Morning After Disasters & Sunday Cinema!

a morning after disaster

Have you ever been to one of those holiday parties, maybe dranbk too much, looked at the Polaroids the following day and thought “Ugh was I nuts?”.Julianne Hough might be doing that right now! She is a big fan of Orange is the New Black. That’s the female inmate prison show. Hough is particularly fond of a Orange character called Suzanne Crazy Eyes Warren. So Hough thought that it would be just spiffing to go out to a Halloween party dressed up as her favourite TV character.  That is instead of dressing up as Wonder Woman for instance. Halloween Wonder Woman isn’t as lame as you might think. Comic characters are in right now. Plus there’s all kinds of buzz about some Wonder Woman movie finally getting made. Or she’s gonna be appearing in the new Batman vs Superman movie. Or there’s a new DC Comics animated film featuring Wonder Woman but it’s not gonna be called Wonder Woman. The 2009 animated Wonder Woman as one of DC Comics/Warner Bros highest grossing releases, and ranked 4rth in their comic based projects. So they want to make another. They might as well have called it “Wonder Woman…”. But they’re not using her name in the title. Which some find strange. The point is that Wonder Woman is a perfectly acceptable Halloween costume choice. Plus it would’ve caused a lot less trouble int his case.

Celebrities  in blackface, in this day & age?

Suzanne Crazy Eyes Warren is played by Uzo Aduba. She’s an African American actress. So when Hough went to the Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party on Friday night, she not only wore an orange jumpsuit, but also coloured her face to make herself resemble the TV character – who is black. Naturally that has some people calling her out over wearing “blackface”. Even though Hough looked really no darker than Lindsay Lohan after a coating of fake bake and an hour or so in Chernobyl’s reactor core. Let’s call it Isotope Orange, in honour of the Matt Groening Simpson’s characters who share the same odd hue with Hough.

Ms Hough’s below and ready to go

Now lest you think that I’m exaggerating or something lets have a look at Miss Hough below, tricked up and geared out in an ensemble that’s offensive on oh so many levels.

I’m Twitter sorry, really!

She looks kinda glittery coppery actually. I’m just glad some one thought to photograph it because that’s the kind of memory you wanna hang onto. No word about what got into Hough. The actress, originally a Mormon from Orem Utah, apparently didn’t know that going out in blackface on Halloween. She said so herself via twitter – .‘I am a huge fan of the show Orange Is the New Black, actress Uzo Aduba, and the character she has created,’ she wrote on her Twitter page on Saturday.’It certainly was never my intention to be disrespectful or demeaning to anyone in any way. I realize my costume hurt and offended people and I truly apologize.’ So whether or not Sorry and I Didn’t Know cut it, maybe next year Casamigo’s will have a little Tila with their tequila instead!


Chris Brown throws punch & gay slur, allegedly

Speaking of people who make a bad public impression, Chris Brown got into some more trouble recently. Chris was recently down in Washington DC on 15th & K , at the W  Hotel at around 4:30 AM, when when he had some trouble aboard his tour bus. It started innocently enough when a couple of chicks ran up and asked to be photographed with Brown. According to some reports they boarded the bus. Other says the incident happened in front of the hotel.  Brown’s an obliging fellow so he let them. Then 2 guys run up and try to get into the photo. Chris says “I’m not into that gay shit. I’m into boxing.” Then he nails the guy. A scuffle ensues, on the ground. That results with the victim claiming a broken nose and Brown facing a felony assault charge. Brown is still on probation from his Rihanna beating, so this could go as bad as 4 years behind bars. Hopefully he’ll be on Twitter to straighten this out soon!

fun with insurance , & time tables

Now you have to cut Chris some slack. Travel is dicey and sometimes strange things happen when you’re on the road. Like in our Wondertrash Sunday Afternoon Cinema feature – Time Table.  Time Table is the story of a perfect crime, a train robbery pulled off by doctor and his associates.  The used an elaborate plan, but their precise time table eventually tripped them up and allowed an insurance company operative (forerunner of Erin Esuarance & even Joe Mannix)  to track them down. The whole fiasco finally unravels when the mastermind’s well intentioned wife discovers his cash stash and returns it to the train company – and there by foils his one last chance at escape. Keep your eyes peeled for a young Jack Klugman, later to be Quincy ME.

Directed by Mark Stevens, produced by Mark Stevens, written by Aben Kandel (screenplay) and Robert Angus (story), starring Mark Stevens as Charlie Norman, King Calder as Joe Armstrong, Felicia Farr as Linda Brucker, Marianne Stewart as Ruth Norman, Wesley Addy as Dr. Paul Brucker, Alan Reed as Al Wolfe, Rodolfo Hoyos Jr. as Lt. Castro, Jack Klugman as Frankie Page and John Marley as Bobik


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