. For one thing her famous figure can boast a lot more curves – and that’s just on her face! According to Kim in an interview carried by Hollywood Hiccups Kardashian’s lips have started expanding during her pregnancy! In fact the situation has gotten so bad that Kim has taken to Twitter and Instagram (a marriage made in hell!) to share her concerns! She posted via tweet that “My pregnancy lips are outta control  #IGuessNotABadProblemToHave”. Then and to prove the point she posted a picture of her expanding kisser on Instagram!

Larger than life but too good to be true?

Now Kim swears that those are “pregnancy lips”, even though HH is doing a call out to readers asking whether they’ve ever been similarly plagued. Personally I’m sure that those things used to belong to Lisa Rinna. As for the rest of you, you’re probably hoping that they eventually swell shut and render Kardashian speechless; so that you’ll have heard the last of her. Either that or she’ll end up doing her talking with the CAPS button on!


I think that convicted killer Jodi Arias tried to get something like that done to her lips once. However there was a mix up and they injected her lips with bull shit. After that her mouth wound up swallowing her alibi several times over (or fine tuning the truth as she might call it)! You see Jodi likes to change her tune from time to time. Her numerous story changes regarding the death of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander – or last minute rewrite script revisions – have included everything from home invasion to eventually battered woman syndrome, with many twists and turns along the way.

an A for effort and a G for guilty

Though she gets an A for effort, the jury wasn’t having it, and she got convicted. Where did she go wrong? Killing her boyfriend would probably be a “well duh” answer, however she also may have given everyone too damned much to keep track of. To give her credit at least her story didn’t include any references to the Illuminati, multiple personalities, or alien abduction – yet! However if she suddenly starts calling herself Persis Lightchild & claiming she has special channeled messages for the people of Earth, then you’ll know that she’s at it again!

the lady in question

The thing is that Persis Lightchild’s story has changed yet again. This time it’s on the question of what should happen to her. While the jury was deliberating Jodi said that if found guilty she hopes that she gets the death penalty. That’s so she won’t have to live out the rest of her days in the pen. It would be too horrible. The jury has agreed with her and have recommended that she get the death penalty.

upon further reflection she had it backwards

So that has her doing some of her patented back tracking. Upon further reflection she now says that she can not, “in good conscience”, ask for the death penalty. For one thing she still has a contribution to make in the form of her many save humanity type projects that she has planned, like tricks up her sleeve, for her prison time. Like the plan she has to harvest her hair for donation to cancer patients as wigs. I think it’s being called Locks of Love. I’d have called it Dread Locks, but as usual no one asked me! It’s like when Anne Heche started calling herself Celestia. No one took her seriously because she sounded like a herbal tea.

could celebrity hair come to life?

Now this might sound like Jodi’s trying to buy her life back with small potatoes. It’s not like she’s donating vital organs to orphans. Still it should be considered that wigs can be very important to some cancer patients. It helps them to maintain their self image and esteem. Every little bit helps. However considering the head that hair was attached to, many might want to wait and see what other options are available. Besides, in addition to the “ick” factor there are also side effects to consider. For one thing what if her hair came to life, like Medusa’s snakes?

hairy situations

Now a possible alternative would be harvesting her hair for study & research. Once safely under glass the sturdy lab geeks can have at it. They can study the hair to find out what makes it tick. Then if the dread tendrils do come alive it’s in a contained laboratory environment. Once properly understood and directed some useful purpose might be found for them, like turning them loose on our nation’s enemies! The hair of evil could be set loose like some mutant hydra beast, and heaven help whoever was unfortunate enough to cross it’s path!

like a mutant mullet on a bad hair day!

Now don’t laugh because something very similar to this happened to Jennifer Aniston back in the 90’s. It could be something related to Brad Pitt since like “The Rachel”, Angelina Jolie’s leg was on the verge of independent existence for a while too! However the fascination with Donald Trump’s hair a few years back raised the very real possibility of celebrity hair coming to life and running amok! Most of the time when that happens it’s merely annoying, like Sinead O’Connor or Susan Powter. In the case of some one like Don King it can be down right sinister! If the wrong celebrity hair were to go on a rampage there’s no telling how much damage it might do. It could go well beyond mullet proportions! Now if the wrong hair and the wrong lips ever get together then we’ve got a major pop culture problem!

