Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Dunzo

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr were one of those celebrity golden couples. He had been in Lord of the Rings. That’s like the Star Wars of it’s generation. So that makes Liv Tyler like Carrie Fischer now or something. The point is that it’s a big deal and the roles are iconic. He’d also been in Pirates of the Caribbean. That’s a franchise, like Twilight or The Fast and the Furious. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are franchises too. Not that POTC is LOTR, but it’s not Twilight either. It’s something in between. A good commercial mix.. So that means it made a whole ton of money. Orlando Bloom is a very successful Hollywood actor.

As for Miranda she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Now being a secret angel is nothing like being a secret agent – except that both are required to look good in underwear and travel internationally. A secret angel is an underwear model. That’s a big deal too. Victoria’s Secret model are like the last of hi profile celebrity model’s and include all the biggies in their ranks like Adrianna Lima, Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum etc. So she’s one of a special breed. She was also a lead angel. That means she was a star performer and headlined to help promote the brand. She wasn’t some one hidden in the background. She was near the top of her profession. It’s kind of like being one of Charlie’s Angels.

So when Orlando Bloom married Miranda Kerr about 6 years ago people thought “Wow they make an attractive couple”. When you’re young healthy & successful then why wouldn’t you hook up with some one more or less in your league? After staying together long enough to have son Flynn without much public buzz, it looked like they were settling in to a most satisfactory relationship. Trouble with most satisfactory relationships is that in the entertainment industry those are scarcer than hen’s teeth.

There have been rumors about Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom for awhile now. Like when she was spotted out with Leo DiCaprio at some party while Bloom was off filming some movie. That got mentioned everywhere and even here. People started asking whether there was trouble in paradise. So Miranda’s mother in law issued an official denial. If anyone asked Miranda was a wonderful girl and Orlando couldn’t be happier with her. Even though Miranda had been spotted out in public without her wedding ring.

Well now the other shoe has dropped. In spite of those official denials from Bloom’s family it has been recently revealed that Bloom and Kerr have been separated for months. They’ve even released an offical joint statement –

Miranda Kerr, left, and Orlando Bloom arrive at the InStyle and Warner Bros. Golden Globe After Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel this year in Beverly Hills. Picture: AP

“After six years together, they have recently decided to formalize their separation.”
The statement continued, “Despite this being the end of their marriage, they love, support and respect each other as both parents of their son and as family.”

BTW things have been rough for Miranda lately. She’s been dropped as a Victoria’s Secret Angel. There was some buzz over that. There were rumours that she was standoffish & difficult. She even had some issues when other Aussie models were added tot he VS roster. Officially VS sais that she wasn’t selling as well as the other girls so her contract wasn’t being renewed. She wills till appear in the VS catalog “but she doesn’t have to be an angel o do that”.

Downunder Wonder Megan Gale was David Jones No 1

She was also dropped by David Jones down in Oz. They announced that they were replacing her with a younger woman. She’d replaced they long term clotheshorse Megan Gale. After years carrying the bit between her teeth Megan was finally put out to pasture as DJ’s spokes model. That was after she got cast as Wonder Woman in that long abandoned Justice league project. Now who needs modeling when you’re about to be a Hollywood Wonder Woman. So Gale stepped aside in favor of greener pastures and Kerr, who was already a VS big deal. Got signed up as DJ’s new face. It seemed like a good deal for them at the time since Kerr is an interntaional celebrity. Now ever they’ve let her go.

Oh yeah and Kerr was recently turned away from a fashion  show for showing up a little late. So far it looks like things have been taking a real bad turn for her.


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