Are Heidi & Seal Back On?

Take a look at the following picture and you tell me.

The above touching  scene occurred at their daughter Lou’s 4rth birthday, where Heidi & Seal greeted guests in fancy dress. As you’ll recall the couple were fond of dressing up, for their famous Halloween parties. So then there might be hope for this trick or treat season. If everything woirks out then we’ll be treated to some more Heidi & Seal recommitment ceremonies!

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Keith Ricahrds Faces One Man Jihad

playing with fire

England is an interesting country. In addition to bad cooking and good humor, the Brits are known for colourful eccentric personalities, bomb plots (Guy Fawkes), and rock stars. Those three elements recently came together when Keith Richards ran afoul off a rogue American millionaire!

Joseph C Callaghan is described as an Irish millionaire in the British press. He’s really from Connecticut. His LinkedIn page describes him as an executive (Chem company pres.). He worked for Remington gun manufacturers for over 20 years.The Americans ain’t exactly lining up to take credit for him. That’s because he recently got busted for some strange and controversial activities.

When his ex wife hadn’t heard from him for awhile she got concerned. So she asked the cops to pay him a visit. Just top make sure that he was okay. When they arrived at his Greenfield hills mansion they found a disturbing state of affairs. Mr. Callaghan had about 274 guns stock piled. He also had a variety of explosives. Some of them are described as the bomb making materials used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, & the 1995 Oklahoma bombings Now that’s disturbing enough but Mr. Callaghan had a little care package stowed away for one of his neighbors. The package was a bomb and it was addressed to Keith Richards!.

Naturally Callaghan got arrested, on Oct 1. The police are holding him on 11 counts of illegal possession of explosives, six counts of first-degree reckless endangerment and one count of manufacturing bombs. Now police say that they don’t think Callaghan had any intention of hurting anyone. Dennis Schain, of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection says that the chemicals may have been related to his model rocketry hobby. Callahan’s lawyer Richard Meehan told reporters that his client is “a delightful gentleman who never had any intention to make a bomb an never intended to hurt anybody.” When a man owns 274 guns and bomb making materials it’s reassuring to know that he’s a delightful gentleman. It would be worrisome if he were an antisocial crank!

Authorities say that Callaghan is helping police remove the hazardous materials from his home.  Maybe that’s why he has been released on his own recognizance. It seems that there were more appropriate places for him. The were reports that he had been acting and talking erratically lately. Some say that he’s suffering from mental health issues. So the poor man has been placed in hospital, for treatment, and for his own protection. So he’s been deemed as a possible danger to himself. No word from Mr. Richards yet, but I think that we can imagine what his response might be…

Now for a Wondertrash public service announcement – don’t play with explosives. Not even if you have super powers! Even if you know what you’re doing, you still can’t be sure how things are gonna turn out.