If there are any incidence of celebrity hair coming to life Wondertrash will let you know!

Meanwhile keep checkin’ the Trash, cause this is the blog with lips that are always out of control, and a mouth gone rogue!


High School Musical

It’s amazing what you can learn on Twitter and especially about your favorite celebrities. Like for instance who knew that Shakira was a fan of High School Musical?

Drama at the prom!

Meanwhile in other celebrity news May 19th was an up and down day for Justin Bieber. He performed at the 2013 Billboard Awards.That’s a  good thing. he also got a fan voted Milestone Award. That’s anther good thing, especially at he tender age of 19. However the Bieb’s was booed when he went on stage to perform – and that’s a bad thing, I guess. it kind of depends on how you feel.

Bieber knows how he feels and he ain’t shy about expressing it. here’s what Trusty Justy had to say about that Billboard booing incident

 I’m 19 years old. I think I’m doing a pretty good job,” he argued, adding that it all comes back to his craft.
As boos continued from some corners, he said, “Basically from my heart I really just want to say it really should be about the music. It should be about the craft that I’m making. This is not a gimmick, and I’m an artist, and I should be taken seriously.”

Later the teen singer said via Twitter

 2 performances and 2 awards. Grateful to my #Beliebers . Our awards. Love u,” he wrote. “I love music, my fans, my family, my friends.. And I love The Lord . . . Blessed.”

If it’s any consolation Justin, Chantal Kreviazuk is out there somewhere eating her heart out! So enjoy every minute! Besides the crowd might’ve been shouting “Boo-urns” or in this case “Boo-ieber”.

stumbling into histrionic events with Taylor Swift

.BTW for those who want to know Biebs was there with Selena Gomez. This is a great opportunity for Selena to support her man like Gisele Bundchen did after Tom Brady messed up at the Superbowl. Selena even tried to comfort her man with a kiss on the lips, but Biebs just turns away. Now it wasn’t as bad as that pass Brady dropped or what ever it was Bundchen was jammering about that irritated and enraged everyone so much. Still it seems to provoke some kind of a reaction from Taylor Swift passing along nearby.

See this is why I hate that bitch Taylor Swift. She just has to keep popping in to ruin every important moment by making it some how about her. 1st Kayne West’s spirited defense of Beyonce at the VMA’s somehow became “Taylor’s moment”, and now Bieb’s reunion with Selena gets messed up. She’s like Forrest Gumnp in that movie when he keeps stumbling into historic events like playing ping pong with Kennedy at the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis, or being interviewed while staring up and the 1st moon launch and saying “well golly just look at that”. She’s become easily as annoying as Elizabeth Hasselbeck or even Sarah Palin!

He was like a pop music Mr Spock to Jim Morrison’s “Jim”

Finally and in some sad music news Ray Manzarek has passed away. For anyone under 30 he’s a guy from one of those bands your grnad dad used to listen to. But it was a big band.

Manzarek founded the Doors after meeting with fellow UCLA Film School graduate Jim Morrison. After the pair hooked up again in Venice shortly after graduation they began talking about starting a band. Manzarek recalls Morrison reading him the lyrics to Moonlight Drive and thinking that they needed to start a band and make a million dollars!

They made more than a million dollars. Together and with the other members of the band Robby Krieger and John Densmore, the performed some of the great hits of the 60’s like Light My Fire, LA Woman, Riders On The Storm, etc. By 1971 Jim Morrison had died of a heart attack in Paris, France. However the band has gone on to sell more than 100 million albums worldwide. They have been inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame. They have been the subject of a movie by Oliver Stone. And Manzarek has authored some books on his experiences like “Light My Fire: My Life With the Doors”.

Manzarek died of bile duct cancer at the age of 74. He passed away at the RoMed Medical Clinic in
Rosenhelm, Germany. Manzarek is survived by his wife Dorothy, son Pablo, and three grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, family members ask that donations be made in Manzarek’s name to


Beyonce PREGNANT AGAIN with Second Baby

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