Kim Kardashian: Dumped by Kanye West?!?

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Chris Brown Got Kanye’s Back

AS you may or may not have heard Kayne West has had some run ins with paparazzi. He’s a new father so naturally he’s a bit defensive. So there have been some little “altercations”. Like the incident where he was boarding a plane in San Fran for Paris and the paps got a little intrusive.

Well Chris Brown has stepped up to say that the paparazzi shit ain’t right. Further more he’s put it in writing, in under 140 characters. That means Twitter, and here are Brown’s tweets:



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Undeniable UFO Documentary- Ufo Disclosure 2012 Must See

The Starships Are Coming

Part of the reason people are fascinated with celebrities is because they live in world of their own. It’s a strange alternate reality of swag bags, fake bake, plastic surgery, and revolving door rehab. When some one shows up in public acting strange and glowing bright orange then they might as well be an alien walking among us. So inquiring minds want to know, maybe only to find out whether or not their’s is a peaceful mission or they’re set on world domination. The resulting morbid curiosity forms the basis of tabloid journalism’s stock & trade – gossip.

It’s the Great Pumpkin!

Then there are those things that are out of this world. Such as those phenomenon that probably have rational explanations, but none that are immediately apparent. So they get people’s brain wheels turning. These might be questions as simple and straight forward as “Is Elvis really dead?”, and  “Why did Jesus stop appearing in grilled cheese sandwiches on EBay?” Did Dad get mad and tell Him to knock it off? These kind of simple little problems can torture you during those long nights lying awake while listening to Coast to Coast AM.


One of the great things about the unexplained is that there are no shortage of explanations  for it. Regular listeners of George Noory & Art Bell will know that for any unexplained phenomenon there are numerous, and perhaps even infinite, crank explanations for any transmundane event. So the paranormal becomes a little like religion and gossip – when nobody knows there’s a lot of fill in.

keep looking up…

You don”t have to look far to find the unexplained. On any given day just go outside and stare up into the sky for a little too long. Sooner or later you’re gonna see something that’s not quite right – like chemtrails or funny moving lights. Strange lights might be something as innocent as the planet Venus riding a little low on the horizon. Or it might be a falling piece of space debris. When you consider how much trash we’ve left circling the planet then there should be more mysterious lights in the sky as this stuff comes circling back to Earth. So the really unexplained phenomenon is why don’t we see even more UFO’s?

… but keep your feet on the ground

However if you don’t know what something is then it could be anything. So the door is open for far out theories. That bright streak in the night sky ain’t Telstar’s warranty finally running out after years of faithful service as a telecommunications satellite. It might be our extra terrestrial cousins coming for a visit. Maybe they’re checking up on their hybrid bastard offspring the Nephilim? You only need a few half truths and fallacies to build a case that no one would believe but can’t really disprove either. At least they can’t be disproved beyond an unreasonable doubt. Paranoia requires so much greater a burden of proof than common sense or due process.

Get ready to get Wonderstruck

Anyway with people looking up in the skies, like our ancient ancestors, they start seeing things and making up stories about it. Just like the Greeks looked at the stars and saw gods, later generations saw space ships. What would tabloid journalism be without made up stories? So on that note let’s continue on to something that might be true but probably isn’t. If you’ve got about 90 minutes to spare than fasten your seat belt and strap on your tinfoil crash helmets. We’re about to go on a world wide wild rocket ride from the dark side of the Moon to the outer rings of Saturn. That trip to space comes in the form of the following entertaining and possibly even informative documentary on UFO Disclosure. Welcome to the tabloid dark side. Enjoy your flight. Just remember to come back down to Earth!

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Miley Makes Sense

and she can literally cook meth!

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Coming Soon From the National Enquirer

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Kanye vs Kimmel

celebrity feud

When Kanye did a recent BBC interview it became fodder for Jimmy Kimmel’s late nite parody. Jimmy feature a ‘re enactment’ of the interview featuring a couple of kids acting bratty. Kayne was not amused. As usual, when a celeb has something to say, it gets aired out on Twitter. That’s what happened in this case. Kanye took to the internet to let the world know that Kimmel is a pathetic man who hasn’t had enough good pussy in his life, and maybe that’s why his ex Sarah Silverman is 1000 times funnier than he is.

Now Kanye had a lot to say. So here’s the blow by blow –

So if you take anything away from that it’s don’t piss Kanye off. However Kimmel is a professional wise guy (and so in a different league from us amateur wise asses). So naturally he had something to say in his own defense. Here it is!

So I guess if you take anything else from this it’s that you might not want to piss Jimmy off either – not that he’s a regular reader of this blog or anything. So it wouldn’t stop me. Since Wondertrash is the celeb blog that’s beneath contempt I’m free to say whatever the fuck I want. So let me go on record and say “Mr Kimmel sir, you’re a funny guy!”. Like I say he’s not a reader or anything, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Besides in this world it never hurts to get a little suck up practice in! So in the spirit of hedging bets let me also say that Kanye’s pretty awesome himself. He’s one of the few celebs who has the guts to get out there and be a little bit outrageous. That’s what we like in our celebs. So Kanye – keep on rockin’ us!

So if you take anything else away from this it’s “Leave no ass unkissed!”. That and keep reading Wondertrash!


What’s Robert Pattinson Doing With Sean Penn’s Daughter?

Well for one thing they’ve taken in some music at the Viper Room. That was on Sept 7th when Pattinson took 22 year old model Dylan Penn to a show by rapper Mickey Avalon. After that it was off to Chateau Marmont – scene of so many fun times for Lindsay Lohan.

Prior to this Pattinson was seen with personal trainer Sydney Liebes. They were spotted together outside Harley Pasternak’s gym. Sources deny that anything went on with Liebes. They say that she’s only an employ of the gym who worked with Pattinson in Harley’s absence.

As for former sweetheart Kristen Stewart, she hasn’t been linked to Pattinson since the Coachella Concert. By May 21 Pattison was seen moving his stuff out of their place.

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